WLtoys L929 RC Racing Speed & Stunt Car (aka Mini Monster Truck) – Review and Drive

Link to buy from Banggood:
RTR ($27) – http://www.banggood.com/WLtoys-L929-Upgraded-2019-2_4G-4CH-RC-Car-p-74946.html?p=Z431161082112012126P

This is my review of the WLtoys L929 RC Racing Speed & Stunt Car, or as I like to call it, the Mini Monster Truck. This thing is UNSTOPPABLE and FAST. I really enjoy driving this little truck! It can drive on grass, which is the first RC car I’ve had this size that could do that. It also has a unique “S Mode” speed control, which brings in a lot of new options for controlling the speed of the vehicle. I definitely recommend this one to anyone interested in RC ground vehicles!

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Andre Martinez says:

Just a question, where do you get the money to buy all these RCs? Like the traxxas stampede is pretty expensive. Do you get it from you own pocket only?

Brody Smith says:

were do you buy them

Pete 2So says:

Is it good so far no bad stuff?

Razin MA says:

Need ur help. Mine got hair tangled at the wheel which led to wheel cannot move or heavy. How to open the wheel so that i can surgicaly remove the hair? Or is there any better way

Ender rhino says:

Is it water proof?

cloud chaser says:

Its like a little flea . Cool little car.

Chicken Nugget says:

Review the virhuck 2 wheel drive MT

Harshvension says:


khan kanwa says:


Harshvension says:

how much it cost

DeltaGamingJake says:

Warning! Do not buy this. The gears in the gear area will come unstuck.

Paul Steed says:

nice roads

The QueensConquerer says:

What do you think about the WLtoys A999?

Cole Helmich says:

omg that reminded me of my stampede too

filsdedieu100 says:

5:00 and 5:01 Outch ! x)

Joshua Gindy says:

i had one years ago! but mine came with a remote that looked like a game controller

Primitive Models says:

just a question…I just got one and im having alil problem with it…it drifts to the right in every setting and i have the trim set all they way to the left i can kinda get it to go straight if i really slow throttle it but do u have any help on it or maybe it just going to be that way….just wanted to know cause it kida takes alot of fun out of it????


Wow!!! That thing is worth know more than $10 bucks!!!

Saltine Cracker says:

Are you ok Ryan

jack boss says:

could you subscribe to my channel pls

Areld Rhino says:

can i change part for this?

mika ananda rachmadi 27 says:

Saya Mau bli tapi di Mana bli nya

jonathan palma says:

you say gas … what is electricity non gas

Yasmin dela Cruz says:

is it 4×4??

Assasins Creed Unity says:


Ben 10 Ben 10 says:


Marcel Marcel says:

How is the top speed of this car?

George Price says:

U put the roll cage on wrong

Chicken Nugget says:

I love the stampede 4×4 vxl, it is so fast and fun I got it 1 year ago

Pete 2So says:

Is there cheaper ones

jack boss says:

I subscribed!! I love your reviews

Ty Nungester says:

That L929 is almost perfect. I would love to find something in that size but with front suspension also.

bethermonster haque says:


Electronic Lovers says:

Where to get it freee lol

bean boi says:

Review the wltoys L939

Sebastian Nava says:

mph?? and how long does it last after fully charged??

Ak view says:

Mann your tooo good

Junk RC says:

It has front springs near the front wheel hub, but it’s almost non existent.

HelmutDoork says:

Looks a lot like the WLtoys 2019, but with a better controller.

Binlesh Kumar says:

Bol math

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