XH TOYS 9130 1:16 4×4 RC Truck Review – (Unboxing, Inspection, Bash Test!, Pros & Cons)

Enjoy my full review and durability bash test for the XH Toys 9130 1:16 4×4 truck. Get it here https://goo.gl/bK46Sk
Monster Sale https://goo.gl/EaJnmg
US Stock Sale https://goo.gl/zHHkge

I can’t believe how well this truck survived the beating I gave it in this review! One of the few where nothing broke whatsoever. Great bargain and performance/durability.

– Dustin


Luke Mckinnon says:

Can u do more spark vids plz

Rc Stunt Studio says:

You are the best Dustin. You are an inspiration for me. I have a rc channel too more than 50 I hope I will be like you one day. Keep it up

Daniel Ramsey says:

Ya know i heard some crazy gal tried to steal an Inspire drone a few days ago on Maui, my first thought was, how many people on Maui would use an Inspire 1 drone? And she did get arrested, good!

Matt Ama_Jesus pra sempre says:

If I was interested in rc cars like I used to be I would say that this was a better review than the Toyota hilux review, this definitely is more lively than the hilux!!!

BlindDude says:

I just ordered 2 WLToys 979A’s 1/16 scale for my son with down syndrome and I. I hope they have throttle trim because they claim 70+kmh on the box.. lol should be fun at the skate park.
Great video man. You got out of New Mexico just in time… It’s freaking windy like crazy here now. No way to fly a drone,I don’t think.

Eric Harelson says:

Sometimes the coolest/funnest/most durable stuff is the cheapest lol. It is definitely an animal removal specialist lol 😉 thanks again and always!

mikesr39 says:

Sales info says “Brushed”

Pringler - Vlad Beres says:

Like before the video starts 🙂

Brad Miles says:

For the price , not bad.

Ted Espin FPV says:

looks like the same one that GP Toys make , not bad for a brushed motor.

tigertom53 says:

Nice rig

JohnnyD RC says:

Cool little truck, Great truck JohnnyDRC

Daniel Ramsey says:

Ever thought of attaching a 4K camera like from a Phantom on these?

Gary Stephens says:

This little thing put a big smile on my face.

Roger Cligg says:

Great fun

mark twain says:

it is not a brushless motor

muzikmon2267 says:

Pretty cool reminds me of the 80s except not as well built. But same concept just cheap plastic..

Used to spend hours trying to find more powerful Motors to switch them out.

A brushed motor runs just as good as a brushless motor and just as responsive..

The difference is the efficiency and power. brushless motor obviously lasts longer because no brushes to wear out… Brushed motors are much simpler and the electronical Department also which is why they use them cheaper toys…

This goes 22 miles an hour which a brushed motor can easily do..


One of the best drone n rc reviewers

My fav mr dustin the star wars 🙂

pro gaming says:


roger martin says:

Very nice ride  she was ripping it up  like 16

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

That was quite impressive for the scale and power unit. I wonder if those shocks can be upgraded….
If/when you have a dull windy day and nothing else to do (unlikely) might be fun to stick an AIO on it and see if you can drive it around the outside of your house?
Great review of a fairly good toy

Zani Imaging says:

Please review the tello drone

ArielsSmartyPants says:


Alan says:

This is something to consider buying. Really durable & lots of power. Excellent review / run Dustin!!

tigertom53 says:

Reminds me wktoy a979b

tyler seymour says:

Just ordered 2 of them. I’ve been looking for a cheap but decent quality truck to bash with my girlfriend. She’s not allowed to drive my other trucks after the last incident.

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