RC Car Lamborghini with Steering Wheel & Gas Pedal Review – TheRcSaylors

The Holy Stone RC Car Lamborghini comes with a very cool Steering Wheel and Gas and Break Pedals, which make this driving experience much more immersive than most rc vehicles on the market! Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors will show you everything you need to know about the Lambo from Holy Stone as well as whether or not it is worth your hard earned money in this Full Review!

Check it out here – https://www.amazon.com/Holy-Stone-Lamborghini-Realistic-Experience/dp/B01CRXN2SY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1473361643&sr=8-3&keywords=lamborghini+holy+stone


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melvin hunt says:


Flying Life RC REVIEWS says:

awesome video looks like a lot of fun for kids . would be an awesome Christmas gift . Nate was fixated on recording Abby at the beginning lol.

fidel amurao says:

a lamborghini with a an icecream cart horn 🙂


I searched this and it was £67 not £80

CheshireTomcat68 says:

The title on the thumbnail, is this for a video we won’t be seeing? Or is this American speak for something innocuous 🙂

Chip5tron says:

The car dancing is hilarious.

ErictheRed RC says:

I definitely wouldn’t have watched this video all the way through if it wasn’t you guys doing it. Besides the models, it is your interaction with each other that I also enjoy. I have spent many hours on a Microsoft gt wheel playing computer driving games such as NASCAR, which is loads of fun. I think this concept could be very cool if developed.

J bell says:

I think that’s the Veneno

Steve RC says:

What a novel idea! Pedals and steering wheel on an RC!

Michael Mack says:

that thing is garbage.

Abhishek Dutta says:

Everything is very cool except the speed of the car…

Philip Savenkov Savenkov says:

that car looks like crap

Lasse Nielsen says:

I definitely need a gf like urs lol she is a nerd to rc haha


audio is good

Pia Laplana says:

one of my fave channels. Good job rc Saylors

Shania Fleming says:

How much you paid for it

Sahil Shankar says:

I have used it..


That looks fun, good video,

Glen D. Spicer says:

Very cool car.

Michael Sanders says:

Somebody needs to build a rc house fly.

General Attila says:

It’s a Lamborghini Veneno

dvega69 says:

This would be a great car in a gym floor, drive while sitting on the bleachers.

piaui - fly says:

bella copertina di questo video

Rugged Productions says:

Now you just need to shrink yourselves and the controls down so you can drive it

Hajasi says:

The stupid thing is that you cant walk with it somewere! Cause you have the pedals!

stuart booth says:

Great vids. You need to find some smoother surfaces though!

Joshua C. says:

Watching this, all I can think of is exactly five words:
I got a cheap basic Lambo like this one, and while it too is a basic model like this, I want to gut it out and install hobby-grade electronics in it. When I have the spare monies to grab a bunch of hobby grade electronics to install in it.

krevo snail says:

I love you guys

Vicente Lopez says:

thats awesome that your lady is into it with you..

Colbie Holm says:

you can get the same one on amazon for 60.00

4thGloryMonday says:

u guys were having way to much fun, haha thumbs up guys

Route 66 Flyer says:

The shifter levers are call “Paddle Shifters”. Cool watching the car doing it’s dances. LOL
Nate…. you need to adapt that steering wheel so Abby can use it with her monster truck. LMAO

*Dance the Skies*

Mateus Rodrigues Rodrigues says:

Nice car;-)

Michael Sanders says:

Tetris theme

Max Pineda says:

If I was a kid I would want one,it looks fun. !

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