RC Truck gets unboxed and tested at RC-Glashaus!

R/C Truck with stunning realistic V8 Engine Sound in 1/14 scale gets unboxing and testing at http://rc-glashaus.de. Enjoy watching!
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W TF? says:

Why did you buy a beat up used truck?

Mr. Jack says:

What its dollar.?

Tushar gupta Tushar gupta says:

Who this truck buy..

MrEzplay says:

What kind of sound unit? Sounds good

Marty Martin says:

This looks like a proper movie about a truck.

Kiss Csaba says:


Miguel jamil Gutierrez vargas says:

Cuánto te costó yo quiero uno

gary murphy says:

Sorry but I don’t think that does sound very realistic. if I could not see the vehicle I would not guess it was a truck. more tank like to me. that’s probably a generic “engine” sound.

Steven Bagent says:

That’s not s “v8” engine sound, it is an inline 6 cylinder diesel, sounds like a CAT.

anival esquite says:

En que tienda de los estados unidos compró este jugete

DEVMAR 3815 says:

Front tires don’t look right

Ricardo Rosado cuello says:

Cuanto te costo

Reyes Gomez says:

Should have put some tire shine on

Anmol Sharma says:

It work with oil or battery

Aa Aa says:


richly mann says:

20 plus year truckers should have these
I’d like to have a few of them ..

Leonardo Aluppe says:


Kasim Shik says:


philip Berliwitz says:

Nice but why such a small trailer it is like a 36 to 40 foot trailer. 53? Really nice I want one

Mahfud01 Faruq says:

Nek beli di mana mas pliss

anival esquite says:

Y que precio tiene pleasse

Der Preuße says:

Is Hitec Aurora Radio included in price ? If so who is selling the Combo ? Please advise – otherwise congratulations on new American Monster truck.

Tino Gar says:

Donde me compro uno

robert crist says:

You suck

Harry Hagan says:

So cool!

Chilita Guzmán says:


Tim Kooyman says:

I like the card board box that holds all the rc ELECTRONICS and the lipos. if no one seen that it at 3:18 in video. Tamiya big rigs r better then this motors don’t smoke like this one does

Luis Vivas says:

Donde Compran Esos Camiones?

Richard Blackburn says:

Your set up is mean as

J Dub says:

Very cool. Thanks for sharing their web site. I’ve been looking for one .

Juan David Quistian Mares says:

Alguien sabe donde venden de estos trailers

nguyen luyen says:

How money?

david brown says:

My Dad and I raced RC cars professionally for years. 10th scale and 12th scale pan car oval and road course. Dominator modified dirt oval. 10th scale off-road buggies and trucks. And last but not least, modified 10th scale truck oval. The type of RC in this video was just a novelty when we were racing. Now this and rc drift is a huge deal.


Aqui é brasileiro porra aqui e outro nivel tuba aqui é caminhão com a traseira auta e frente baixa tuba e tanbem nois so anda de scaninha pozzi

Kasim Shik says:


Neo Blackjack thee enraged says:

I want 1.

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