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Which one is the RC trail truck for you? Let’s have a close look at the HPI Venture, the Traxxas TRX4, the Axial SCX102 and the Vaterra Ascender, see where they have similarities and where manufacturers focus to make their RC trucks different from the rest.

You can find more info about the HPI Venture and the upgrades I used here:
ProTek RC 370 TBL Black Label waterproof servo, which I got at Amain Hobbies:
ProTek RC 3S 3600 mAh LIHV battery
Castle Creations Mamba X + 2850kV Slate 1406 sensored motor
RC4WD Warn Zeon winch
Vanquish Products Roost 1.9 rims
PBX A/T, by Pit Bull Tires
Dirty Richard foams
Pro-Line Racing lightpods in the front. The code HEMISTORM10 gives you a 10% discount on the www.prolineracing.com website.

More information about the Traxxas TRX4 in this link:
And the Vanquish Bully 1.9 rims with clear anodization can be found at RC Mart:
Savox SW1210-SG Waterproof servo

You can find the Axial SCX102 kit here:

And the Vaterra Ascender, that one you can see more about in the following link:
G Made AR08 rims, found at RC Mart:

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Lane Waite says:

I wouldn’t mind having any of the 4 IF I were going to buy a “scaler”. My brother has the TRX-4 and he only has stripped out the plastic servo horn. We did our research first and looked at what was going wrong and how to counter measure them. We melted down wheel weights and added them to the front bumper (370 grams worth) and added weight to the rear bumper (150 grams) to get the balance just right. We have a set of 8 mm hexs to give it a slightly wider track, only 6 mm total, on the way. He also said he thinks the Proline Hyrax are in the future when the stocks wear out. Also going to get 2 stage foams to make up for the extra weight we added. My crawler is the Traxxas Summit that I’ve done very little to becides servos, Transmitter, and a set of Rok Lox with ambient air pressure on Chinese bead locks. My other set of wheels and tires are Dick Cepeks with Rock Crusher tires. Both are 40 series and each works great for the specified terrain I bought them for. The Rock Crushers are mainly for rocks and harder terrain where the Rok Lox are for softer, wet terrain. I also have a Mamba Monster brushless combo ready to go in if I burn out the brushed motor or the ESC. I also installed a 12 tooth pinion in it to make up for the taller tires. Other than those mods I havent really done much to it.

Bucks RC World says:

great comparison video.

VACO says:

Very nice video! I invite you to my channel 🙂

RC4x4WD Hardtop says:

very good..
l like video.

Yeo-chang Yoon says:

It would be good information for me. thank you!!

Jose Hernandez says:

What do you think about to buy a cross rc sp4c?

On Your Face says:

I gave all 4 built into one rig, well, it’s about 65% scx10.

Urban Gabru says:

How trx 4 buy in india

Rust belt Crawling says:

All !

Kyle Hartsell says:

How about a comparison review of the Cross rc Demon SG4C, and a SCX10?

Brian Everitt says:

I went for the HPI venture cruiser and love this rig. I had to do some upgrades but nothing major. Great rig.

jarred dinkel says:

What do you think of the losi night crawler 2nd worm gear driven?

jdhjelm says:

On the scx10 ii you said you prefer the old scx transmission verses the new transmission. What do you like about the old transmission vs new transmission

Dave N says:

All great points brother – i see you’re sponsored by castle.


I’m getting the HPI venture tomorrow for 349 gunmetal color or beige I think I’m going with the beige because it’s in stock

muddfoot69 says:

Great video

jan kowalski says:

nice how you talk about them , true positives and negatives . I like that .


What castle motors and esc u running in those? Thanks

Steven Delgado says:

subbed keep it real “my hobby is not your problem”

Warren98 Graham says:

Good video mate

M says:

Thanks for the video.
Would you trade all those trucks for a Vanquish VS4-10? or would you recommend it if I can afford it? Well, in the long run it’s cheaper than buying a rtr and all the upgrades…And I don’t want to have more than 2 trucks, so I was thinking maybe a $1500 Wraith and a $1500 VS4.

I want to get into Crawling/Trail trucks and want a strong/high-performance rig… since all of them have shitty servos, on top of other flaws, I’d rather build my own kit. What bomb/waterproof electronics would anyone recommend for the VS4?


TN RC says:

Thx for the video. Which ones have a lockable differential? I think the TRX4 has one.

Anti Petrolhead says:

TRAXXAS TRX4 definitely but not sure if I want the Bronco body or the defender body. I believe in tech.

Andy Richey says:

Its all about fun, Love your collection, thanks for sharing hemi storm RC I’ll watch for more

TSully2013 says:

Flawless brotha


The gen 7 is not part of this video.. But what do u think of the not having gear covers over pinion gear? Is that a bad thing ? Seems popular rig but want rocks and dirt get to them faster and destroy things …thanks awesome video. Axial all the way 4 me.

Hans Ottevanger says:

Has the HPI got enough space to put larger wheel like the others

Robby Jr says:

Great job on saying it the way you see it. I’m wanting to get into the 1/10 Scale and I just saw this Rig at a hobby store.From what I can tell I think this RTR might be the best bang for your buck. That’s for chassis that lean more towards the scale side of things. If there’s something else out there I would love to know before I pull the trigger. Thanks for your help if you have the TIME to help out. Take care

Howard Cliver says:

I’m new to scale crawling and I really enjoy your videos. I’ve learned a lot from them. Keep up the good work!

Chris says:

Such a great review! Straight to the point. I see youare running all Castle systems. I have a mamba max pro that I want to put in my new SCX10 raw builders kit and pair it with new castle slate sensored motor. Was wondering, do you know if the mamba max pro is good for crawling and can be fine tuned, especially the drag brake? Or is the new mamba X esc a whole new ball game and better for crawling? Looking for something that is buttery smooth and creep very slowly

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