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The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer broke the RC side of the internet with its release and many have already started saving to get one once it’s released. The Unlimited Desert Racer is a ground up new machine from the big TRX and in their typical fashion, they went big… literally. They went big in size, scale, risk, style, innovation and the list goes on. The Unlimited Desert Racer is a Pro Scale truck that comes ready to run with powerful 6S capable ESC, 2200kv motor, TQi radio system and a high torque servo to muscle the steering. The truck is 4wd with a solid rear axle, independent front suspension and an amazing tube style frame with inverted center tub to round out the chassis. The suspension looks like the suspension on a real Trophy Truck and the body comes with either the Rigid or Fox livery as you see on the real trophy trucks. The features list goes on and luckily Traxxas sent a Unlimited Desert Racer over to us to check out in detail. So that’s what we did. We went to town on the truck with a power hex driver to see what this intense machine is about and we give you as much detail we can to you know what sets this new Traxxas model apart from the rest. We also show you the truck in action too (on 6S in training and sport mode) and give you a full breakdown of our performance thoughts. Interested in the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer? This is one long, detailed review worth watching!

More Detail Photos:

Product: Unlimited Desert Racer
By: Traxxas
Part Code: 85076-4
Price: $799.95

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Raymond says:

what the hell TRAXXAS!!! I just bought the Xmaxx 8s green edition LOVE IT. Damn it saw the E-Revo 2.0 LOVED IT!! bought it..waiting for delivery this week and now this my gosh!!! Stop it!!!!! LMAO!! My wife is gonna divorce me and take ownership of my RC’s………damn it 🙂 Outstanding Review RcDriver

lay jay says:

Awsome video

Dohan Kuswardi says:

Waiting for new video so bad.. Atlastt!! Amazing reviewww

James Clark says:

Have one on pre order same with the Bronco, This should look nice with my VP Ripper 😀

Chris Brewer says:

when traxxas is unable to commit to a standard scale (1/5) and comes up with a proprietary name (pro scale) to get dem sales.

Sam Wells says:

Traxxas builds trash plastic rc cars and trucks! You will put more aftermarket parts on this pos than you paid for it. Not worth the money.

TboneNYC10 says:

No thanks

Robert Frazer says:

I’m trying my heart out to scrap the money together to buy this beast! Little hard to do since I’m only 14

RoyaL izGalaxyy says:

Is it bigger then the x maxx in length

BIGGBULLxxx says:

For the price of this vehicle it could have came with batteries and a dual charger. I bet you a Chinese company could clone it to the T and give you 2 lipo batteries and a dual charger for $450 to $500 dollars. But do to the greed of American business men…

proffmongo says:

I love the look of this new Traxxas. But Now for million dollar question. How does it compare to the Losi Super Baja Rey? The Losi is bigger super tough & is the same price.
Great video!

RcKing Studios says:

It is cheaper and looks the same

Chenny Ko says:

Who else is saving for it

julian dodds says:

The Losi SBR is better in a LOT of areas and its an 8S truck as well. Clips like this gets posted from guys like this getting paid by traxxas. He actually says ” Look at the size of this box!!!” hysterical.

Shy says:

Please compare to losi 1/5 scale

Richard Cranium says:

Where is your hobby shop? Or the name of it. I live 15-20 min from wolcott ct

TboneNYC10 says:

They went price too

RoyaL izGalaxyy says:

Or is it bigger then the x maxx in general? Idk how big “pro scale” is

ThatsMyRc says:

Awesome reveiw I have one on order at my LHS.  That was a perfect test track to put this rig to the test but that track sucked as a motocross track. One spill on that track and you’d be toast lol..Its got more rock than a quarry :-O

Ed Westcott says:

Thank you!! Amazing review!! Beautiful truck….

iftibashir says:

Great video – enjoyed watching!!

WhiTeFA1R says:

I’d rather custom build the truck myself for like half the price.. it’s a nice truck, just pricey as always

hortonsweeping says:

Looks no bigger than 8 scale ?

Matthew Herring says:

this is going to be a class of its own in u4rc racing. game chinging

Family Toy Adventures says:

Great review. Very informative. I wish you had more video of it being driven with better angles. Great work overall. Cheers from Vancouver.

Marcelo lastra says:


RC Maxx UK says:

Great vid mate. Really well done. Showed the udr in detail and running. Thumbs up!!

1203tcho says:

it seems no space for the motor heatsink

Rick's RC and more says:

What scale is this truck? 1/8

Marcelo lastra says:


twissted says:

Geat review! I want one.

RC Play Ground says:

Great review video~ <-- My Traxxas trx4 bronco video~

Passionate about RC says:

Awesome Review! Can’t wait to get our pre-orders here in the UK.

Marc's O Scale Trains says:

Great job on the review! Really well done.

RcKing Studios says:

Get a losi Baja Rey

colby Mccollum says:

im into a semi final deciding system, tekno mt410 or outcast then erevo 2.0 or the pro scale truck,

brendan meyler says:

I really think traxxas took some inspiration from the yeti and other vehicles when they designed this truck

SpudsTheBinky says:

I’ll probably get this next Christmas since there is no way in hell I’m paying 1000$ for it.

tshin s says:

That has to be hard to replace broken parts on that thing

King crusher Gaming says:

Awesome review sir
Could you post some more raw footage of this RC
Preferably with out music so that I and others could just hear the regular sounds (or bad noises) the vehicle makes
Thanks for the in depth review

Ritesh Sharma says:

SO finally we get some good footage…Thank you.

JOE CAM says:

awesome vid. anything broken?

joe 9990 t says:

nice job on the video, Traxxas must love you for the way u show off their products ur very good at it, Now I want one to…..but $$$$…..dam!

Elliot Baltazar says:

RCDriver_Online This video format is perfection! Detailed and technical enough for anyone, yet passionate enough to keep it interesting! I certainly appreciate the vast amount of work invested into this review. Especially the tear-down and component review! Top-notch stuff!

NotBuyingIt says:

Nice truck but WTF, no bead locks?

APWPaint says:

STOP SAYING MACHINE!!! You can call it a truck, it wont hurt.

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