We Are Screwed!! Kid Galaxy DEWALT Power Drive Ford F150 RC Truck | Walmart

Introducing the Kid Galaxy Power Drive RC truck.I found it at one of my Walmart stores in around Christmas time, it was only available at one location and none of the others. This truck is almost identical to the Ryobi Uproar which I reviewed not that long ago. But this one claims a higher top speed, uses a bigger battery and included a licensed Ford F-150 body. This is a tot grade RC, not hobby grade at all but for a toy it isn’t that bad.


steven gardner says:

Yeah buy it, it’s a super value for the money because it’s pro hobby grade and really really fast. All standard hobby shops sell different new tires, wheels and bodies etc.for it. if it acts strangely after hard driving let the motor cool down because the auto protection circuits have kicked in. Control wise just find a park, church parking or dirt lot away from any possible radio interference and it should be fine, it’s also not good for small residential streets it’s much too fast and hard to control at 30mph. But this thing is a blast! compared to other similar RC cars at hobby shops its 1/3rd the price, buy it

Robert Rosson says:

Enjoy that cold weather up there it’s in the 80s here dang we have some hard winter here lol

steven gardner says:

I used to sell RC cars, Your throttle and control problem is caused by radio interference in the area, if you take it somewhere else that should solve the problem..

OsKi2O9 says:

Got this RC truck. Both the controller and the car red lights are blinking red. Won’t respond. Help!

james abela says:

I just bought one and the car just shuts off after like 5 minutes of play. Kind of upset. Anything I can do to fix it?

Sam610 says:

I may but one. Check out my channel. I did a new bright rc review. Please subscribe?

Michael Smith says:

Full battery got it yesterday won’t turn on at all

Gaven Genoff says:

Love it ya it is not what u expected..lol but for the money if you don’t abuse it, you will have tons of fun ….only con I would say is controller and wheels

Kimberly Stevenson says:

I have that truck for 69:99

Yulieth Rodriguez Molina says:

hello guys I want to know if this is a good option to buy, since I want to give it to my husband I appreciate your advice.

Flyboy284 says:

I have the ryobi uproar. The throttle issue happens when the throttle is released and press again quickly (double tapped). All you have to do is release the throttle for a couple seconds and press it again. Tapping it over and over again won’t help.

tyler brady says:

Also thank you for noting the beginner mode on controller I have fun driving it but was slightly disappointed in it’s speed until I saw that part of your video now I’m excited for my batteries to get done charging

WhiteRhino27 - says:

Thanks for the vid. I’m wanting to get my 5 yo a good RC for Xmas this year and I’m leaning towards this one.

Chris Dufeck says:

It’s the battery over heating has automatic cut out

Wyatt Kimball says:

I have that same car and its in front of me rn and you can’t full gas because its fast and it could wheely

Rylan's Channel says:

Hey I have that RC car

Kubeanie Gaming says:

Glad u got my truck. Should have come with hood pins and a wheel nut wrench. Did u read my old comments. Same trucks


Interesting stuff. I wonder if you can put a bigger battery in it. For the connection problems I would look for the antenna.

T. Man says:

I bring my Uncomplicated Traxxas Slash 4×4 over and rece ya.

Samuel Rush says:

Don’t take it in the snow cuz the circuit boards overheat
I’m saying this because mine caught on fire but luckily it was outside and no one was hurt

Big drone flyer77 says:

I guess you must be only making videos for your other channel. To bad you were not doing that bad at at all bro.

Kevin Hanes says:

The voltage for both trucks are the same. Ryobi’s 18 volt lithium batteries are actually 20 volts. The “nominal” 20 volt “systems” you see in the tool market are actually updated market BS to sell more of the same shit and make the consumers think they are getting something way better. Ryobi is actually kind of stuck calling it a 18 volt system because 20 years ago, before lithium power, the Ni Cad and Ni Mih systems had a nominal voltage of 18 volts. But in reality they was over rated too because they had a nominal voltage of something like 16.4 volts. So it’s all a marketing wank to make uneducated consumers like yourself think you’re getting something you are not. Shame on you for being a “RC” guy and not knowing what you’re talking about.

T. Man says:

they better just stick to making drills.

chris is lit says:

You should get a dewalt battery

IMRO R/C stuff says:

people just get a proper hobby rc there are so many better than this ….example are the WLtoys rc for 20 usd more you will have more fun. btw i now this is a review but you should warn people about getting this shit

Juan Orellana 7 says:

Check my homemade original DEWalt 20v brushless.. https://youtu.be/uODRau52Hx0

ryan olson says:

Lets face it. You are taking it back after your 10 min of fun. Nobody keeps these. Thats why your first one was filled with dog hair. People blow $100 realize its a $20 truck and return em.

tyler brady says:

They were 65 bucks on amazon when I got mine it’s an awesome little toy really enjoy mine. There’s no increase in voltage the dewalt 20v chargers charge at 20v the batteries still only put out 18v. I’m gonna try to rig my 60v battery up to it and get it to run full juice

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