WPL B-1 1/16th Scale 4WD Military RC Truck Unboxing & Play Time!

WPL B-1 1/16 Scale Monster Truck ⇨ http://bit.ly/WPL_B-1
On sale right now for $30

I chose this little RC for my son who is into the military. He’s been allowed to run all kinds of my RC cars….but this is definitely his favorite. That’ll teach me something.

Note that this is the same truck as the HENG LONG 3853A


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WPL B – 1 off-road 1:16 off-road RC military truck features the 4-wheel universal drive shaft and thick C shape metal suspension beam that enable it to load heavy things and steer easily in any direction. With the wear-resistant vacuum tires and high ground clearance, the RC vehicle excels in running on uneven roads. The two imported LEDs at the front emit strong light, ensuring the safety of driving in the darkness.

Main Features:
● 4-wheel drive 1:16 scale off-road RC military truck running at up to 10km/h
● Strong C shape metal suspension beam helps to support the heavy load
● Super bright imported LED headlights serve to dispel the darkness at night
● Power-efficient – driving for up to 20 minutes with the 700mAh NiCd battery

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KillerOffRoadHobbyz says:

Very cool man I might get one for my son. Thanks Tony

rc zone says:

Can we add 1 micro servo for fvp camera moving right to left view with steering wheel and front/back lights, without change the ESC and receiver.
Please leave your best opinion.

Gavman's Workshop says:

You’ll be amazed at how many adults are buying this truck and doing them up. I’m 25 and waiting for mine to arrive in the mail lol YouTube will get to see that.

Dale Partoon says:

it looks the same as the heng long but cheaper I will go for this one thanks again my friend.

Bill Clay says:

Does it have a 390 motor or a puny 110?

Nordic RC Visions says:

Good one! Love this truck. For what it is and for what it costs. Pretty amazing. Waiting for my khaki version to arrive. Looking forward doing some run videos with it. Good vid. Thanks for sharing.

Kanye East says:

Can I race you CCxRC?

Trent Marlowe says:

We’re all just playing with toys mate. Whatever makes you smile and floats your boat is a good rc.

RC Play Ground says:

Looks good rc truck

RcNickster says:

Nice truck.. I think it could be a project when it gets boring for the kids.. 😉 lol.. Thanks for sharing Tony.. 🙂

LitoIII Laron says:

how much voltage can ecs takes? i want to increase the voltage so that the hp will increase i don’t know if I’m right

Basildon Trail Blazing Buddies says:

Have the Heng Long version of this truck on order . Will be a while until it arrives from Hong Kong but have lots of ideas going though my mind of what to do to it 🙂

RC Newb says:

That looks very neat! One of my kiddos also has an interest in military vehicles and this may be up his ally. Great video and overview!

DirelectRC says:

Great vid. Might have to pick one up and mod it 🙂

battle ground says:

Where u get it?

Hayden Borchardt says:

Just found your channel. For sure will be subcribing. Love your videos.
I’m also currently active duty air force. If you son has any questions feel free to ask me and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Alvas Recorded says:

Its funny in the 80’s i would have killed for a truck like this… All i had was the grasshopper and the lunchbox. Both so expensive back then i didn’t get anything for 3 Christmases after and they just either bounced everywhere or the parts broke bc the plastic was so fragile. I’m going to buy this, put a 550 motor in it and a battery from my Traxxas. Now to figure out the servo placement…

CCxRC says:

Check out how this modified version runs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi2RRNLhcCU

uniball2014 says:

Do you know the tire size?

Kanye East says:

I am the first

Broken Trooper says:

This would be very nice to have if it were a little bit more modified (i.e. variable servo steering, more detail, ect.)

mini RC Sports says:

sweet video and truck ^^

Kevys Rc & Music says:

pretty cool truck for the money

Areld Rhino says:

This thing is good for Children that just started the hobbies !!

Nice toy grade truck..

Franky goes to Hobbywood says:

a good looking tiny truck..!

Wakey Wakey RC says:

Nice little truck, they ought to do a bigger version as a full blown rock crawler.

guitartec says:

The steering is disappointing. I just ordered the WPL B-24 thinking the steering was proportional

Scoot3r Bro says:

Cool vid, I subbed

Cam Melody says:

this car can control speed or not?

Daniel Webb says:

looks great I bought the Ural rc wish I new about that one I have about 1’250 in it now

Carter Arnold says:

So I have one of these, and I’m going to tell you right now it’s one of my most favorite purchases. I have played with it more than any of my other cars. So don’t trash talk it because it’s very close to a hobby grade type truck. Thanks

daisypeanut94 says:

I always wanted to build a bobbed deuce. Im going to get this just for the body, trash the rest. Build a crawler out of it.

shahram72 says:

How do they get all that frame and suspension and pumpkins and non proportional steering? Guess it’s needs a total elecronics swap

Seamus RBNW says:

he needs to load up some GI Joes in that rig… they are the perfect size!

Marsgouf wang says:

WPL means Wan Pi Long(顽皮龙, which means “cheeky dragon” in Chinese), the kit version is available in taobao.com, such as https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
,but I don’t if those dealers would ship it to US

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