Helion Animus 1/18th Scale 4×4 Electric RC Truck Review

The Helion Animus 18SC is the next generation of 1/18th scale performance with an unprecedented set of features and value. This project came to life as a cooperative effort between some of the greatest minds in the RC industry and you, our customers. The premise behind the project set to offer you something different, something revolutionary…value AND performance. Helion R/C design engineers optimized the Animus platform for the latest generation of bashers and enthusiasts. The use of gear differentials and a robust shaft based, ball bearing supported, gear drivetrain reduces maintenance requirements, improves efficiency and performance without compromising value. With the advent and inclusion of crystal-less 2.4 GHz radio technology in the Animus, R/C bashers and enthusiasts can now enjoy using their cars alongside one another instead of worrying about changing or having to buy extra crystals. With a 4,200rpm brushed motor and high performance 1,100 mAh NiMH battery included, the Animus is equipped to not disappoint with speeds topping 20mph! Enjoying the Helion RC product line is also now easier than ever as it and you are fully supported and backed by HobbyTown USA®! With over 150 locations nationwide you’ll never be out of touch with the latest innovations headed your way from Helion RC!
Features of the Helion Animus 4wd 1/18 Scale Platform:
Ring and pinion type four wheel drive drivetrain
Four wheel independent suspension
Planetary gear differentials
Ball bearing supported central shaft drivetrain
Adjustable, oil filled, coil-over shock absorbers with bladders
Adjustable wheelbase
Dual bellcrank steering
Molded drive shafts and cups
Broached ball stud pivot joints
Molded camber and steering links
Dual position battery strap
Hex drive wheels
Features of the Helion Animus 18SC RTR:
Short course style stepped bead wheels and tires
Short course style front and rear bumpers
Short course style body with light bars
2.4 GHz 2-Channel radio system
Integrated ESC, Servo and Receiver
370 Size 4,200 rpm brushed motor with 11T pinion gear
1,100 mAh 7.2v NiMH rechargeable battery pack
Servo saver

Chris and I really had a great time reviewing this truck and think it is well worth the money. We were very impressed with the 17 mph speed and the 15 minute run time on the battery. The four wheel drive with independent suspension topped off the truck for some really fine running. Chris and I gave the Animus a thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get their first RC truck or just another addition to your RC truck line.

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Music: by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Kevin McLaughlin says:

I bought 2 of these, one or me and the other for my son. for about 10 minutes it was fun then I broke an axle driving on pavement with no jumps or anything, then broke the other ones rear hub driving on the schools soccer field, then the battery was bad according to hobbytown, and now after everything was fixed I have broken a front suspension arm by driving off my lawn to the street so I guess it cant even handle falling off a curb. my sons old $40 toys r us special is a better car than this.

TheKillboy9999 says:

1 hour

Dave Zubkov says:

I think your car was a little out of battery because I got mine up to 27mph

Andrew Trust says:

Cool and professional review .
Thank you.

darylsadick says:

Wheres the real Short Course trucks

TheRcGuy Expert says:

the brushless version is almost 2X faster than this one

ANK32 says:

this truck is the same as the wltoys a969

bboyfirening9999 says:

Is It waterproof ?

LindberghD says:

Hey Eric and Chris,if you use the 18sc for a long time and the motor is getting hot,would you buy a heatsink with it?Please respond soon.I ‘m gonna buy one someday and I thought I would burn out the motor.

Clickforcash says:

Animus is better for going fast on grass if you don’t have pavement near by but the Desert truck goes faster on pavement and does OK on grass and dirt but it could do better, the Desert truck has a high center of gravity so it is up to you

AJ Cream says:

bought how tall was the grass

Jacob says:

I have this truck and one of the upgrades I would recommend would be to upgrade the axels they broke pretty fast on mine

eserepair says:

We purchased them 1 month ago.

Terry Alderson says:

This thing sucks!!!! Had two and replaced esc in both, burnt the motor out of one. All in less than two weeks.

