Damian and Deion try NEW BRIGHT’s Monster Trucks and race them. Grave Digger vs. Zombie!!

Deion’s Playtime

Damian and Deion Gaming

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Elton barros says:

best thruck ever

Juancho cr7 says:

you guy guys are awesome and deion is funny

Carlos Hernandez says:

Do another video when you guys put faster motors

Juancho cr7 says:

I watch your videos every day number#1 fan you guys make my day especially deion because he is funny

Antonio Rangel says:

son mui chistosos

Stephanie Peterson says:

Daintier Jr hope you feel better soon

Ismael Ramos says:

I’m a big fan of u

Kevin Hill II says:

Bi ll the bill

Hector Velazquez says:

get traxxs rc the fastest rc cars

Jose Rojas says:


rachel t.v says:

i love you guys vidoe

Gandharv Eadara says:

Those weak tires are bad u should try the new bright menace its faster or the new bright Ford Mustang gt

Paul Narvaez jr says:

good job!

Connor T says:

Get a traxes rc they r really good

Byron Salazar says:


felipe espinoza says:

buy a Traxxas truck new bright sucks asss asss sas

Baraka says:

i like this video

Augustin Arcoren says:

Damian was in the dayz looking out the window,then came back to reality lol

Connie Thomas says:

And Damion can be rich and Damion and Deion will be rich in the same rich house

Shirquan Abbott says:

Hi guys

ThunderDox says:

nice video good work

Connie Thomas says:

I need to say something hey guys my name is Jason and here my little brother name carter and we are Jason and carter in a motion

Jaret Seddon says:

Its my birthday

Alex Acosta says:


Kieran Jones says:

hi damian  and deion can you sub to me please

alex Lee says:

Cool video

alexa Rodriguez says:


purple lambergini purple lamborgini says:


Adancc208 says:


Natoma Lewis says:

Leonard is the best

Paul Narvaez jr says:



I am the 30 cumment

iznaga100 says:


no way José! vlogs says:

the trucks are horrible because they aren’t made for off road

Connie Thomas says:

Hey I think Damion is so cool and nice and Deion I think Deion can be rich

Yesica Sandoval says:

You. Guys make good shows your good

Paul Narvaez jr says:

This channel is the best!!

Brian Ferreyra says:

can u comment and tell damian and deion i said hi

Bottle Mods says:

Love it! That looked like fun. Too bad the batteries don’t hold up longer. That pass at 6:20 was just textbook!
GoPros on the cars was brilliant. Nice job guys.

Beyblade Amv And More says:


Isaac Ramos says:

you guys should go to sun splash

Stephenpoop Frippspopy says:

I subscribed to your channel and it was so awesome

Ivan Garcia Videos says:

Subscribe to damion and dieon you good luck so subscribe right now

Ivan Garcia Videos says:

I love all your videos

Connie Thomas says:

And my name is Jason my brother name is carter my sister is name Connie

felipe espinoza says:

help deion

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