GPTOYS S911 RC Truck Review – Cheap but awesome RC Car ! [4K]

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GPTOYS S911 RC car, the same version as the 9115 RC car, supersonic explorer monster remote control car model
With charge voltage protection, low power protection, overheating protection
Adopt bearing, mental transmission shaft and cup
Support over 8 cars to compete at the same field
S911 has almost all the features you need in an off- road car

The S911 S-Track is perfect 1:12 scale high speed truggy. It is good
model for beginner. This is first “TOY OF HOBBY” model. Now all truggy fans get the chance to experience sensational driving performance and agility.
With numerous high-quality components already proven by its buggy
predecessor the S911 S-Track, the GP 1/12th truggy
convinces with its unstoppable offroad handling and particular
impressive forward traction.
S911 S-Track features all you need for
an offroad car: high-performance electric motor for enough power in
all situations. extra large volume ?Big Bore? shocks for optimal
handling and competition proven high-grip tyres for maximum
traction and corner-speed.
GP offers S911 S-Track at a reasonable price. It costs as low as normal
car of toys. If you do not believe, just” START FROM HERE”

Indian certificates and 3C qualifications: ROHS, R and TTE, EN71, EN62115, EN60825, HR4040, ASTM, 6P
Remote Distance: About 80m
Speed: 42km/h
Charging time: 2hour
Playing tine: 10mins
Car battery: 800MA Li-ion-Fe
Car size: 32 x 26.5 x 15cm
Type: RC Trucks
Material: Electronic components, Plastic
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Radio Control
Transmitter Power: 2 x 1.5V AA battery
Truck Power: Built-in rechargeable battery
Package Weight : 1.97 kg
Package Size (L x W x H) : 38.5 x 29 x 19 cm / 15.13″ x 11.40″ x 7.47″
Package Contents:
1 x RC Truck
1 x Controller
1 x 800MA Li-ion-Fe Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Screwdriver

music by:
OLWIK – Taking Over (feat Alexa Lusader)

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Edu blackstripe tarjapreta says:

Dudde I buy a one of those and I have a traxxas revo and slayer 3.3 nitro BUT cihna car ir realy funny. I did buy one luctan 9116 and i need some hellp about the batery. maybe I can use a lipo 3s 11.1 v!! you know IF i will destroy my esc? A hug from Brazil

ps: I know, I know 7×1 ha-ha
See u next one game hahaha…

Dr.DankMemes says:

10/10 quality

MaXier Fox says:

When you where driving it did you use the 2300 battery or the stock battery?

A Random Minecrafter says:

you know. you can order new parts

Potato Potato says:

can it be modified just like what they are doing in traxxas(changing the suspension)?

Ricky Mariquit says:

yeahh! i burn mu esc twice so im going to a brushed 16v esc and change the servo to original servo

knockout gamer says:

your stupid 4 puting an 8 cell battery in a 3 cell car

anderson paixao silva silva says:

Hello, friend I have a question about the battery, the battery you put burnt RC motherboard or the battery only damaged the car’s structure? Because I want to put a higher capacity battery and I’m being cautious about capacity. Can you help me ?

Lal Dinga says:

How to know full charge?

Marco Lopez Jr says:

whare did u buy the battery pack

King Kaler says:

How many Canadian dollars is 50 euros

Michael Lorimer George says:

I like the look of this truck. …..but what truck would you recommend to me to buy on ebay or amazon?

Maybe newer cars have longer lasting batteries? ?

I was going to buy 2 for my daughters.

Heytaco videos says:

how fast you think i’ll break it with a 2s lipo.

Rijul Kapoor says:

Is it made in China

Live 2Hunt says:

What the big battery

Djtracktransform X says:

what is it called what u broke cause I done the same and wanna buy the part

adam baller says:

That is a Savage xs copy

Goddlee says:

Omg few I have this in blue I’m glad it’s good

iStoleYourToys says:

what battery is that last 20 minutes? please! just order this thing

fahd memon says:

Gptoys where is this located i want to buy this cars

Nano Martins says:

olá você acha seu colocar uma baterias 7.4v vai funcionar

Jonny Deth says:

Someone on Ebay now has them for $31.66 USD. Looks like a good starter RC. My wonder is what is the most common parts to break because half of us break them the first day just as you broke something the first day.
Usually it’s the chassis or forks that snap.

Agustin Puccio says:

cuanto te salio la camara que mostraste en el video

Darksup3r says:

how much is that in us dollars

Amanda Evans says:

fuck of

Hazzy Harris says:

Cheap??? This was 200£

AGuitarFingerstyle4U says:

do it comes with proportional steering and throttle,?

Emil Ahmadov says:

can I use 11.1v s3 c35 battery on this car?

Ded Knedy says:

Is it Waterproof???

Agustin Puccio says:

hola esta cool

buritobomb says:

lol 3 mins into the review,, I broke it wtf

Bob McCoy says:

How mutt monayy?

Mattyking says:

It’s crap I had it for 2 days and one of the gears melted I bought 3 new gears but I only got 2 then I replaced the old gear but it still doesn’t work DO NOT BUY IT !!!

zachary lee says:

what is that battery pack called

GSHeverything _27 says:

What are the size of the Spur gear and the Pinion gear for a Hosim S911???

RayWilson1999 says:

can I have that one lol I rebuild and fix them

shape joi says:

where to buy that on google

Muaz Ehsan says:

will I be able to use that charger in the UK

Batuhan Çağlayan says:

Hello Techmagnet. Can i change 390 motor of this car with 540 motor or any brushless motor? Can you give me some information about changing motor.

abdul muqeet says:

is it waterproof

Muaz Ehsan says:

can you please tell me where you got the bigger battery pack

Potato Potato says:

is it 4×4?:)

Adryan Lopez says:

is it waterproof

Deranged Perhaps says:


Vincent Snoeren says:

Damm it will Cost you around €20 now xd

Dilmith Anusara says:

wierd plastic?

Connor Kunkle says:

Tech magnet it looks like an hpi savage xs flux lol

Zeno'sama says:

sorry to say but if this was an abs it would not break. cuz abs is way stronger than plastic. I do not recommend this car and yes it is 1/12 scale for the price no. if you look at wla959 it’s a 1/18 scale and it is a hobby grade RC. fully upgradable with aluminum parts metal gears. cheap than this rc. what you got there is for kids only. not upgradable. although you could but you have to modify alot of things in it and not worth the time to be doing that. so yea wltoys a959 vortex there good there fast. fully upgradable parts

Snoopy :)))) says:

how fast can it go?

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