(Part 2 of 2) GPToys S911 RC Truck Run and Mini Review

LINK to this truck on GEARBEST: http://goo.gl/McSHgq
Fore MORE INFO check out the previous video on the truck!

I would recommend it to anyone who is just starting out with RC, or who has kids that they want to get involved. However, that’s not to say that intermediate “RC-er’s” shouldn’t look into it, I’ve got to say, it’s still pretty fun for just bashing around!

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Landon Glawe says:

I say take the front bumper off I slammed this thing at a sidewalk at full speed and nothing broke when it hit the tires

claystudiofx says:

hi, how thick is the aluminum you used to fix the base (bottom) plate ? because it looks pretty soft.

Gal says:

I wonder, did you get the 9115 or the S911 model? they seem to be identical except for (I think) lack of CE, FCC and RoHn certificates on the 9115 .. I guess because it is the China model. Do you remember if the box was white (9115) or black (s911)? im wondering if to save around 20$ and get the 9115 for 55$ instead of the GPTOYS S911 .. if it’s just the certificates and the product is identical.. don’t care so much in that case. Nice review!

uday kiran says:

What’s the top speed

Ken Charles says:

can I upgrade the battery, because it need to be change I got 5 minutes run time and the truck not moving. charge the battery same thng again. needs good addvise…

Kailan Mustang says:

One question: Where is the motor!!??

Andrew Linares says:

what mods can I get for this truck?

Kenric Chen says:

Can you please do some more run video? I am deciding to get this truck or get the wltoys a979, so if you know what the wltoys a979 is please help me decide to get which one thanks!

Casey Eis says:

Did it really get up to more than 35 mph

Angel Niebla says:

thx I live your videos so much im gonna try to get on

Hazzy Harris says:

#100tg comment

Angel Niebla says:

one of thoes

corwin schramm says:

what all rc trucks do you have

Трой Маклюр says:


Angel Niebla says:

hey do you ever donate RC cars to other people????

Slickshooter Entertainment says:

is this waterproof

Clay Dog says:

Where’d you get it?

BBG says:

and tell us which you liked better

Olive Flute says:

this truck costs 100$ on amazon.ca, is it still worth the price?

David McLain says:


Casey Eis says:

Just bought one great to hear how good it is

Robbien Nunn says:

Your videos would be 1000 times better without the MUSIC

L1F3_1S_A_D3ATH_SENT3NCE says:

If I plate this with metal will it work

Ben Chaffee says:

my car stop running do you think it might be the motor?

DrummerIan 19 says:

Ok so I purchased this RC truck about 3 days ago and it’s been good. The only problem is that the battery is very short. It charges in 30 minutes. The truck runs for maybe 3 minutes and then has short bursts of power then stops moving. Could someone please help. Thanks.

Gamer Bros says:

is it gas?

Marvin Herrera says:

how can i connect a new controller for it because my old one broke and i want to buy one but i want to find out how to connect a new one on

Asta Gustavsson says:

I live in New York. And I have bought few earphones https://goo.gl/xCjJWr and other stuff and all was fine. Shipping can be delayed sometimes, but finally the product will reach your home.

Jacob McGowan says:

I’m thinking of getting it but I’m not sure if I can trust gear best, has anyone else ordered from gear best ?

Molly Moreland says:

nice im getting one soon

TheRPGentleman says:

If I got a freebie like this thing you better believe I would tear it to hell. What better to do with it?

박재민 says:

wow i need!!

Dakota Lincoln says:

what hosim is it there is 32 32 mph or 42 kmh so I know what one to get????

MooDog815G says:

I just got the s912. Front impact cracked same spot. Also broke bumper ring and sheared off body pin. Brilliant fix!

lilrick98 says:

I have the truggy model & it’ was ok when it worked. The stock battery last about 5min, when the motor heats the pinion gear exspands & slips from the motor shaft, the servo died & the servo itself is nothing like a true RC servo. Open it up and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Overall this truck is a toy.

Ricky Mariquit says:

the time when the motor does not work, mini did that too, but now doesn’t anymore, even if my motor is hot. the gear if not tied enough to stick with motor and what it does, it allowing the motor to spin but the the wheels. I recommend you to like welding the gear to the motor shaft. it wont happed again

Zieke Lucht says:

just ordered one like half hour ago

jason james says:

it is a good rc I bought mind for 50. it run great I just wish i big battery n3

The Swankenator says:

just got this truck a few days ago love it. would recommend going to a department store to get more clips, the clips I got were really bad, also doesn’t run in snow to well

Arseen RC says:

Is this truck has spare parts?

SomethingWentCrazy says:

Can you do a speed test

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