New Bright Reaper Review

Join me as I review the New Bright, R/C Pro, Reaper. A toy grade R/C truck that is surprisingly awesome. Top speed of 15mph. The best thing about the truck is the torque. Extremely torquey for a $58 Walmart R/C truck. Check it out, and see what you think.


Jay Dabest says:

He’s definitely high as a kite in that powder lol

Maverick74 says:

Snort snort… wipe your nose..

fritzryan79 says:

Just so you know 2.4 does not give you any longer range or faster response it’s actually the opposite the only advantage to it is you can run multiple people on 2.4

Stephanie Hodgson says:

This is the only reveing vid that I like love it brother keep it up

CHIWAS says:

Green jeep rc is better

Electric Cuts says:

Which one is better, the dune rebel or the reaper?

Skull Bank says:

+ tax $51.00

ricky spanish says:

pops to new bright they made something good but this is far from hobby grade and f you want proof just look up the feiyue desert eagle 3 but for a new bright they have redeemed themselves

Michael says:

Not hobby grade like at all

White Trash and Hellbound says:

Crystal Meth is a hell of a drug…

Luke’s Vintage Rc car restoration says:

It’s geared down fo sho☝️

Primus 117 WMD says:

this guy is real!!!!!!!100 100%

Richard Owens says:

and yes we have seen your backyard from some of your drone flights…. just an FYI….. lol love the vlogs keep up the good work

Please can I get robust I don't have a lot 4 robust says:


Eric, Tammy and Gordie Stuart says:

That thing is gonna break. It’s a total waste of money. If your gonna spend money on an rc car or truck that’s cheapish you should look at lite hawk or dromida

Monkey Man says:

Not a very good truck it’s suspension is all plastic and has about a 1/2 an inch of suspension travel, it’s steering is basically nonexistent after about a week of use, and the front wheels have a ton of play in them. So don’t waste your money go get a more expensive good quality RC car if you want one. You can see the crappy suspension if you pause at 6:59

bryce mayhew says:

I have one check my chanel Bryce mayhew

bsems1000 says:

Just bought one for my son for his 7th birthday. It’s a solid purchase! He loves it

zero101 says:

Scored one for 35 at Wal-Mart on sale today..

R.C. CRAY-Z says:

I have the same exact car but white and red, and mine only came with a 9.6 battery. I wonder why the difference. I’m going to have to look for that one now.

lyric Empire says:


Big larry morris says:

Great review Bro ..I Just say this RC in Walmart…I’m definitely going to get it!!!!! Thanks again!!!

Kanto_cooper says:

I got mine at good will for 3 dolars and there are no problems at all

peasofme says:

the problem with these is the steering is really bad. and it will only get worse with time. the new bright pro wolf has much better steering but will not go offroad. same can be said for the wltoys waverunner which is much better than both but cannot go offroad either. i’ve never had the wltoys truck so i can’t comment on that. the waverunner is hobby grade at a toy price. around $60 on ebay.

MrRadRc McRadical says:

For the toy grade closer but still not hobby grade RC I prefer the Maisto Baja Beast.

Alcatel Evolve2 says:


Steven Ranney says:

Anyone know the size of tires

Time-Lapse Man says:

You gave a fair and honest review ! Thanks for sharing ! 3 thumbs up ! LOL ! Have a wonderful day !

Gerardo Ortiz says:

Ordered one today for less than. $40 on sale !, As well as the python , and a smaller buggy for $12 !

Manolo Alvarado says:

My 18v is faster

that kid ryry 57 says:

What’s this guy on

The dope Minecraft player says:

I have one of the reapers. But mine is a green one. I only have it because my original gift was a drone but it broke.

Skull Bank says:

I have that RC too and I bought it from Walmart for $48 HAHAHAHAHA YOU MAD OR NAW

尸田木S A D says:

I have the same car

Leo Cano says:

What do you recommend is better all around the reaper or dune rebel

Franklin Ayres says:

I actually have the scorpion for a screw around car and it’s alot like this one I can remove the front bumper and the wing on back should be able to with this one too

Derick Tyler says:

My rc does 23.4 mph and it only costs 10 from family dollar…..with the help of twin 9v batteries. So 20+ mph for a total of 13 bucks.

from the hole in your yard says:

3:25 The wheels and motor SCREECHing sounded like the scream of a small child

Alex Smith says:

Mine won’t turn left please help!

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