RC Monday | Foxx S911 35mph+ Racing Truck Review

Today I am doing a review of another RC monster truck I have bought. Let’s see how good or bad it is!


andrei Llave says:

how much is that? ASAP

a person that likes cows says:

I like the cat

Kamil Suleyman says:

I am about to buy one of these cars and this helped me deside ps. Thank you

Tanner Wilson says:

“I’ve been showered in mud” lol, great vids

Charlie Brown says:

Ur cat look like my cat

Nicolas Bradshaw says:

I’d love to see you try a Mardave RC car daggerwin, but being an “on road” vehicle, that may not be easy to test out. It would be good to see you involved in a bit of construction on it though and they are raced all over the UK.

Oliver Simpson says:

I sow it

Frog Person says:

It can actually go about 50 for top speed


lesson for bird in garden so cute all what i lesson sound car in near street

Squad DoublE says:

Ur days soooooooooo cute !

Cameron Watkins says:

Can u do another rc farm vehicle

cod ghosts says:

Do a petrol car

Mathew Davey says:

were did you buy it from

Goddlee says:

Mine goes 65 mph tho

Rexy says:

35 mph, no way

typical awsome says:

peacemofmshit i have one

nathan.smith25 says:

where did you buy it from?

Dr. Jonny Davidson says:

What’s the suspension like on this. And would you recommend upgrading them? If you do please link me to some better ones

Maureen Park says:

Daggerwin I love your cat!!!!!! Give this comment a like if u think the same and that cat was also sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Badr Gaskay says:

please link for buy

Zeno'sama says:

dude this is a toy grade come on. I work with hobby grade RC and we don’t sell this in are stores cuz it’s not a hobby grade. just because the box says hobbygrade it’s not. OK tell me this if this thing is hobby grade rc, can I upgrade any of this parts with a real hobby grade parts answer s no. you get what get you can only replace parts but you can only get parts from the manufacturers. please stop telling people it’s a hobby grade RC. the batter you are only stuck this one type of battery. the shocks you are also stuck of what you got. the word hobby grade mean it’s a hobby of taking things apart and upgrading them along the way. just to let you know. if it does not upgrade it’s not a hoobygrade

Fundipz 5000 says:

it works good on dirt back roads very well , slides a little but if you accelerate somewhat slowly it will be fine : ) . my body pegs snapped in a 20 – 25 mph crash , went into a ditch and it flipped 4- 5 times . the battery charger is European so i needed an adapter for the U.S. . I want to upload videos of my S911 soon . never been run in snow ! i want to make a snowy path in my backyard for my truck with snow jumps . CONS : The controller’s turning wheel broke on the inside , if i turn to much it will lock the steering to the left . PROS : Very fast for the price $70 , not the best contender for wet grass or sand but works well .

Kaleb Beane says:

this costs less than my 150$ dune warrior i got from radio shack and works 10 times batter and its faster and cheaper

Ursula Flynn says:

Nice cat

The Luchous Pair says:

try a Traxxas

Mythical Animator says:

Ok so to make it go faster first start slow then go faster also try on dirt or cement and the car is 40% water proof so yeah

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