New Bright Hopper RC Pro Review

Remote Control race car “New Bright Hopper RC Pro test drive & unboxing” Great review of this “Best Toys for Christmas 2014” try to get your hands on one “Black Friday Sales 2014” maybe during “Black Friday deals at ToysRUs” careful of “Riot at Wal-Mart on Black Friday” “Hot toys this Holiday season” Is the Hopper Pro RC worth it?” find out.
“How much is the New Bright Hopper Pro RC car” “Buy New Bright radio control trucks”
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Todd Bertram says:

new bright literally means, big slow in Chinese. it also means, you just got jacked for $99

Kevin Demartino says:

waste of money. my 9 year old would destroy it from frustration. you can get rtr hobby grade vehicles for 100 bucks

Eric Stevenson says:

super slow

Lil wheelie says:

This man needs to drive a brushless slash

randomcanadiansRC says:

i legit searched up ”rc cringe” and this was the 15th video there, lol

The Dumpy Dustman says:

could have got a better low end hobby grade for that money



Austin N says:

never buy from walmart , target , or toysrus
any but a hobbystore

Rodney Armstrong says:

I would rip out the bla and turn it into brushless and make it go 50+mph.

limitless rc says:

yea that was a real waste you could’ve got something hobby grade for cheaper

Jeff Jeff says:

Absolute trash

Kevin A says:

Bro, your little brother wants his shirt back.

Timothy Mosley says:

You better slow down or ill give you a speeding ticket lol. SLOW AS FUCK !

J. T. says:

Favorite part is this : 1:19

GRIND-HARD-ENT-415 says:

big for nothing!!! lol big and slow!!!

Rèfi Péter says:

This is fucking big and nice but not fast xD

serg .pro1 says:

i have one thats £70 and its 25mph

Bakerboyzzz RC says:

This is something that your grandma would buy you for your birthday if she knew you were into rc. Then you have to keep a straight face and say you love it. Lol


I cant believe You couldn’t keep them straight in one line 2:52
Much better if i watched turtle race

Matt says:

holy pos


comedy gold right here

Dan Cardoza says:


The Subaru Experiment WRX GG8 GF6 says:

What a piece of shit .

Tj Grabis says:

This is why people think rc cars/trucks are for kids and they suck,new brights are the junkiest rc’s,get at traxxas.

derick pryor says:

there too fucking slow

cenmike82 says:

At least buy a traxxas rustler it’s only 170 on line this is good for my 5 year old to get him ready for the e revo I got him stored away till he get some skill and reflexes but not good for grown adults to slow poor quality

Austin Cathey says:

This thing is a piece of fucking shit why would you review this?

Brian18 says:

So slow omg

John Harris says:

What a fucking LOSER.

the enchanted deer says:

get a real rc!

Andrew Matthews says:

that is a decent size for a cheap price toy grade RC

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