New WLtoys 124012, cheap RC truck. Faster than the 12428. Review, Unboxing and Test

New from WLtoys, the 124012 cheap 4×4 RC truck. This is faster than the WLtoys 12428, but maybe not any more stable at speed lol. It also comes with a 1500mah Lipo! Fully proportional

Buy it here:

Fully tested, and it’s fast, good fun and worth the money! I got 38km/h when I tested it on a road, which is faster than the WLtoys 12428. Not quite the 60km/h it says on the box, but I’ve come to accept that these budget RC trucks are never as fast as they say!


Fannar Bergsson says:

Nice video Tom! Where can I get some good oil-filled shocks for mine? Good to know the top speed is 40 KPH, I was suspecting something as much. 🙂

Johandali Ramirez says:

Ok Ok cool cool but what about the Waterproof?????

See gaming says:

470 th

LazyKing says:

I knew it I had one of these Tey other day but I sold it

tingokuman says:

WTF is that????

Al Jensen says:

Does it have proportional steering? I couldn’t tell from the demo, Phil. Sorry.

Ianmolten Pandaria says:

I got 39 kph on 12428 out of the box with stock 7.4v li-ion. 50kph on stock electronics with 3s lipo (careful not to burn the esc tho). I think that model has lower gear ratio, heavier, and less aerodynamic.

Tobi Lang says:

cool Truck

Br1aNn88 YT says:

Aww man, this looks like it couldve been a bit better, the chassis should be a tiny bit wider and i think the spare wheels shouldnt be on there, and it is unstable!

Spaghetti Guy says:

That’s a sick car

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

First thing I’d do is to remove the spare tyres. I see little advantage over the 12428 but I’m sure it will appeal to others

christopher abela says:

Hate them spare tires

Damon Davis says:

Wow. Didn’t realize those were spare tires

Holker Holker says:

almost first

Vince O says:

Looks like a blast to drive. I personally love WLToys build quality. Great entry level hobby grade IMHO and tons of parts available online.

Junior West says:

That is quite possibly the stupidest looking rc car I’ve ever seen .

Luis Whitlock says:

The 2-in-1 electronic are garbage never been a fan of it. The shocks are a little too bouncy if there oil filled then change the oil to a lower weight. I am wondering if the tires placement is affecting the shocks from fully absorbing the impact when you hit a jump?.

Vince O says:

I’d take those doofy big spare off ASAP. Make it looks more sleek.

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