This Is MADNESS!! 43 MPH!? WLTOYS A979 1/18 RC Monster Truck

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pyro videos says:

Traxxas needs to take some notes!

Mason B5 says:


David Weller says:

I’ll take one

Adam Morris says:

Put this in a kid’s hands and they’ll be breaking dogs legs and their own ankles.

RC Addiction says:

It is a Lipo. 7.4v just means it’s a 2 cell Lipo. It would be crazy on a 3s tho lol

Nathan Storer says:

Enjoying your videos! New subscriber 🙂

bogdog999 says:

NOT a $50 car….closer to $80 with free shipping. NOT the WLT A979 but rather the more expensive A979B. I have the former, and it’s not nearly as powerful.

Tony Kart Racer says:

I like how some of these RC enthusiasts are soo jealous because now people can spend pennies and get a BEAST of an RC car. Those haters, gotta love em’! Hahaha… 43mph for only fiddy dollaz, eat that HATERZ!

Inniyew Tesfaw says:

not actually that durable. mine had a bent suspension and 2 broken steering hubs by the 3rd run. i had to spend $30 on replacements. i would suggest getting alluminum upgrades right off the bat. you can get some assorted aluminum parts here:

ZAP ZAP says:

how bout water proof?

Junghoon Park says:

I have dashley it goes 70 km

Guntur Wibowo says:

damn its so fast

LawBr8ker says:

Just put bigger rims & tires on it!!!

Rich C. says:

43 MPH may not be good for a child.

Kwb07 says:

The best part of this video is the fresh cut grass. I would love to throw down over top of it with my Synergy N5c helicopter. Support your local hobbystore buy a quality car this car is cheap garbage you get what you pay for

jeQQ6 says:

Mine broke the rear diff today and the motor seems to have lost its power in 1 year 🙂


Sub. Good video mate I won’t 1

Lesia Gamez says:

I wish I found this beafor spending $812 on a nitro rc

volcomXdiamond says:

I went to the website and it says the item can’t be shipped to the US.

Scariestash 8216 says:

its 130 bucks

jamesoy900 says:

Just needs a slipper clutch to keep it in control.

cato storlid says:

I have the brushed vl 912 helikopter.Fast and wery good rc concider it,s fully brushed .

Kevin Kern says:

To hard to control, I stick with nitro.

Jonathan Turner says:

Hey man. Did you have trouble tracking your order with rcmoment?? I can’t find phone number or any of that besides one that is in Chinese language or something?? Thanks man

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