Tekno SCT410 4wd ShortCourse Truck – Final Review

Here’s my final review of the Tekno SCT410. I go over pros and cons of the truck and if it’s worth getting the 4wd shortcourse truck. I also cover any needed upgrades to make it perform and also a side note on which spring package I am currently using.

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Here’s where I got it and some info from Tekno RC:



Aluminum Hexes:

Air guards:

Aluminum Center Drive Shaft:

Front Pink Springs:

Rear Green Springs:

Tekno RC is proud to announce the newest addition to our stable of innovative RC vehicles — The SCT410 1/10th 4×4 Short Course Truck. The SCT410 shares many parts with the groundbreaking EB48 1/8th Electric Buggy, so you know it will be able to carve up the track and take a beating.

There are many new parts on the SCT to keep weight to a minimum, including new lighter arms, steering blocks, spindle carriers, rear hubs, and an all new lilghtweight drivetrain. Add some sturdy adjustable body mounts and a front/rear bumper system and you have the SCT that everyone has been waiting for — true 1/8th scale roots with 1/10th scale weight and agility.
Standard 12mm hex wheels will bolt right on (SCTE offset) and existing 7.4v SCT power systems will have no trouble pushing the SCT410 around the track. The SCT410 will be sold in race kit form.

•4mm CNC 7075 aluminum black anodized chassis.
•Super narrow layout — widest point is only 125mm (less than 5″) mudguard-to-mudguard.
•Class leading front and rear clearance (short chassis overhang) provides better bump handling and jump landing.
•Adjustable, lightweight body mounting system fits most popular SC bodies (Losi, AE, etc.).
•Lightweight, extremely durable front and rear bumper system.
•Integrated battery tray/mud guard, battery is sunken into chassis for a super low COG.
•Integrated electronics tray/mud guard for easy removal of electronics.
•Spacious, enclosed, easy access radio box with integrated transponder mount.
•Adjustable chassis brace system for fine tuning flex with front, center, and rear braces

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lacucaracha111111 says:

9:20 , dont be so hard to yourself , I´m not colourblind and I would have totally mixed up which spring  was which one.

Enzo Albertoni says:

If I run a tekin pro4 4600 kv will I have heat issues or will I be ok.I heard the hd 4300 that you have likes to eat lipos is this true??? I really do like the 4600 kv and rx8 gen 2 combo.

Enzo Albertoni says:

should I get eh carbon front and rear a arms for it???

Rohnie1586 says:

Hey rich Thanks for all the good advice, and thanks to your reviews I plan on getting the sct410 over the scte 2.0. But I want to know what’s the biggest size motor that this truck will hold.


This or the slashed 4×4? I own the platinum upgraded to the EXTREME.

Enzo Albertoni says:

would a revtech 2s 100c lipo do good in this same motor/esc setup with out puffing a lipo??

ViceVersa Musik says:

Are the shock towers on this rig Carbon Fiber?? I seen the promo video, and they WERE CF in the video! Thanks in advance RCN! Cheers

Calcapwn300 says:

What do you think about the solid axle rigs coming out compared to the full independent front and rear suspension setup? I’m thinking the yeti score and the Losi Baja Ray. I’m wanting to get into RC racing with short course racing, also don’t want to be worried that the truck will break on the first crack in the road/street. Thinking this truck or the yeti score/Baja Ray.


Ramiro De Arcos says:

Yikes, your making me regret ordering the 2.0, how ever support for Losi is greater where I live…maybe next time.

Dean C. Stinson says:

So far i have stripped my servo saver at the top of the servo, I guess the servo horn?  Switched it to the aluminum version and all good so far.  Then I broke the front stock hinge support, but switched it out to the aluminum version, only bummer is my hobby store had the front and back hinge support for the front at $50 to go aluminum.  But no issues past that.  I’m not a good driver, better RC Helicopter pilot, so I beat the heck out of this truck and I’m sure that if I was in a different truck I would have had way more issues.  At my local track there is a large tripple and let’s say I’m not so good at it yet.  I’ve landed right on the front bumper, on the top of the truck, and hundreds of other ways other than on my wheels, and the truck just get’s up and runs.  Further, everyone is scared of the truck running down the track.  It’s heavy and indestructible so a little paint rubbing hurts the other guy not me.  I was always an Associated guy, starting with my RC-10, but if you are a rookie driver, or crappy like me, lol, get this truck.  You’ll be driving the envy of the track, but more importantly you’ll be driving a tank that feel like it’s a Ferrari on nos….GET THIS TRUCK and have everyone be jealous….lol!

george gentzel ii says:

Hey Rick, great video and information on the Tekno!!!! My buddies have me hooked on this short course racing and jumped right into the same truck you have so here goes!!!! Question for you … The track I’ll be running on is very short, do you have any recommendations for gearing??? Not sure which direction to go … thanks!!!

