Tecesy GT Fighter 1/12th Hobby Grade RC Truck Review

Fun, fast, easy to control, long transmitter range, body pins fall out easily though so buy extras. Amazon Affiliate Product Link: http://amzn.to/2am6yTj

The 1/12 scale RC truck is a little larger than a shoebox and comes with a battery wall charger, the transmitter controller, and an instruction manual with a bag of extra parts. The manual is illustrated, though does not have the best English translation. The truck is basically a hollow shell body set atop of a hobby-grade open design chassis. There are four clip/pins holding on the body: two on the back and two on the front. Remove them to open remove the body and reveal the inner machinery. Towards the rear is the battery bay that’s kept closed by yet another pin. The battery has two leads and connectors: the white connector is used for charging while the red one is used to power the RC.

The transmitter is shaped like a pistol so that it can be held in one hand. It can be used by both left and right handed users by changing a few settings. The transmitter requires 4 AA batteries (not included) loaded in the bottom. The different knobs on the controller are easy to learn, and they allow you to control the front wheel trim, turning radius, drive/reverse, direction of the vehicle, and throttle percentage. On a full charge, the battery lasts about 10-15 minutes of drive time depending on speed.

This RC truck can reach speeds of around 25 mph according to the manufacturer and though I wasn’t able to measure it, I thought it was pretty fast. At the highest speed, during sharp turns (with the sharpest turning radius allowed) it tends to rollover, but it can survive flips and often lands right side up. I also tried the car over grass and it can handle tall grass fairly well, though speed is obviously reduced over rough terrain. The transmitter has a long range and we were able to control it from about 50 yards away; we would have attempted further but it would have been out of our line of sight. After a few flips though, the body was pretty scuffed up, and I did end up losing a couple of the body pins. Luckily the spare parts bag had two extra pins and they are not expensive to buy a pack online. The unit runs pretty hot after use, so I would recommend letting the unit cool down between drives versus switching in fresh battery packs to extend your sessions. Overall, this RC truck is a fun, budget friendly, hobby-grade vehicle. It’s easy to learn the controls and is upgrade-able making it suitable for competitive tracks.

Amazon Affiliate Product Link: http://amzn.to/2am6yTj


Kale Lee says:

This looks like the wltoys 12423!☺

Alfred Morales says:

can you make it water proof

Jack Wierz says:

Do you know how long the battery lasts?

Jack Cresswell says:

How long do you have to charge the car and when do you know that the car is charges

Daxton Miller says:

I just got this for Christmas I was wondering if the truck battery is dead than would the steering system and the trucks ability to move would stop?

R3B00T Official says:

I have one but I could not find anyone that would tell me if it is water proof or not. This is my first rc car and I want to try and hydrogen plane it.

Jack Wierz says:

Do you know how fast it is?

Ingrid Galan says:

I got this truck couple days ago for my son. he said he let the battery charge and when he tried to use it he couldn’t. I noticed that both lights in the controller are blinking, so I assumed it was the battery I replaced them but the problem still there.. Do you know what it may be???

Random Video says:

Can it outrun my dog on some what tall grass

Hard-core RC says:

Hi there I recently bought this model and my transmitter and my receiver do not connect together no more I do not know what happened I have only had the model for one day do you know where I can get another receiver and transmitter for this car from please can you help me

Dalton & Kadin Phillips says:

how long is the charge

Alfred Morales says:

well is the foxx s911 faster or not

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