RC Review: 1992 Tyco Hammer 9.6V Turbo Monster Truck

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jumblejunkie says:

HAMMER!!! I wish I still had mine 🙁

slayer768 says:

Awesome Review and Awesome Video. I like the new series.

Jerry Smith says:

I had that one and just about every top of the line one they made. The eliminator was smaller but the fastest they made. Awesome truck

Swas Lord says:

Ah man this brings back memories. I had the TYCO Eliminator. They definitely don’t make them like this anymore

tiger1945 says:

The back is not independent only the front

Tp23456 Pimo says:

Ah dude

Workingplayer53 says:

Great review. We used to have some RC cars as well around that time but we never had such a big one. It looks like you can steer it very smoothly.

gavsgadgets says:

Ever thought about Nitro Cars!!! I’m a big fan

Rob Kramer says:

The Hammer was that one RC car I waiting months to get and finally got it on Christmas. A couple years later Tyco went to complete shit, cars shooting foam arrows and squirting water. I still have my hammer

dwalmop2 says:

Hey thanks for making this video! I had one in about 1992 as well (mine was yellow). I really wish I still had it!

Andre Porter says:

I had the fluorescent yellow. I got it for Christmas. I sneaked it, all wrapped up, to my room (had the rec room as my bedroom, basically half the basement) and I’d carefully unwrap it and play with it all night. I kept the battery and charger out and let it charge every day so I could run it once everyone went to bed. On Christmas eve I put the battery and charger back in the box so everything looked right the next morning. Lol. I loved that thing. But I ran it in snow a week after getting it Christmas day and fried the board. It was a bummer. At least I got 2 good weeks of use out of it. It really was great for a 14yr old who never got good gifts. I ask for something and I would get the knock off. Or I asked for the super Nintendo and got the original NES for christmas, second hand from someone my mother saw in the bar.

Ricky Temple says:

Great vid…sounds like the gearbox is hurting?? I had a Tyco turbo F-1 in black and gold…now they are $200-300 if you can find one. My nephew had a turbo hopper, we played with them for days and bought the replacement parts from Tyco…definitely can’t find service like that anymore. I remember a bumper being like $2-3.

Richard Hurt says:

I still have mine but my forward on my controller stopped working

The0to1smell says:

good toys we used to have back in the 90s I was 12 when it came out.

J. P says:

I had a Neon Green one. I loved this RC truck. Countless hours of fun.

Jens says:

Iam from 2005 yeah iam 10, i didnt knew that there were that cool kinds of RC cars the RC cars right now have to be like this one but ofcourse faster

michael Sanseverino says:

Tyco made really good toy grade rc back in the day . I would beat some lower end hobby grade cars . Also not many people new you could order parts for these cars if something broke . It was really cool .

Colin D says:

I had the Tyco R/C Dagger and loved that thing. I think it came out in 1995 or 1996.

Chris Watson says:

Why does it look like a dildo?

Not2Shabby says:

how much for a Tyco R/C Turbo, Rick Mears #5 Powered by Taiyo? someone please get me back!!

Apolyester says:

really cool rc car and review!!

Steve Brynan says:

This is a big part of why I miss the 80’s and 90’s Tyco and Nikko were the best out there at the time. That truck really does move in high on pavement! Probably because of the Mabuchi 380 motor. Newbright is absolute garbage.

jason born says:

kinda too old to be playing with toys aint you lol

techstyle123 says:

On checking vids out I did come across a new rc Tyco car for 2016 its called the Terra climber concept of it is cool….who knows they may start making new cars fingers crossed

Liquid Snakes says:

I always wanted one as a kid, so I got one a few years ago and hobbygraded it right away since it had no controller. I never got to see one run stock, mine runs like a banshee. I want to get an on board cam so I can start making vids. I also have a modded Eliminator too.

Classic Video Game Dork says:

My cousin had the Tyco turbo hopper buggy and we both got the Tyco bandit they where great toy grade rc cars back then the crap new bright is junk compared to the Tycos from back in the day

Marvin Aguilar says:

Really nice review. Nice rc. Is that an LDS church?

Luis Santiago says:

Still have mine from ’92. Best RC car I’ve ever had!

Religion Is Fake says:

I always had cheap Tycos and tried to upgrade them with good motors. You could get Tycos to go fast, but those cheap toy chassis and suspensions were not up to the chore.

Zach B says:

I remember all of the Tyco commercials:

Guy screaming with lots of reverb: “ONLY TYCO HAS 9.6 V TURBO POWWWWWAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

Rick Guerra says:

That was awesome! No drifting though?

Ap3xglide says:

mine is nitro is this rare I can’t find anything on it

atomicdeath10 says:

The fast traxx was my favorite. I still remember opening it on Christmas day. It was probably the best childhood Christmas I can remember.

moneybanks82 says:

Tyco had us Donkin on big rims and low-profile tires before we even realized it

Ryan N says:

There’s something very cool about taking a POV Gopro ride on an RC car from 25 years ago. Like taking a ride on my childhood… or something! Are you using the original battery pack?!

damjrok says:

I had the yellow one. It was a lot of fun, til my friends and I tried running it in the snow. We had no idea that afterwards, it would stutter for a while then never turn on again.

iron life says:

Tyco would been the next traxxas if they’d stayed in the game,that one and the bandit was fast,tough as he!! and just awesome ,far surpassed retail stores and some hobby stores ..

Juustopuuro says:

surprisingly well made car

The Mariah Show says:

why can’t they bring these childhood classics back! smh

Dazington F says:

Nice video. Looks a good RC car.

UltraDTA says:

Were you guys at a church?

Gary Voight says:

I had the green version of this same truck back in the day! Just one of many RC cars I had.

avp1977 says:

toy grade rc’s suck now i have some old tyco truck that still run.

James Lopez says:

The batteries were still good? Or did you buy new ones?

cschmude says:


Tyco Huynh says:

Lol I made the toy car

techstyle123 says:

Omg awsome video buddy…
So cool to see something like this I was well in to rc as a kid I always remember Saturday mornings we used to take our cars to big flat concrete area and watch each others cars do jumps and drifting…
I had one of these and I also had the hi jacker and Tyco traxxas….something about em was so cool the neon colours and extra little bits attention to details… Sure there were other kids with tamiya cars I had one of them as well but these seemed to be more fun…
Tyco and Nikko were awsome not too fond of the new bright stuff thanks for trip down memory lane sub from me

Xanatos21 says:

I had one of those when I was a kid and it was possessed! In other words, whenever I let it charge (while not even touching the remote whatsoever with the antenna back in its slot) it would automatically drive forward on its own, no joke! I remember it running into and injuring me and some of my friends a couple times. It scared the shit outta me!

So Choice Fitness says:

Still got mine too! mine is the green one still in great shape. I like my turbo bandit more but the a-arm broke years after I got it finally and so it sets…

Jim Knight says:

I remember having the Tyco Python! That thing was so damn cool when I was younger.

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