Traxxas Skully & Craniac Review – Great Beginner RC Monster Truck

We had a great time testing out the Traxxas Skully and Craniac – the newest update to the Monster Jam trucks. We put this thing through a good test on dirt, grass, and pavement – and then finally, we tested to see if it could outrun our neighbor on his lawnmower. We even got a couple of shots using a DJI Phantom 3.

Overall – this was a fun 2WD RC truck for beginners and kids.

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finn2214 says:

how’s the battery life

Logan Clinard says:

The traxxis skully is so powerful and I love it

Cherry Blossom says:



Bro my skully keeps on breaking and so I have to buy parts every weekend

Robert Heuer says:

so do these little trucks not have a slipper clutch so the gears dont strip?

Donkey Commander says:

The Skully specifically is a tough truck

calotchro You says:

its not brushless or?

Ugly Musa says:

Will it run faster if I use lipo battery?

custom fast rc says:

This is Awesome. I buy parts from you guys often. Great channel and Hobby Shop. Fast shipping and never had a problem with my orders. Detroit Michigan. Check out my channel if you get a chance. Everyone of my builds have something from your store.

miss kiwigirl says:

my 6 yr old son loves his blue Skully. We got a battery power pack that you jump start cars with so we always have a quick way of recharging the battery on the skully , saves a lot of drama.

Brayden Kurowski says:

How do u switch motors

AfroWizard & Submissive says:

give me that RCS !!

sonuvadigger Fan says:

Where can I buy engine upgrades for my traxxas Bigfoot

Mudbrothers says:

Both my kids have these now, done a little vid too. Thanks for the review – it really helped us decide.

custompc48809 says:

Was hoping to see the Craniac review.

Omar Hachem says:

so bad i cant afford one


I have the blue skully

the future pewdiepie says:

this will fit a stampede body? right?

Detroit Metal & RC's says:

I like how they made special editions of the Stampede. I wish they did that with the Rustler and Bandit like the do with the Slash as well

Tim Green says:

But i love mine. Not much stops it.

Frankie M says:

I wanted one that goes at least 65

Gregory Guza says:

Looks like these trucks are great at helping to get a huge lawn mowed in a very short time.

Tim Green says:

Don’t forget these things are fragile when the have the plastic parts.

Frankie M says:

It only goes 30? Aw

Deep Thought says:

I just got my Bigfoot, which is kinda the same. I love it and I love this review

Brian Grifffin says:

What was top speed

Poojan Patel says:

you are awesome

AidanTV says:

It is a stampede right?

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