Review Of The Traxxas Summit RC Truck After 3 Years Of Bashing

So after owning my Traxxas Summit for 3 years, I figured it was time to do a little review and give my thoughts on this RC.

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Bakerboyzzz RC says:

I must just have bad luck with Traxxas….I have an EMaxx, XMaxx, Slash 2WD and a Revo 3.3 and all of them have had there own different issues.


that would be a good choice !
Great video on the SUMMIT

I just changed my mamba monster SUMMIT to Brushed with the same batteries you have …
hopefully it will do the job !

RC Adventure says:

I run mine stock too. I just bought a pair of 5500mah wild scorpion lipos for my summit and battery run time is great.

Netcruzer RC TECH CARS says:

Wow you’ve never broken an axle? I’ve had my Summit for 5yrs and have snapped about 5 axle shafts and twisted my center shaft. I run my slipper tight.. LOL. If I would give up wheelies the axles would last longer. I also run 4S LiPo all the time.

Markus the RC Guy says:

One thing I wonder is, was there any maintenance/cleaning you did for the motor to get it to last as long as it did? The reason why I’m asking is because I know that most brushed motors have the shaft riding on an oilite bushing, and in my Traxxas Rustler XL-5, which comes with a brushed motor like the Summit, my bushing (where the shaft comes out) would oval out so quickly (in spite of my gear mesh being correct), and I’d have to replace my motor every 2-3 months! It could just be the type of dirt I run in, but I still wonder how you managed to make your motor last 3 years.

eric splan says:

nice they don’t even come with batteries anymore traxxas stop adding them with it

Netcruzer RC TECH CARS says:

I’ve also broken both front and rear diffs, now both are rebuilt and shimmed and have heavier fluid. Have not broken them since. bulletproof now.

Wildpanda 1234 says:



I have a ton of traxxas rcs the one I need is the summit

Eugene Urbina says:

I was debating on getting one

Ryan and Tyler says:

I’m goin to do a traxxas slash unboxing so check out my channel and subscribe if ur new

Piranha man says:

lol the cat likes it too

Roy Nelson says:

hey brother I wonder if I take a little man’s Traxxas E-Revo and put those big ass tires on it if it would be as big as this I got Proline trenchers already on it but I’m not sure if these tires are bigger or not not real sure what it would take to convert it to a Summit probably not too much you are right man those girls have beat this thing to hell and back and it’s like a Timex man takes a licking and keeps on ticking it would be cool to see you get a YZ250 man another four strokes last too long time but those two strokes are badass check out my latest video I got this Baja 5b rocking and rolling pretty good man and I’m going to check out your other channel And subscribe to it I’m down for that bro

Honest Reviews says:

I hope you got the X Maxx. I have had a ton of RCs and the X Maxx is one of the funnest by far. I have the new 8s and love it. The E Revo is a blast as well.

Supra YT says:

This is my dream rc, i have the 1/16 but i want the 1/10, looks more reliable and he is so f*cking strong! 😮

Waqr`s RC videos says:

Great review. Supercute cat aswell 🙂

Justin's RCs says:

Hey bud if you strip out a servo you can get servo gears and fix it for $4 vs $35. Also with the tires, I run Trencher X tires on my E-Revo Brushless and they work great. Highly recommend them. Along with if you get an X Maxx, you will need some huge 3s packs. I wouldn’t get the Traxxas ID 5000 Mah 3s packs, they arent powerful enough. Get the 8400 Mah packs from Traxxas. They will do you best!

LTECNIC drones en español y rc says:

very nice video like

Zacheight0ne2 ? says:

Already have my x maxx geared up for 45 mph!!!!

John Last says:

Lol nvm I found my new basher

ŚpÅż says:

LETS GO!! WOAH oh oh ohhhh oh oh oh, Woah oh oh ohhhh oh oh oh LEGENDARY!

Epic RC Video Productions says:

One of the best rc’s ever made!

Michael Miller says:

how much run time to get out of your stock batteries

Timo Düring says:

I bought one yesterday and today the stick connecting the serveu for shifting with the gear box broke+ a gear- wheel bent. Don’t know how it happened

Tania Beaulieu says:

amazing video
so true

Matthew Rc Basher says:

+The Rc Element i have been watching your channel for a long time now, and it is one of my favorite channels to watch! cant wait to get me a slash 2wd and put a castle in it 😉 hope you keep up the vids for years to come! – Matt

Brady Outdoors says:

Love this channel

RC Team Austria says:

In two and a half years of bashing we had two issues.
Still stock, only new tires
Amazing quality

Hsiu Tobey says:

Hi guy,
looks really great!
Our company have some rc products.
Hope you could help us test it.
Could you please reply the PM?

RC McTool says:

Hey Todd,

When can we expect to see the Summit get launched off the roof..???

Soon I Hope………………. :O)

CTPRedDog1 says:

X-Maxx is awesome. I run mine with Traxxas 3 cell 5000mah batteries that last me around 40 minutes. People complain about it not fast enough. Yes I have tested mine it only goes about 33 miles an hour but it’s fast enough for back yard bashing. It’s geared more towards bottom end punch then top in speed? It does come with voltage and temperature telemetry but you need add the Bluetooth module to the controller to use it.

David Morawsky says:

drill a few holes on the inside of the rim and just squeeze the tire down with a ratchet strap, rubber bands or rope. I do that with mine and that gets arid of the wobble in the tires from that water. I drilled 10 very small holes in different spots and that seems to be enough to get almost all of the water out and since the holes are really small, I can still jump and ride the summit hard without collapsing the wheels. if I know I am gonna ride it in water, I take some liguid electrical tape to seal the holes and the bead of the tires and that stops the water from getting in or very little gets in. my friend uses closed cell foams with the holes like I have in mine and he gets water in but it comes right out but the closed cell foams don’t crawl as good cause the foams are stiff. my tires are stiff as well when I put the liquid electrical tape so there is good and bad to both ways. I just thought I would share this so it might help someone out.

Anton Slugeň says:


Lori Offutt says:

hey Todd I am a fan wonder if you can give me a rc truck I’ve always wanted one please I really want Todd you are the best

mozzie morris says:

I like the fact that you dont get to bogged down with the details of the RC, you keep to the real side of just playing around with them and having fun! I made that video of the Rat Rod BTW hope you enjoy it. thanks for getting me back to the RC fun!

Jim Wolfe Jr says:

buddy of mine has one and in the first week he snapped/twisted a halfshaft to a wheel and went thru and replaced them all .. he did lotsa crawling on rocks with it . . he bashed on it a few times, but more damage done twisting and snapping stuff when on the rocks with it

Johnathan Lee says:

Does this take one or two batteries

RC McTool says:

Hey Todd,

Why is there two servos??


Nate b says:

@The RC Element hey bud, so I need some help. I recently acquired a 1/10 summit, bone stock. Well I’m having trouble with the back left wheel, it won’t engage with the rest of the wheels under throttle. So intern it’s 3wheel drive Lol! I opened the rear differential and looked at it and it seemed fine to me. Nothing visually stripped, no signs of shavings or anything. My guess is the drive shaft for that wheel is bad? Any help or suggestions would be nice man! By the way… Big fan of your channel!!!

Ethan Storandt says:

Wow! That thing makes my slash witch is durable look like it has no life. What is your favorite rc?

Cameron Pehrson says:

Do you want proline trenchers in selling some 2.8s almost brand new only used a few times

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