RC Truck – 4WD Torment Full Review

Torment Truck on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1P6khgO
Battery: http://amzn.to/1P6maKo
*The stock charger will work! I just didn’t want to wait 9 hours to charge it each time so I upgraded to a Tenergy charger. You will have to also buy an adapter (EC3 Style Male to Tamiya Female Connector)
Charger: http://amzn.to/1P6koJk
EC3 Style Male to Tamiya Female Connector: http://amzn.to/1GgHRkc
More Pictures on my site: http://rcdad.com/torment-rc-truck-rtr/
The Torment is all around a great RC Truck, you’re getting things like 4WD, and oil filled shocks that you usually only see on more expensive models. If you’re new to RC cars, I want to stress that this is nothing like those cheaply made cars you might have bought from the toy section at your local store.
This is a durable hobby grade truck that comes with everything you need for around $100 bucks.
Even if you’re looking for a RC Car for a kid who has never driven one before, the great thing about this one is the transmitter has dials that can adjust the speed and steering! So if you’re worried about your son or daughter tearing through the house and breaking things, you can simply turn down this dial and the Torment will drive much slower and be almost impossible to break. And the steering dial will adjust how sharp the truck turns. If you turn this up to 10, this thing turns on a dime. If you’re driving fast on larger tracks I recommend turning it between 1 and 4. It’s a cool feature to have!
A lot of people bring up the fact that mini rc cars can’t drive through tall grass. The problem is the clearance underneath is only around 3/4 inch so you’ll have to stick with short grass, dirt, and pavement.
As far as upgrading the Torment, I did buy an extra battery 1200mAh and a Tenergy Smart Charger. Besides upgrading to ball bearings, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading anything else on the Torment. Here is what comes stock, it’s just plastic It runs really good stock and if you start tossing in Lipo batteries you’re going to burn out your electronics.
The one thing that I really wasn’t happy with was the included charger. It’s a very basic charger with no lights letting you know when the battery is fully charged. The instructions say that is charges at 100mA/hr and the stock battery is 900mAh so you’d have to wait 9 hours to charge this one and 12 hours for the battery I bought separately. That was too long for me and that’s why I spent $15 bucks on a better charger that will charge my batteries in about an hour. You will also need a (EC3 Style Male to Tamiya Female Connector) which will cost you around $5 bucks .
If you do buy another battery make sure to let your truck cool down for at least 15 minutes as the motor gets very hot!
Full speed is around 20 mph which is pretty good and the Torment accelerates very fast. Battery life is around 8 – 10 minutes if you’re driving fast.

The suspension on this truck is very good. You have 4 springs and oil filled struts, these are way better than the bouncy springs you’ll find on cheap RC cars. This will give you a nice smooth ride and keep your truck from bouncing around. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into the design. The rock guards are very strong and do a great job protecting the shocks and body. Having needle nose pliers will help remove the body clips and push out a stuck battery especially if dirt gets in there, it’s a tight fit and can get stuck! Remember to keep a quarter around to get your battery out!


Çağrı Cangir says:

ı look this rc for me, how much driving with one full battery?

Hans Fritz says:

how’s the durability? parts support? looking for an affordable option for our local 4-h rc car club. lots of new to rc kids as well as older more experienced kids.

RCLIFE2427 says:

Is it fully water proof?

Leo Chen says:

Hey, what is the best way to clean this car?? Should I use water?

819films says:

Where can I find the male to female thing

Construction Guys says:

I have this rc and why are the front steering bars so loose causing the rc to sway side to side eventually causing the rc to flip over

Mason Barratt says:

Is it really 4wd ? Because I’ve seen a lot of video does saying it is 2wd

monkeymaster26 says:

Hey Erik i’m a 13 year old guy that has never owned any good rc cars just the bad toy grade ones. I really want a high quality fast RC car that i can drive outside in grass. Considering the fact that im only 13 im not rich an can’t afford a really expensive car. Im not interested in having too build or customise any cars. Can you please help me choose what car to buy it have too be a ready too run one. Thank you -Albert  

natemorte says:

To bad no one makes a metal diff for this. Other wise it would be a great upgradable for a young beginner. Not much fun upgrading to brushless if the plastic gears strip.

Ligit-_- Scorpion says:

when you get the actual truck do you halft to buy anything else for it to be drive able or is it all optional?

Ravi Sindri says:

getting it on 20th so want to control iam riding it first time

Mark Johnson says:

how do I change the gears in torment 8th scale 4 wheel drive the motor how do I take that little pin out of the gear in the motor

It's Tricky Films says:

I bought this for 70 dollars at my local hobby store and was very pleased! The charger does suck and the battery sucks too, so I bought a venom lipo battery and a li pro sport charger from dynamite. You can easily fix the clearance under the car by using zip ties to prevent it from sagging. However it does stiffen the suspension. I put lights on mine and drilled a tire in the back to look like a spare! Overall with lights I spent around 140 dollars for a car that could cost you 200 to have what mine has. Plus this car is extremely durable and lightweight. Definitely would recommend this car, it is worth while!

Slim Zim Rc says:

What is the link to the charger?

RC Central says:

I can relate to the motor heating up I have a ECX ruckus and it heats up after like 15 mins

Mark Johnson says:

I mean 1:18 scale

hariharn monesh says:

which one is a better choice on the basis of durability ecx torment or slash 4*4 1/16

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