Xinlehong 9125 Stable 4WD 1 10 Scale RC Car Test Drive Review

This large high speed RC car has wide wheelbase and track along with great suspension making it extremely stable. Find it here and use coupon code rc18off

– Large car (I like them big 🙂
– Power provided by dual 390 brushed motors.
– 60A ESC/receiver assembly with cooling.
– Very stable car provided by its suspension and wide wheels separation.
– Big wide tires provide plenty of traction.
– Excellent range. I drove it out well past 100 meters before I lost control.
– Well protected electronics and gear box. Should be splash and dust and sand resistant.
– Just an all around fun car. Got me giggling.

– Brushed motor car.
– Advertised 46kmh speed may be a bit optimistic.
– Relatively small (for a car) 7.4V 1600mah LiPo battery (Deans Connector) .

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Bobby Fillettcky says:


I hope someone could help me. I recently got this truck:
XH TOYS 9125.
It works great. It’s amazing. Great beginners truck I think. But happens that charging AC/DC adapter brokes. Both + and – wires are damaged and are without isolation at total beginning of cable.

The question is, if I can use some other AC/DC adapter? I have a lot of them. This one which comes with truck have specs Output: 10V and 800mA. But I have some available which have Output: 12V and 2000mA. So the question is, if charger could work with such 12V/2A adapter?

Thank you and good luck.

DisneyChannelFlow says:

That doesn’t come close to 46kmh

Jonah Chisholm says:

Great video! It convinced me to get this car, it seems really cool and a lot of fun

Amirul Syakirul says:

Is it full throttle…?
Quite slow actually….cause mine lot faster than yours….

Quadcopter 101 says:

Find it here and *use coupon code rc18off*

RobbsGaming YT says:

Can I use 3s lipo with this rc car or i will make it burn?

Jeff Barragan says:

Would it be possible to tell me the measurements of the stock battery and the battery compartment for this vehicle? I purchased one for my son, and I would like to know which other batteries might fit. Thanks!

Margot Copeland says:

A lot of people writing in ask about whether these cars can be upgraded. I’ve converted a few of these mid-grade cars to brushless to good result. In most it requires replacing ALL electrical parts (motor, esc, and servo) as most of these use 5 wire servos which are not easily converted to 3 wire. The “clamshell” battery holder this uses limit the size of the battery you can use. Models that use 18650 li-ion batteries on each side have trouble delivering enough current to the brushless motors…I’ve had a number of 18650’s destroyed, drained down below the point where they can’t take a charge. An easier way to increase speed is to change the pinion gear…but make sure you know what your doing or you’ll be sitting with some toasted ESC’s and/or motors. Just increasing the voltage in brushed systems has usually ended up burning up something (or everything) very quickly. Toy and mid-grade systems are designed to get everything they can get out of the cheapest parts that will do the job, so pushing them just ends up destroying something. Lastly, realize that upgrading mid-grade stuff doesn’t usually make much sense..unless you have a lot of extra cash and enjoy messing around with things. A $75.00 car with $75.00 worth of upgrade parts won’t ever be as good as a car that you can buy for 125.00…it’s still basically a $75.00 car that goes faster. The more expensive vehicle will have better parts all over, handle better, take more of a beating, and last longer (the numbers are just for example). Hope that helps!

Bukhori Bukhori says:


Ed Perez says:

Hey what’s up shout out from LA buddy right over the mountain

Kevin Gadiana says:

My parent don’t want me to buy this rc car even if I have money they won’t

Мужская тема says:

i have car too^)like

Jonathan Snares says:

nice vid

Saulo M. says:

I liked this quadcopter, does it have gps and return to home?

Jake Strahan says:

If you have both, could you PLEASE tell me if this or the wltoys12428 is better, thanks!

JD Quad says:

Nice big wheeled fella, like it!

Donnie Thacker says:

Whoa big un

Joe Turner says:

How fast do you think it is??

GAproductions says:

Couldn’t you convert any of those brushed rc’s to brushless?

ravenlorans says:

It’s NOT a True 1/10 Scale but actually a 1/12 Scale.

Rene D says:


GearBang says:

Hey, thanks for the review! Can you tell us the diameter of the tires and weight?

sameold77 says:

Hard to believe these companies send you RC vehicles to review for free and you do not even know why a TX has steering reverse. Geez, no harm man, but in the words of Seinfield…Really? Maybe stick with quads. Have a good day.

Amirul Syakirul says:

Someone….can you suggest me…a battery for this car that will increase the speed of the car without burn the esc …tq…

EASY USA says:

It can do donuts even being 4×4? I don’t see the front wheels spinning. Any thoughts?

RockyGaming says:

that truck is my dream rc car since 3-4 months ago…still my money does not enough to buy it on online shop

Felix Sheppard says:


DisneyChannelFlow says:

That doesn’t come close to 46kmh

Bowlleux Mobile says:

Nice Video


Already owned mine 2 weeks and ordered 2x 390 28000 rpm motors and 115mm foam filled wheels. Tested the rc car with a 2s lipo 2200mah 35c and it goes significantly faster but nowhere near 46km at best 33kmh with the stock motors

Hung Ngo says:

How long did it take to arrive ?

Baileys Blog says:


RobbsGaming YT says:

How do I know when battery is fully charged? There are red and green lights

meygulet26 says:

Scale 1:10?????? LoL

Артем Серов says:

I wanna to know real max speed

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