NEW Dromida Short Course Truck Review (2016) 4WD RC Truck – TheRcSaylors

If you’ve been thinking about getting into RC ground vehicles but just haven’t been sure which one to start with, you might want to take a minute or two to check the Dromida Short Course Truck out! It’s a very well rounded RC Truck, and comes Ready To Run (RTR) right out of the box! Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors are going to show you all the fun you can have with this cool RC in this full review!

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Jamie O'Grady says:

So how long did the battery last on a single charge

Liam Galaspie says:

Looks like a little traxxas slash

hung ngo says:

what is the max speed?

The Blow Up says:

can the included charger charge a Lipo



handle boogie says:

I just got the 2017 addition it has working lights everything

wanted hot rod5 gaming says:

I have one do not get it is trash the first day it breaks I get it fixed then the next week it breaks again it is abosulte trash

Roy dP says:

A good exercise for the dog ehehe..

JunkYardRc 13 says:

This is my favorite because this is the first video I watched and then subscribed and then bought the car with Christmas money


Get the gps please !!!!

Kevin Hutchinson says:

Wow kinda surprised at how good it drives. I might get one or my nephew for Christmas this year if they still make a version of them lol I think the puppy runs on coffee and lipos lol!!

JackSod - Vlogs says:

This is my favorite video because i got one myself and had so much fun with it

Peyton Dardenne says:

Than the bx sorry

Tim Finnigan says:

Such good info on all your vids . We are looking for a beginner RC truck. Would this be usable on a fine sand type beach? I’ve seen many vids on beaches but alot of caution as well. Thanks you guys..Tim

BriaN says:

I wish these little RC miniature ones were cheap….

LegitGames Games says:

DO a review on the basher pitbull you can find one on ebay new!!!!!!!!!!

Aiden Cox says:

Danchee trail hunter review

Stewart Poulnott says:

Also looking at a drone around $50-$75 any recommendations love mini drones.

Greg Sonne says:

you should have givin that old man that truck you let him drive for the first time

Peter Schmitt says:

What does ‘short course’ in short course truck mean?


Nice vid as always can you do the wltoys a959 please! It’s only 50 dollars!

Colson I love u guys says:

hey I have a rc car thats 139 almost 140 dollers its good on gravel and grass and I have a one foot hoal in my backyard and It was great through it its 4×4 wheel drive you guys could test it

James Straub says:

Another great fun video. Nice truck, really impressive for the money. Popeye is a super star.

HigherPlanes says:

Popeye should get a treat for making it through the tall grass!

jilwithoutjack says:

a cant get a rc car

TheAarowsmith says:

Hey RC Saylors, can you please clone your Popeye dog for me ? I’ll pay extra for shipping, He is just too cute. Popeye is the Energizer Bunny ! He keeps going & going……& going…..& going. Funny video of dog vs RC.

Gabriel Garzon says:

I really like you guys since a person puts a comment and you will answer

Sparrow games says:

I think it found the Easter egg

Peyton Dardenne says:

Those little mud flap work I have the same truck and a bx 4.18 and it throws mud a lot less than the sc

puppet sir says:

I have the exact same rc but my taken a hole Day when it is filled up and it goes only for 15 minutes then it slow down and cant do full speed any tips?

Imad Morsli says:

do you think the $150 dollar brushless one is worth it versus the $100 brushed one???

Gabriel Garzon says:

do you guys live in NJ since do you think me and my dad can have that rc car

Steve Pellissier says:

Nate, Is there a small drone that has “HEADLESS MODE”?????



How fast precisely??????

Creating things says:

My bird will definitely chase all my rc cars my bird is always so worked up when it sees it lol

Stewart Poulnott says:

PSS first RC anything


Hahahhaah nice how fast is that!!?

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