RC Car Reviews – MAXX MONSTER! Traxxas Brushless E-MAXX My Review (2017)

This is my product review of the Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Edition 4×4 RC Monster truck. http://amzn.to/2pppVlV

Here are my thoughts and some great features of this rc truck. There is also some durability test footage in this video. I have driven this RC Truck and it is a super fun Rc car.

Traxxas rC has made some of the best RC trucks and this one has stood the test of time.

This iconic RC monster truck is a must have in my opinion! Let me know what you guys think?

Is this Traxxas RC truck platform gonna be around for a while longer or do you think the Traxxas X-MAXX is going to kill it?

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If you would like to see the whole Traxxas E-Maxx brushless maiden run bash! Click here…… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ5NsAerbHw

For more detailed info about the Traxxas E-Maxx brushless edition and where you can buy one. Check out my website rickyrevorccarreviews.com

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Eugene Urbina says:

I want to upgrade my brushed emaxx what brushless system do you recommend

Rancherman420 says:

I have that exact same truck

humble rc says:


Steven Brewer says:

What’s a good cheap brushless combo I can buy. l have a brush system.

holly h says:

so I called traxxas on pining gear in trannygear now what they told me well you now there’s a breakin . on all traxxas I was like bs you state right out of the box ready to run more like ready to break down I hate traxxas I took it back got an other kraton 6 I’ll ever buy from traxxas again ever they suck bad.

Rancherman420 says:


backlashD says:

Am I weird for wanting the Twin Brushed version over this one?

Dominic Terzo says:

It was a little boring

Jax Zavisha says:

are the rims usually wreaked

RC JOE says:

Lol, crazy brand new and snapped it. Nice review on it!

Eugene Urbina says:

thanks I’m going to look into that system

holly h says:

the shittist name in rc don’t buy shit from traxxas

Steven Brewer says:

Will those progressive shock springs fit my brushed shocks? I’m also looking to put on different wheels and tires. Any thoughts?

Anthony Arnold says:

Rippers for sure

sator rotas says:

Very good review , great Traxxas !! Excellent video !!

Charles Pagan says:

looks very nice but braking a chassis in the first bash is not a flaw bro!! is a design error. Traxxas knows you can tear up their tires in the first run, why they havent upgrade it?? traxxas know the Tmaxx brake the chassis easily too why rhey didnt upgrade it?? If that truck was brand it Red Cat you will be trashing it in this vid bro! you know it!! this trucks are great once you have upgrade it tires, cvd’s, ect. The only truck I could consider so far is the XMaxx. that truck take a beating and still hold up its ground. But nice truck man, enjoy!

Name Eintragen says:

What Tires?

Gorley's RC Garage says:

After breaking my stock chassis on my 6s Emaxx twice, I went with an aluminum chassis now. Yes it is heavier, but that Castle has plenty of power to still do standing backflips. I have yet to have anymore problems since. Rpm plastic arms and steering knuckles, body posts etc. It is a beast now. Only issue I have, I bought Proline 17mm hex wheels and they are a little sloppy on the Traxxas hex adapter. Is there another non Traxxas spline adapter made for the Emaxx?

Jeffrey Cancelli says:

What kind of wheel and tire setup is on the E-Maxx? It looks sharp!


I’m going to get one of these Ricky

Mike Martinez says:

Isn’t that about the same motor and esc setup as the savage flux hp?

Dominic Terzo says:

I want a e maxx

Jax Zavisha says:

can you regule the tires


Good video Ricky! Still on my wishlist for all these years! It started with my Tmaxx 2.5! The king of all Monsters!

DENSUTUBE2008 says:

They ever address the breaking chassis issue on the brushless version?

holly h says:

I just bot an Emaxx with in 5 minutes it destroyed the trannygear slipper clutch tor up the inside of the transmission cover where the gear hit wow I’ll this in 5 minutes

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