Lego Technic 42078 Mack Anthem review updates and RC mod with SBrick

Lego Technic 42078 Mack Anthem review updates/correction and Power Functions RC mod of the truck with SBrick. Chapters:

00:07 – Updates/correction of my review
01:37 – RC mod with Power Functions and SBrick

This is my first proof of concept RC mod of the 42078 Mack Anthem truck with Power Functions Servo motor and L motor, controlled via SBrick. I’ve also posted some updates and correction of my review published yesterday. I was informed via the comments how to properly operate the crane so I did a test again and apparently the whole structure is much more stable when the trailer is connected to the truck. As you can see I’m not an experienced crane operator or truck driver but I’m learning quickly 🙂

This video is not sponsored or endorsed by the Lego company. The set was purchased by me in a regular retail store.

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Evan Readinger says:

Instructions? (Rc)

Mark Estares says:

Wow!! Nice upload! Just wondering, are you releasing the tut on the motor? New subscriber here.. TIA!

Stächer Axel says:

Top Gemacht

Matthew Skincat says:


Alexander Lacaden says:

I dislike how lego made the steering wheel the colour doesnt look good

jonfensu says:

Thank you so much for the videos! Do you think that a AA battery box would fit?

LEGO Geeks Hub says:

I Built the chassis just from your video speed build, thank you man… I don’t know if i can go any further cause i’m missing some curved panels and other parts, it’s a great build

…Question: Does the fake engine in this truck work smooth? cause it’s not working smooth for me!

Feng Luo says:

awesome!! any chance to mod the rear wheels into “double” wheels for realism?

Jasir Jones says:

how do you build it

Michael's Creative Media says:

Love it, Just trying to figure out how to maintain the engine when adding the motor in its place. Can’t wait for a proper MOC of how you did it. Great job.

Krzysztof Matuszek says:

A really well-made RC mod. Very neatly hidden and still working flawlessly!

Larry House says:

The engines rotation causes alot of friction and resistance. I bet the electric motors would power the truck alot better if you disconnected the drive train from the trucks engine.

Recycle Bin says:

turning circle is great

catdaddy57 says:

Hey thanks a bunch!!!

27schmidty says:

how many pieces is it

bobby- joe says:

i am going to sound like an idiot here, but does it come with the rc options?

Delta says:

have you made instructions for the RC conversion yet?

Farmboy Gaming says:

Could you make an instructions to this

Lego WildClaw says:

This set is awesome I want this

datkillerwolf Gaming says:

Very cool set. How did get this set??. You should show you make it rc


:O cool video!

True Review! says:

How do I make mine rc please? Do you have a how to guide and also parts list please. Mine just arrived and I don’t know if it’s best to wait before I build so I can be rc. Thank you

vvm says:

Where I buy?

Jim van Gulik says:

Cool video! Nice work on the SBrick Mod. I love the working steering wheel.

Anh Minh Kiều says:

Do you have to use pieces which are not from this set to set up the RC?

Tony Babes says:

If I used the lego power funtions battery box will it go the same speed?

lachlan cameron says:

This is fantastic. One question : how do you make an RC mod complete in like 1 day?! You just posted the non rc version! I love the stuff you’re pumping out on the daily, keep bricking!

John Doe says:

Hey… Nice RC Mod.
Does the one L motor really have enough power for the whole truck.
I have tried to Power the chassis only with one L motor and it was not so fast as yours with trailer.
Maybe i have made a fault by connecting the motor at the rear end of the modell???
Does it make a difference which differential will be driven first in line by the motor?
It was just a quick and dirty test for me.

catdaddy57 says:

great job!… I have a question … I see the servo motor sitting up high there under the roof… how did u connect the servo motor to the steering mechanism and what did you use to accomplish that?…. thanks in advance

cheboib says:

Could you make a list of needed parts for the RC mod? I am getting this set and would love to make it drive-able.

Joseph's Custom Lego Creations says:

Every year it seems that Lego makes a bigger and better evolution. 😀

Also I’m a new subscriber! <3

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