Review of RC Truck ACTROS 6×6 HOOK LIFTER – ScaleART

The brand NEW RC TRUCK Mercedes Actros – made by ScaleART. The hook lifter version is pure fun to play with and the details of the model are awesome. Did you see the day time lights and the bending lights? Like the real thing – I love it and hope you`ll enjoy the short presentation. 🙂

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Muhammad Amirul Zukhni ABDUL WAHAB says:

something like this people need to have a budget from 5000usd to 20000 usd,if u have a little bit low budget, u can start with tamiya 1/14 scale trucks,with price starting 399usd, cheap but lower quality than this one on video,,

Kartik Saharan says:

where are you

Jean-Pierre Tannous says:

Hi please man let me know from where can i buy it

Kartik Saharan says:


popmariusmirel says:

Nice truck, bro!!! 🙂 If i wan’t to buvy a truck, the remote control comes with it?

3D 운전교실&마크 에 관한 자 says:

How many is it?

CrazyBoyTheNoob says:

where to buy

kayak fisher plymouth kayak fisher plymouth says:

whats that remote called please

Ced Gipsy says:


je cherche ce modèle de camion mais je ne trouve nul part en France pouvez vous m’aider ou le trouver svp merci

FreddyDen23 says:

What scale it has?

allende6 says:

Beautiful Truck
what is incluid it in the box ?

Raghvi Baunthiyal says:

do u know how to buy them through internet

Lubomir Cheshmedjiev says:

Can you send me a link so I can look at this and other products. I’ve been searching for myself for a long time, but I can not find anything. Thank you in advance! The video is great! A Great New Tractor!


Greetings back to Canada! 🙂

James Cook says:

how much is it

Sartaj Singh says:

hey what is the price


hey can I have one please I got scamed last time my mom bought one and she said she wasn’t buying a next one so please can I have on I’m 12

ramon esteves says:

in which you bought this truck ?

Wade Black says:

Ahh… The actros, my fav euro truck!
Hello from canada

akame84 says:

Very nice truck! Can you use that scaleart controller with other manufacturers models?

popmariusmirel says:

every thing about this truck is like a dream…

Leticia Ceccarelli says:


Paul müller says:

where do you get the truck ?

Seema Patel says:

How many rupeed

Talha Konuk says:



internet lik

Anubhav Shu says:

from where you buy this pls send me link

Ivan Divan says:

Hallo :)Begrüßen man ,wie geht’s ,ich sehe in mein Freizeit diese trucks mit sehr gern ,die Firma ist sehr toll ,sie machen  erstaunlich super trucks,die trucks  sind wenig schwierige für sammeln aber ich liebe sie ,sie sind richtig wie natürlich größ truck

Was machen sie da?,ich arbeite und sonntags ich bin hier in utube mit tiese trucks ,sie sind toll
Grüßen nach Bulgarie )

Prince Tumber says:

It is working with battery…?

Hockss says:

How much is it for something like that?

Blue Blood Production says:

What Kind of Body It Is? Plastic Or Metal?

CrazyBoyTheNoob says:

where do you live

CrazyBoyTheNoob says:

what I machine posovetuesh

Midget Apple says:

Where did you buy it from?

Manh Pham says:

how much money

FreddyDen23 says:

ok, and what is the price of this truck?


quanto que custa um deste


Me gusta mucho los videos de euro truck simulador 2 y el chavo animado del 8

CrazyBoyTheNoob says:

what’s the website

omar alaraq says:

كم سعرها اذا سمحت بالدولار

CrazyBoyTheNoob says:



qual e o lugar que vcs comprou estes caminhao o site da loja

Ricky Brown says:

Where can I buy something like this ?
Maybe start off kit?

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