Review of RC Excavator LIEBHERR – what a machine!

This is the first review of the Liebherr 956 – the first model of the new RC EXCAVATOR series made by Premacon. It is so well made – simply outstanding. The 956 is very powerful, easy to control, highly detailed and simply so much fun to play with – for me, a dream came true. 🙂 In this video, I try to bring you this small machine a little closer – hopefully, you`ll like it. 🙂

Greetings from Germany, Bjoern 🙂

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Jody Lance says:

good luck affording one in the states before you die

Bruno Silva de Andrade Silva de Andrade says:

a gostei do filme filme DVD Grande

Nicholas Berchtold says:

I wonder if you can also rent this machine?

rasserie gmail says:

the boom is drifting down is that normal

Marcelo Veron says:

Hola cómo consigo uno para en Argentina

HR Production says:

get a original price in india

DarkBacon567 says:

How much does it cost

Big Jim85 says:

Can a guy from the state buy the kit then an all the parts a guy would need?

Elias Gomes Moreira says:

quantos custa uma escavadeira hidráulica


Where can I buy this in India


where to buy ?

Scott Wideman says:

We’re can u get one and how much

railtrolley says:

Sensational model, thank you for this video.  I think the handle on the crate would be used for lifting the lid up only, after the crate latches are released.  No way that single handle would be rated to lift 23 kgs.

Juljulzgamein G says:



I had it

รฐนนท์ แสนทวีสุข says:


Vishal Bondu says:


Virork january says:


haris gtr says:

If this excavator in malaysia i think excavator rc price is RM10,000

sawajiri100 says:

bla bla bla bla

V-ixion jaya says:

no good yes

michael thompson says:

how much is that

camilol puras wueas y mierdas Lopez says:

i am camilo

Vikas Parte says:

इस मसीन के जेक कैसे बनते है केसे काम करते है

nick svaluto says:

Can I ask where do I pick up one of these?

Arthur Johnlouis says:

Those things are amazing what’s the best place to buy one can u give me a great link

Pramod Shinde says:

What a matchin price

Nguyễn thị Hiệp says:

how much is it

Gokul Thorat says:

rc jcb price

Peter Hanuszak says:

We’re the website to purchase this Excavator.

Paul Chung says:


Marcio Rogerio says:

Bom dia Quanto custa este estrator

vireak jruk says:

hi guy how much RC Excavator

Prerna Photo1 says:

from where did you bye this awesome

Gilmar Moreira says:


Hoai Ly says:

toi mua chiec xe thi mua o dau

Abdul Ghaffar says:

how much this cost you

kranthikumar mamidi says:

how much this

Callacatakitten says:

jesus that’s intense

Big Jim85 says:

where does a person fined this rc excavator ??

Ramu Reddy says:

How much price indian price rupees?

Abidin Moh says:

good oke

Akash Jose says:

Where can I buy this kind of rc excavator please tell me

ray calmerin says:

how match

Atomicbomber2000 says:

How much do they cost??

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