WHAT AN AWESOME SURPRiSE! Yes, I was contacted by Cross #RC after they saw what I did with my PGL4.. also known as “BUMBLEBEE-ST”. They told me they liked my style.. and also took note of my recent “Project SPiNTiRE” build.

#CrossRC informed me that they wanted to build a truck that would not only be an amazing addition to my RC collection – But, they wanted to paint it special.. to go along with my SPiNTiRE theme! Check it out.. it looks EXACTLY like the #B66 Truck! (#Spintires / #MudRunner is a PC & #XBox game about Logging Trucks in the Forest). I didn’t get too many hints about this project, until they told me it was ready to ship… and All I can say.. is WOW! My Wife Jem and my Son, Maurice – are here to help me #unbox this very special gift to the RCSparks Studio… and we hope you enjoy the show!

If you are interested in CROSS RC PRODUCTS – check out this Western World website that is waiting for you to check out their inventory.. but you may want to start with the truck we unboxed today!

Link: https://crossrcus.com

Link to the truck we were #Unboxing: https://bit.ly/2pN4NbJ

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bestamerica says:

aww that is so cute child

Deti Komalasari says:

Unboxing mobil rc off road

Crazyfun Sal says:

I live in Hawaii

Nicholas Tuttle says:


The Traveling R/C says:

Just moved from California to Texas and been watching since your 2nd year on YouTube. Thanks for always sharing your rc adventures! Hope you are around for another 10 years to come! I would love to have you guys visit my rc compound someday when I build it lol Cheers!

Jlee says:

It’s nice see how you interact with you son, people don’t do much with their kids love it best part of the whole video

paige smith says:

I’ve been watching your videos for a while now , I’ve been a modeler for 48 years ..some time back due to a divorce I lost my collection , it’s taken me several years to get to a point where I can start on a couple of projects (financially) I am amazed at the scope of your collection..I drive a 71 c10 pick up and it’s only worth a few grand at best in it’s condition .. and I just watched you unbox a articulated Volvo dump truck that you said was about 3k us ..lol what is it you do for a living ..? Because you are certainly blessed sir ..its nice to see that you have the support of your wife and your kid seems like such a nice little man .. anyway I would just like to say thanks for posting all of your videos .. unfortunately rc on YouTube has been all I’ve been able to afford for several years now .. anyway sir I enjoy your show . Keep up the good work ..ps I like the gold mining series that was a lot of fun to watch ..I look forward to seeing more of your videos ..

Darcy Duncan says:

Why is it that every I in your video titles are lowercase

Dustin Alexander says:

Can some one order this and love seeing ur family there great also have fun with all the buble wrap lol love ur videos

McKenzie 548 says:

U da best

Matty B says:

I know that there are so many joyous moments when you have children.
This is a small reason why I don’t want any. haha

Zach Alino says:

how can you control that thing

Christopher Davis says:

Big secret man I like what you have inside

Luke Stefan says:

Love the game It is my best

Landon Skidmore says:

I play mud runner

Sagar Rajput says:

Hi,I am from India and I am big fan of your

2rsracing 239 says:

Very very nice

Robert Barnes says:

That’s a cool looking rig

knighthwk says:

That is just awesome! Good work on the channel Medic!

Carter Nead says:

Are you talking about MudRunner the video game?

Michael says:

Looks like a big wpl

Polecat54941 says:

Very impressive piece of modelling the truck is nice too!

Christopher Davis says:

I love the rc truck where did you get it

Scott McCowan says:

That truck is awesome and has the power it would be cool to see it out on a track

Péter Polánszki says:

Gaz 66 looks sick

Crazyfun Sal says:

It’s a German military truck called the “unimog”

rc nut51118 says:

OMG on the detail. I’m just glad to be able to watch

BB guns And more says:

Bro I remember when that kid wasn’t even born yet.

Nick Abbott says:

Can you sell me a rc trailer

Jimmy Stewart says:

Now that is an RC truck
Where did you buy that fantastic piece of technology

Jase Curtis says:

What is the best traxxas nitro models

Ryans sawmill says:

Watching from Maine love the truck

Lilly LeBlanc says:

You can put batteries in it

Traven Burrell says:

You got a good wife there holding the camera while you an your son play with rc lol

rc for fun says:

good content

grandprismatic says:

Could not think of another channel as deserving as yours. 8+ years of watching and as you get older (mid 40’s)… it’s like how cool would it be too have 2 of everything you own. 1 too to take wheeling and the other too have as a static display. Cross knocked it out of the park with that wheel weathering !

Asriel Dreamurr says:

Mudruner is a good game

Brian Davis says:

…….Moab Ut .right here …….you’re a good man. i love watching you and Moe playing together my little one is almost 21 goes so fast and you two are making great memories together

SY MA says:

I love the car

Christopher Davis says:

You had that specially made didn’t you

Ken says:

youre very lucky dude very nice! and a lovely family too, goodluck on your rc career post more videos! thank you! 🙂

Venita McMillan says:

He is stron

old traditonal ads says:

is it available through out all the country

Jason Gibbs says:

I’ve got a Cross RC SG4 crawler and love it. Enjoy sir!!

George Armstrong says:


Danil Bakunin says:

Оооо! Ёпта шишига

Landon Cornett says:

I remember when Moe was so young, they grow up so fast.

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