RC ADVENTURES – Tamiya 1/14 RC Chrome King Hauler Semi Truck Futaba MFC-01 6″ Stretch

Click Here To Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – I purchased this rig from E-bay after ogling it for a few weeks. It was a leap of faith, as the price tag was quite high. But, sometimes when you buy something from Ebay of this value – things pan out! I see why the seller had such a high rating. I have been waiting with anticipation for weeks for this beautiful truck to arrive. The unboxing was smooth, and the truck was carefully wrapped in small bubble wrap. The person shipping it took great care to polish my truck before they packed it. I am in such amazement that this truck is as nice as it is. Almost better in person!

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This truck is a Full Custom built 6″ Stretched Tamiya 1/14 Chrome Edition King Hauler semi with Tamiya MFC-01 Multi function unit and Tower hobbies 1500 6 cell battery. It is ready to run. It has lots of custom parts, included full Custom a 6 inch stretched Aluminum Frame, custom drive shaft install due to the frame stretch, Tamiya Telescope Antenna, custom dual half inch exhaust pipe, custom aluminum front bumper block and aluminum front guard. Pair Telescope CB Antenna, extra pair Tamiya Oil Tank installed, rear aluminum headache add-on. It comes with 2x Futaba s3003 servo and Futaba 4YF 2.4GHz remote control (require 4xAA battery) and Tamiya R2004GF receiver. The best feature on this truck was built with Tamiya MFC-01 unit which give you incredible sound and action options. This system was mounted on the truck and located inside the cabin with speaker to the front and the MFC-01 unit to the rear. The control unit is mounted inside the left tool box for easy access.

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Hilton White says:

medic thank you for geting me in this awesome hobby also you should get a plane

Buckets says:

can you run it without the sound kit on

Kylie Payne says:


Jaco J says:

I think I’m blind now

lachlan cassise says:

hay nice vid what is your favorite rc out of all of them

Alex Malcolm says:


Eric Henry Rivera says:

were to order order me

TP LEE says:

hello rc sparks i have a same transmitter but my truck can’t run like what you show ! can i ask how you set up your reciver example channel 1for what ?channel 2/3/4for ?like channel 1for 4 channel 2 for 5 and others i hope you can help me with my setting tq very much!

Nguyen Tan Thien says:

Ich lerne es, mache nicht gratis für Wiss.Uni. & rauben Kindern……

Diogo Rodrigues says:

How did you get that chrome paint?

ead Josh says:

That’s bad assssssss brother

Chappel Chastain says:

I think here comes the boom would be appropriate for this sweet rig

WhackyJ in AK says:

DUDE!!!! What kinda job do you have to afford all of these?!

sharon rance says:

that would look sooooo good at he shows i do with my club

Kevin Darga says:

Where did you get the grill guard?

Michael 1:7 Scale Trucker Zisler says:

Nice Semi Truck ,i like that stretch out Frame like my Tamiya Custom Truck too


Hej RCS….this crometruck, do u still have it in u collektion?? It made me high up in sky….wanna have same….CU// TOMPE

MrLewis36 says:

Hey, what batteries do you recommend for the King Hauler? The manual states 1700 SCR Racing Pack but I am having trouble finding them. Noob here!

Trevor Austin says:

hey bro .where do you get your led lights for the king hauler? do you make your own?

Hin Lok says:

Where to buy

Jacob Palmer says:

Where do u get such RC cars and trucks

Ромчик БПАН says:

how do you model all

Chuck Halbach says:

Im new to the rc world and Im also a retired owner operator. This has been a real eye opener. This is going to be a very expensive and exhilarating hobby. The only problem is that I must buy the king hauler and trailer built I’ll need all the sounds, shaking and smoke. Does the tractor come with an interior and driver? How about working suspension and a functional fifth wheel? My wife will think I lost my mind when I tell her about my new hobby. I have an HO train layout that takes up the entire basement of our ranch home. That I started in 1989 and Im still working on it. That is something that will never be finished Im sure you understand what I mean. It has a working hump yard!! Thank you for sharing your fleet of vehicles. Im amazed that you actually run your skid steer by radio. I just saw this today. Happy rcing and I hope to be trucking soon..I think I will have a dump trailer and some type of loader.

ruth ann Harker says:

Hey Medic rocking stuff. Hey can you put mud tires on a semi?

Wyatt Colborne says:

will you send me an RC on my birthday

Mekhi Adams says:

did yo make that cause i want it

Sweetman 123 says:

How muh was it

Ric Eddy says:

The Chrome Hauler – what a beast.

Peter Boldt says:

Hey medic in your opinion what is the best rc for a beginner

CumminsMan98 says:

I have watched the video of this truck pulling the Loader in deep snow. I have a spare Tamiya tlt-01 front axle. I could make that 6×6. Did it to my king hauler and now it will pull my trailers loaded anywhere! snow, mud, better control on ice!! 

Raul Alvizo says:

What battery do these trucks usually take ?????

MrPete379 says:

can you do a video showing how you install that remote control to that truck?

Christopher Kelley says:

Hey guys has any of you seen a kW 900 truck RC truck with a big sleeper that’s a great idea?

PortCharmers says:

Reminds me of large shools of fish, confusing predators with their collective glittering. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow, I’m terribly excited.

funky cat says:

next gen optimus prime, “FUUUUUUTURE, FUUUUUTURE

Dario Simbaña says:

hola. alguien que porfavor me diga donde puedo comprarlosmporfavpr????

Crazy Scooter says:

I love your videos keep up the good work

bigmuscles81 says:

i have never seen a strached frame black painted why?
is not too nice this twice color looking of the frame        
just my opinion

T.J. Bryant says:

what is the name of the onwer

Yehison Rivera says:

where i can buy the trucks???

stiltsc says:

Decided to go back and watch some old vids- love it all brother

Alex Malcolm says:

How much is for this

Wyatt Colborne says:

today’s my birthday

Jakub madejski says:

Why is it bigger that 1:10

thelittleone22 says:

how fast does that go

CountryLover 97 says:

hey medic I noticed one of your grub screw is back off some on the rear axle that contacts to the transmission

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