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We’ve put our wheel time in on the Traxxas TRX-4 and of course had the camera recording as we went trail hopping looking for different terrain to test our truck on. We took the TRX-4 on a scenic adventure on the top of a mountain in a beautiful part in CT, then for a stroll through some fields, followed by a splash session in a creek and finally we… well you’ll have to see what our last challenge for the TRX-4 was in the video. This video is more than just action, we wrap it up with our overall impressions of the trail truck that many are saying is the best release of 2017. It is? Watch the entire video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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shorty 1995 says:

get the redcat racing Everest 10 and drive it through the same  stuff

Tandem TV says:

The intro though

Dreadnought 1 says:

good throw

J 1 says:

What gear was you crawling in?

Alpha Trion lll says:

Is there any way to install some lights on this truck?

Dallas Waller says:

I can do the same thing with my slash 10x faster. “rock crawlers” are pointless. Good vid tho.

petti78 says:

Hey this video ended up being pretty good and informative after all. I nearly gave up and went away after that minute of total garbage for ADHD kids in the beginning, though.. 😀

Marcus Keeler says:

Ah Yes, the old “Throwing the stuff on the table like you don’t care” thing. How fresh and new that was 12 months ago.

David Jackson, R C Cars says:

Very nice , Traxxas have pulled out the stops here 🙂 🙂 Great running spot 🙂


What servo comes in the truck and will fit other Traxxas vehicles

Elijah Pinales says:

If I put a 3s lipo on my rustler I could go at least 60mph

BigDave Studios says:

I don’t have the time and money to get a crazy cool traxxas like that but I want a rc truck that I can take out and drive through some water and drive around what should I get and by the way great vid

Benjamin Chadda says:

Are traxxas lipos waterproof

x3cloud X says:

I’ve seen some of your videos. Your really helpful. My gf and I are about to buy a home and I’ll finally have space to buy one of these and get into it. I’ve always been a fan. I do have a couple questions. I’m going road because I’ll be mainly on street or parking lots. What brand or model would you recommend? Is there different style of body’s u can attach to these cars or they come set with one? Also, I’ve seen a video where u recommend electric for beginners. So I know it’ll be electric just curious on brands. Thank you!!

raymundo Zepeda says:

RCDriver What do you you think about wltoys rc cars

Dhprogo Pro says:

What do you think are the best tires to use for mudding

carson sooley says:

its my favourite of 2017!

Freehugs606090YT says:

It’s so amazing how it can easily go on rough terrain

Dyni Ferreira says:

Hey could you do a video about breaking in a brushed motor and what is it

Bucks RC World says:

awesome video!!

Mad Painter says:

This is the first review of yours that I watched and I loved it. These other comments about sounding like a paid review/promotion for Traxxas sound like idiots to me but I will add that maybe the music could be a little lower on the volume but overall it was excellent and you hit the points clearly and honestly in my opinion. You mentioned what you get for you money but didn’t mention the cost of this setup which would be nice to know. Thanks for doing this review and I subscribed because of this video too. Oh how does some mud?


I love my trx4. It’s well worth the money

The Soulless Wolf says:

That intro earned yourself a sub lol

Mr reviewer uk says:

it’s dale winton

Lee Wildman says:

Might have to get one of these! Would look great next to my summit! Great video!

MrSUBY25 says:

Great video. Was the first location at lovers leap in new Milford? The other location I noticed was happy landings in Brookfield which I live near by. I will be taking mine and my brothers trx4’s very soon to these trails. The river down rt. 7 is also really nice.

Jim Carroll says:

great video. got one and love it so far.

Wanz Xlayer says:

Please sir….get a team raffie d110 bodyshell and put on that trx4…same wheelbase…please…

Azamat Odil says:

How long the battery last for ?

TheNutzandBoltz says:

Camera work is spot on man, nice work. Your taste in music will never bring me here again. Just saying

raymundo Zepeda says:

I recommend you to try out one of there products

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