RC Monster Truck Review: VRX RH1046

Specs and Price: https://goo.gl/53T9CF
Discount Code: RC18OFF
The VRX RH1046 is a 1:10 Scale RTR truck that has high ground clearance, 4 wheel drive, and a very cool looking canopy. However, this truck has some challenges too. It is a bit challenging to assemble, only uses a 2S battery and seems under powered for a truck this size. This video shows you the good and bad sides of this RC monster truck.

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DRONE review man of all drones says:

Killer truck i like it!!

Wayne John Hinrichsen says:

What’s wrong with your poor dog’s foot?

Walker Outdoors says:

My kids love those things I never saw the fun in them I guess they would be a blast I’m just not into that type of thing I would rather have a or be sitting in a tree stand that is what excites me

Dave Stredulinsky says:

Thanks for posting. Not something I’ve tried yet but looks like fun. I will stick to drones for now.

Sam Jeon says:

long time no see……

MidnightMadness4x4 says:

It’d be interesting to see DJI make a R/C monster truck. Only thing is if you roll it over a mile a way you got some walking to do! lol

J.A. Entertainment. says:

Nothing to do with drones

Jeff Baker says:

Thanks Kelly! All of my RC Trucks both electric and nitro, the remotes take 8 batteries.

Big drone flyer77 says:

Awesome Kelly, it looks like the same size of the zombie h8
Very cool looking truck, and great review. To bad It was so slow

ShimShamFPV says:

Brah your dogs getaway stick is janky.

IamWedge says:

I think that it would be a good starter for a kid that wants to get into RC trucks/cars. The price is a little high for something that runs so slowly. I’m sure many people would modify that battery connector to get a better battery in it. I would imagine that the shocks are adjustable on the arms to give it a little more lift. Nice review Kelly, Thanks!

Drone Redneck says:

Nice review build Kelly but to much work putting together for me!

Shen RC says:

Yea it looked like it was real slow and the tires are not like a monster trucks tires there real smooth not good for traction.

roger martin says:

Very nice video .Love to start up RC . But can not afford it for now .  Nice review and demo


Nice review Kelly, What happen to the pup’s paw he has a limp

Ted Espin FPV says:

Over priced , under powered , the tires are totally wrong . The chassis was built for off road and or climbing but the tires are built for on road flat conditions , what did they do ? Just throw a bunch of spare parts in a pile and said build ”me a truck”. I understand in the US they use the imperial system as we in Canada use the metric system and let me tell you this truck go’s no where as fast as 40 kmh as it is stated on GB , this looks more like 10 kmh , what a joke $241.17 + $29.38 delivery Canadian funds . I like a good joke but not at my expense .

Alan Savage says:

Awesome video Kelly!!

wolfsabane2004 plays minecraft says:

hey readysetdrone any tips on finding a lost drone?

Ray Lugo says:

What’s wrong with the dog leg? Love your video but I love animals also.

ErrlRC says:

Nice review kelly. You put those wheels on wrong, the V tread pattern all need to face foward other wise you will lose both traction and speed from not gripping properly. Also that is not a 2s battery that is a regular 6cell nimh battery the kind they used in rc’s before lipo batteries came out. Can definitely tell you are not a ground rc guy.

Tinderbox says:

Why is the body tilted so much?

kulotski69 says:

What happen to your dog

Plus1HD says:

Thanks for the honest review

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