MST MTX-1 Monstertruck Review and Testdrive

This is the brand new RC Monstertruck from MST. Nice scale chassis, good tires and it’s RTR. Available in two versions:
531601 Brushed Version
533601 Brushless Version


further beyond offworld says:

anything available like this but with metal cage and axles?

C6d0k1 says:

Good quality as alvays.
But hear me and next time you’ll better keep those T Deans and get rid of the other Tamiya connectors.
Mine melted together once in a stock setup TT01. 🙁

2 manyhobbies says:

Is the Russian Peter from amazing hobbies London ont

Diamondback Bicycles says:

uh little?

Gary T. says:

I just received my MTX-1 today. I haven’t run mine yet. I checked the settings on the esc and changed the front grill decal. I think the custom looking grill decal looks better. I also added the black license plates on the bumpers with the small “MST” decals on them. There are 2 things I wasn’t aware of before I got it, first the esc is rated for a 2S Li Po only as far as the info I could find on it. Second the shocks don’t have threaded adjustment collars. You have to use the provided clip on spacers to adjust the spring tension. Depending on how it runs and drives I might upgrade both later. I decided on buying this scale monster truck because it looks like a real monster truck more than the other RTR RC trucks I’ve looked at.

T-Drive-Rc says:

Nice.Are you from Switzerland?

Tad Heath says:

I want your blue Toyota from the 80’s the 82 or 83 bruiser or brute I think it was called… has a real suspension like my real Toyota truck….I wanted that so bad when I bought my truck new but I already spent $13,000 on my real truck…lol that was a lot in the 80’s…and they wanted $800 Just for the truck alone!! Thanks for showing the truck….its a nice truck…but I’m looking for a truck like both of those Toyotas on ur bench….lol sell me one!!!……lol take care!!

electrohacker says:

he says he has to switch it to tamiya plugs, but uses a venom multi connector battery. I would leave the dean’s and just switch the venom adaptor to charge

StarsWithScars says:

oh mna den mtx hät ich auch gern aber irgendwie kaum zu finden. schöner wagen!

Prestonesfpv says:

Very very nice unbox video, but please turn down the volume of the porn soundtrack 🙂

Creepy Bunny says:

I’d love to see a Clod comparison to this! I can’t find any. Tires look a bit smaller than a clod and I’m interested in seeing.


Looks like a mega truck not a monster truck

Bingu says:

Where can I buy this?

Dreyn 77 says:

Ready to run means, most customers will be idiots. So there’s no point talking to idiots. You’re an idiot too! The USA is taking back control, and all cars in the future are going to be made in the USA. So you Have No Choice, you must convert over to USA equipment. Your country is going to be flooded with USA product. Nobody is buying tamiya anymore! There will be NO SPARE PARTS for your RC trucks in the future. You WILL BE MADE TO BUY MORE THAN 1 item. You CAN’T BUY 1 truck and expect it to survive for 10 years. You’re CRAZY! You make a terrible leader.

Octane Art Canada says:

Good job Matteo!

David Jones says:

Gee that Truck sure is a funny looking Car come on get it right.

coyote 5.0 says:

Will the traxxas Bigfoot 1 body fit on this chassis.

Eric Bergstralh says:

Silly. Deans all the way

B and C RC says:

Thanks for the great video, I had never heard of this truck. Now I want one for my collection lol

OrdinaryPasserby says:

You do the Best RC Video!

LiL Hustler says:

I vhat too suck your blood

David Jones says:

Tires need to be 6 inch like the super clod

Joseph Deffendoll says:

Thank you Matteo

T. Man says:

Beautiful trucks. I really like the Hilux in the background.

Power slam says:

song name?

Tom Lucas says:

That’s a nice review. Looks like a great truck.
I’d leave the Deans connectors on there. If you switch them to Tamiya plugs , your just downgrading to junk. Tamiya plugs were mediocre at best 30 years ago. They have large amperage loss and heat ‘ up.

Daniel Traeger says:

Hallo, kann man den auch mit 3s fahren?

Matthew Mizushima says:

Great video!

1darnright19 says:

This seems like a cool truck to bomb around in the backyard. I personally would try putting an interior in mine and getting a few different bodies for the chassis if I ever got one. I would also put a steering servo on the rear axle to imitate to make it four wheel steering. That body is nice for what MST gives you.

Jason M says:

I’m coming over to your house in the darkest hours of the night and switching all your plugs over to deans.

BlackMetal-RC85 says:

this is an nice Monster Truck, I like it!!!

Kaozer says:

Hey matteo, how has it been holding up? And how is parts support?

krash King RC says:

Great video awesome truck very nice job

randy havard says:

Tamia plugs???? I’ve seen those go up in smoke when used with a brushless system (Even a mild setup). They are only rated for relatively low-current applications (up to about 15 A), not enough for that 70 amp ESC, and if you are using lipo batteries I’m sure it has current spikes above 70 amps. You can get a 10 pair pack of T connectors (Deen connector) online for $10 and a cheep soldering iron and you would have a much less chance of melting a connector. At least check and see how hot your battery connector is the next time you run R/C’s

Westernsharpie's RC says:

nice review matteo

Leo 44 says:

man merkt sofort das du schweizer bist

Arthur Chapman says:

Just a word of caution – Tamiya plugs are known to melt when used with high draw brushless systems, so be careful.

Boyd Steele says:

Very very nice

Grand Mont Automobiles says:

länger testdrive bitteeeee!

Kerstin Richter says:

Bekommt man in Deutschland Ersatzteile?

Ralph Weggum says:

Monster on axles looks nice and scale

Chris Watson says:

Does anyone know where I could get one? Their website only has product info on it.

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