Ian Sefchick vlogs says:


Joshua Chasengnou says:

Animus sucks ass every time a buy a new motor and break it in then drive it a couple times my motor ends up frying up. This happened to me 4 times already

Donotusemyname123 says:

can you do a video on this versus the helion animus 18sc? i would be very grateful!

JH129M says:

Did u guys feel the motor after running it all that time?

Ian Sefchick vlogs says:

It goes slot faster in real life then on camera if you got it

AeroSixWJ says:

Question, why would you need an ESC for a brushed motor? Maybe, I don’t fully understand brushed motors and brushless motors.

Corey G says:

How long does the battery last

Martin Nagy says:

7:02 🙂 <3

Darrell Pratt says:

Where did you get the ramp? I’d like to see my losi jump that at 60

Darrell Pratt says:

Cool. Ordered one from amazon today thanks!

Matthew Autenrieb says:

An ESC stands for Electronic speed control. ESC’s eliminate the need for an extra servo and a mechanical mechanism to control the current going to the motor. ESC’s also extend battery running times and can have protection features built in. Brushless systems must have an electronic controller because of the way the motor is designed to work. A mechanical speedo will not work for brushless. Hope this clears up your confusion.

Daniel Guzman says:

great review!

Joseph Foster says:

if you want a 1/18 scale truck thats under 150 $ thats not junk and goes fast then check out the himoto irontrack mastadon brushless . on amazon for  120 $ goes 32 mph out of the box and comes with a lipo.

eserepair says:

These suck! We purchased both the truggy and the truck and have nothing but problems with both of them. The truggy has gone threw two motors the truck has had the servo replaced twice and the rear do and main gear replaced as well.

Anthony S says:

I need a drive shaft!

twisted intentions says:

this or the iron track (himoto) 1/18th brushless? i want 1 but cant decide which 1

Odin 802 says:

could you make a video of a how to change the shock oil?

Michael Mack says:

save your money cheapest pos ive ever owned this is  my 9th car first 1/18. ball joints snap asap diffs are weak upgrade after upgrade  its still a crappy truck.

patrick farley says:

you need an esc for a brushless motor too…

Dakota Strader says:

What’s the speed

MrDuckAlmighty says:

i’m looking for a 1:16 scale short course RTR. I’m a beginner and want something i can bash in and not be afraid of breaking it. Ive seen good reviews of the Traxxas TRX70054-1 – Slash Brushed RTR Short Course Truck E-Revo 1:16. Living in Britain its not easy finding good RC cars. I’m looking for something durable and cheep to start with. and something i can run 2 at the same time. I’d love any help!

Kevys Rc & Music says:

its an HSP Copy and there are alot of upgrades for it which is nice , but your right the all in one receiver esc and servo is a down side, for sure as there are no servo gear parts which also sucks, had they made parts for the servo gears that would have been a plus, you can run lipos with a lipo alarm but you have to watch the mAh and the discharge ratings of the lipos the motor wont Handel more then 20 min max per run and needs 30 min cool off before then next run other wise you’ll be popping motors alot.keep it off the grass to that will over heat the motor really fast. .  

Joseph Foster says:

and they also have other 1/18 scale trucks based on the same chassis 

hungary wot says:

it is very good

UnDeAdMaU51 says:

this is the animus 18sc

kellensautomotive says:

I need help what im willing to spend around 150 bucks but im tied up between the animus 1/18 and the losi desert truck 1/18 which would you choose??

BBG says:

what is the top speed

Evan Kinney says:

is it waterproof

ITCyoy543 says:

I need to stop looking at this. It just makes me want to buy more things 😀

Squidink R/C says:


synapticflow says:

How about reliability?

Caleb Roberts says:

Just ordered mine can’t wait to get it!

WarefareModern3 says:

The new remotes for it don’t have reversing or steering dual rate and the 4 way wrench is plastic not metal.

Sixx A.M. says:

this truck is sweet

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