This Cheap RC Crawler Is a TON OF FUN! WPL 1/16 Mini Semi Truck Hercules

stay tuned for my 2018 Cheap RC truck Challenge Video coming soon!

how will the WPL Hercules perform against the rest of the competition


Drakecrazygamer Garr says:

The light bar is back werd

Samuel Gozna says:

Loving your videos! Your enthusiasm is infectious! Did your C14 go into the cheap RC challenge? It’s a nice looking crawler, but upgrades are needed I feel. Just got to filming my C14, check out the vids if you get time…

OutbacGaming says:


Psychohistory says:

i bought a 1/10th scale HG-401, then upgraded everything to a metal axles and drivelines, frame, etc. I have actually built a few of these Crawlers full sized, so of course. I am putting the 2-1/2 ton model axles with the high-entry driveline on the pumpkin, this should save a lost of that high angle issue. I think I am going to go crazy on it, and drop a Makita Drill motor in the engine bay, and run a short drive-line to basically a replica of the NP-402, then just use all the old stuff I yanked out of the HG-401, minus the frame and transverse motor layout, I just can;t see this working. Unless I tint the windows and pack the cab with the engine. Time will tell, I will post a video when I am done. I guess I will try to bolt on a leaf-spring set-up for a 1/10th Land Rover Model. I guess it doesn’t really matter, these Toyota’s get modified all the time in all kinds of ways. But, how am I going to push big tires with those stock pumpkins? So, I think it will look a lot like the trail rigs I see on the trail around here, they always eventually up-grade to that 2-1/2 ton axle setup. It’s only ten bucks for a rear axle, and the front is maybe 15, go figure the Chinese would just make a smaller version of the best axle ever built.

Sílvia Alexandra says:

Awesome this rc truck 😛
check this one

ЕАО in Monte* says:


rc_action_ says:

Lol when you put the light bar on backwards I about lost it! XD

Berta Montero says:

very nice

Rimrock300 says:

Defently reminds of the 80’s small RC toy cars, like Nikko and others, which looked like realistic models, before they went totally crazy with fantasy monster truck things into the 90’s and on. Great job WPL with this retro model. The C24 version with the bed is supposed to come out April-May 2018, looking forward to that

Ronald Barrington says:

I can’t believe you compared this thing to a Tamiya 1980s car kit they are two totally different animals. I have built many Tamia cars the super shot, clod-buster, lunch box and the grasshopper are just a few those are real model kits not toys

Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 says:

Backwards lights.. huh..

Silvan Panteah says:

Independent Suspension =Prerunner
Not that much fun offroading with independent suspension from my point of view reallife and rc wheeling

Rem is min3 says:

You may want to review the rgt mini 1/24 rc crawler

Terran Ovnicek says:

That’s not independent suspension. Also, awd and 4wd are not the same thing

Raw fpv says:

Wltoys 130 or 180 motors from 24th or 28th scale micros are amazing in these

123425268 says:


Oscar's Rc says:

The top lights are on back wards

The RC Noob 360 says:

I really want to make a rc channel but I need people to donate RC cars to me I don’t have the money but I am trying to save up for a rc to review and start my channel off. Pls let the rc community know that I would love in people gave there old rc cars to me to review. Pls share this you seem like the best guy to ask:)

NICK'S SHOP. says:

that the wpl c14 and it the RTR the better one is the kit

Garry Kennedy says:

Ponyboy Curtis was a character in S.E. Hintons That Was Then, This is Now book. She also wrote Tex, Rumble Fish, The Outsiders and a couple more I forgot. Cool screen name.

rc_action_ says:

Independent suspension means that each wheel can move independently, thus there being a arms. This crawler has straight axles.

Silvan Panteah says:

Cheap truck challenge? ? Awesome

Kyle Dietrich says:

I actually think that these crawlers are mid-grade rc cars. There are replaceable parts which none of the box store sold toy cars. On these, if something breaks, you can fix it

Iamjdmgear says:

What the website to order one?

adventures and quadcopters says:

it’s a Toyota pickup, not a semi

moneybanks82 says:

Great review awesome little truck I wouldn’t call it a crawler it seems a little more like a trail truck wait until you see what I’m doing with the s911 that I won from you I’m really excited about it I finally had a little time to work on it

Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 says:

Needs a 45 turn brushless lol

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