The RCNetwork says:

Hey SD, great to hear! The Tekin set up is great in the SCT410. As for settings, it’s bone stock! I have been focusing on dialing the truck up so far and then plan to tweak the RX8 gen 2. I asked Randy from Tekin a while back and he has the same set up! So far, I have no complaints on the stock set up. Plenty of power, super smooth and very low temps


Took mine to the track for the first time this week and man I am very impressed. Took me a pack or two to get used to the switch from my scte but once I did this thing flies and runs straight as an arrow. Very happy and can’t wait to get back out with the new tweaks and see the improvement. Thanks again

Anson Tsugawa says:

Rich – which max Amps battery is that, is that a 4S 6500, or is that a 2S battery?

Anson Tsugawa says:

What size MIP metric wrenches are required for assembly of this kit?

Enzo Albertoni says:

Hey!!! Great looking truck!!
One thing though?? What pinion size and spur do you use. What is a good gearing setup??

Enzo Albertoni says:

what Cerated wheel nuts do u run?

The RCNetwork says:

No problem! That’s why I do these vids to give my experience with great products and to share info with other people that love the hobby. That’s why my channel is different than those who you couldn’t get a response from even if you typed “fire”!!!

Costache-Bobescu Ionuț says:

Can I put a 8 scale sistem în this truck ? It seems like I can do that , but everybody put a 550 motor .Thanks!

The RCNetwork says:

The Tekno is awesome. It needs no upgrades to make it race worthy and if powered correctly, it’s unstoppable! At the recent Surf City Classic, at the hands of Barry Baker, the SCT410 took out Frank Root and Ryan Dunford, the two at the head of the SCTE 2.0 development.

Szabi ESz says:

You made me want one!!! After my Mt 410 and Eb410, Tekno Sc is the next


That’s the exact reason I went with the Tekno, I was as fast as I was gonna get with that set up and wanted to be faster and this was the way to do it. 1 second from jump and how much when you get a hang of the truck? Can’t wait to see

The RCNetwork says:

As for the Pro2 from Pro-Line, everyone is raving about it, especially Pro-Line. It is a 2wd truck, and parts may not be readily available for a while since it was just released. I’m sure it will be decent, but 4wd and 2wd are two totally different beasts

Enzo Albertoni says:

Do you use iMovie for your editing software??

Scott Sroufe says:

I blame you for ordering up one of these!  I hope to have it by the weekend to race this weekend!  I am taking my pro4 4600 out of my SCTE and installing it in the SCT410.  Do you think this motor is enough or should I upgrade to the Pro 4 HD?

Raved Utan says:

I have Castle Creation 2400KV and MM2 is this fit for the motor? Planning to buy this i am selling my slash LCG because i heard this rc truck is like a champ.


Nothing against my scte I was just at a cross road and decided to go a different route. It was a great truck for me

David Fraser says:

I’m thinking of starting Short Course truck racing and this is one of the kits I’ve been looking at. I’ve also been looking at the new Proline Pro 2, have you any thoughts on this?

Ryan Harris says:

hi! I have a quick question. what track is that? THANKS!

Erectile Disfuntion says:

I have a
Loose dirt track in my local area and have a slash 4×4 not ultimate. Should I stick with it or sell it and buy a scte 2.0 or this tekno. I think I’m the long run I’ll dump to much money in the slash and still not be competitive. Never raced it yet first race in two weeks. I would like your opinion because you warm the most qualified in my opinion thanks.

Aaronfb18 says:

Hey im not sure which way to go. Losi scte 2.0 or the tekno. I would be running the same setup as you. If you could let me know that would be awesome. Thank you so much!

Enzo Albertoni says:

When u said whoever wrote this stock set up is awesome!! It’s because the cars set up was created at SDRC so track conditions will favor stuff like OCRC,SDRC, Air Dawg ect… Great looking kit btw!!

Samuel LiVecchi says:

can u please tell me the name of that body?

The RCNetwork says:

It took me a couple of packs too. It really drives great the more you drive it.


Actually owe you some thanks, I almost went the MIP route after seeing your video on it and then noticed you switched to the Tekno and so I decided against spending more cash on the scte and just jump ship now cause I was gonna eventually jump over anyways. So thanks to you


muy bonito

Thor _ says:

How is the durability? most of the broken drive shafts I have seen the last 2 years is on tekno kits, or tekno vorza chassis upgrades. It is surprising to see how small all the tekno axles components looks next to my 1/8 team associated.. I have never broken any drive shafts on my team associated.

Enzo Albertoni says:

What rc charger do you love the most?? I have the old Hi tec 4 way charger that u reviewed, it’s just the old version! but it is starting to go on me and I want to get another good charger I was looking at some of the new Orion stuff that can charge 2 lipos at once so yea, any help would be amazing…BTW that truck is f-ing badass, i’ll be getting one for X-mas this year!

Ryan Belland says:

Hey rich! Just bought one of these and since you’ve had it for over a year now I figured you’d be the guy to ask. What shock setup and diff setup are you running? Like Pistons, springs, ect… So I was just wondering what setup your running. Thanks!!

The RCNetwork says:

The Deans are fine. Make sure that your using decent 65c+ batteries

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