New Bright – R/C Baja -Trophy Truck Review

Join me, as I review the New Bright R/C Baja Trophy Truck. This truck is a budget R/C. I picked it up at WalMart for $25. This will be the first video in a series of budget R/C Reviews. Take a look!



I had the same thing it noot good i try it in the parking lot and was like no and took it back

Michael Libbey says:

Where is the final thoughts for promark gps

Josh Wilson says:

Put all the money your putting toward cheap rcs and buy u a redcat or Traxxas man

Pro gamer123 says:

I mod in mine I put a Traxxas engine in it and a brand new steering servo and speed servo

HotWheelz Gamer says:

Yours has some thing rong with it

Michael says:

Try the nikko elite Ford f150

mayte eloisa says:

the light bulb hurts my eys throug the phone

discord mykong says:

U just added the a blue light?? Not in grass go in drive way man or mud race

Anthony Nunya says:

I really enjoy these videos lol

Starscreamlive says:

That’s why I quit buying my kids rc cars. Always got something with similar quality to this one. Kids are always letdown. One day I’ll break down and pay up for a nice one.

Jon.b says:

New brite RC cars are a complete waste of money. I bought my 3 year old the 4×4 rock crawler used it about 5-7 times putting new AA BATTERIES each time.

Carolyn Daley says:

I have the red one

Matthew Caudill says:

Well….. that sucks.

Scott Bartlett says:

I remember back in the late 80’s having a Tyco Dune Buggy, now that was a great lil RC car, I abused the heck out of that thing, jumped it off everything, by the time I was done with it, the body was scratched and abused liked a Baja 500 after the race, but the lil buggy still ran like a champ, guess they don’t make them like they used to.
I think it had the 7.6 battery ya had to buy separate back then though.

Worse RC I had was a real expensive one called Ninja, it was 4 wheel drive and came like a model car, you had to put together, even as far as oil charging and assembling the shocks and painting the clear body shell and applying decals. It was a huge RC car. Early 90’s era.

When it ran, it ran great, however, it was a maintenance nightmare, constantly stripping gears, it was like having a full size race car, each time ya ran it, ya had to work on it. Then low and behold, my car got broken into and someone stole it out of my trunk.

Carolyn Daley says:

I pay 24 for mine

HotWheelz Gamer says:

How Come I Have The Same Car and I Charged Mine All The way And My Car That Is The Same Car From Walmart Blasted So Thru Grass And Your’s Did Not!! /:0

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