Fayee FY001 B Tracked RC Truck In depth Review Part 1. Gearbest not WPL B1 Snow Tracks

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Full Review of the new Fayee FY001B 4×4 Tracked (Snow tracks) American Military style truck. This is very similar to the WPL B1 and I will be doing a running review in the next few days.

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jpdconcepts says:

what do you mean by it’s “slightly larger than a B1”? body is larger or sits higher because of the tracks? chassis/frame rails seem the same as well as axle width. On another video of yours you had a link in the description to another channel and upon looking I did not see pictures showing a size difference.

Pradana Wp says:

Better than wpl??

Caroline Simte says:

Nice truck nice vidio love it

John Hosking says:

Nicely done! Look forward to your running video as it will be so much better than mine. Thanks for the plug buddy. I have servo kit for B1 so I may try it in this instead of my B1, I also have twin motor kit for the B1. But I think the Fayee is a better candidate for the upgrades. As you pointed out yes the cab is better than the B1 but also slightly bigger as my photos show.

Edward Kolisz says:

Got one for my son, broke in 5 minutes. Universal joint popped out and has been impossible to get back in. Any help would be appreciated.

Flash Hobbies says:

How do you get in touch with gearbest? I’d like to review their products.

Little Miss Sunshine says:

It’s the quality of a “new bright” rc..God awful brittle plastic..why bother? Unless you replace the Lego body for a real model body and but those axles and hubs ugghhh it’s just not worth it man

skip z says:

Any way to get one of these to go a little faster?
Thanks and great video

Charl Coetzee says:

I’m looking to buy one of these, and a servo for steering as well as wpl wheels to make it a half track. Will the wpl wheels fit directly? The hexagon looks about the same


I loooove snow tracks !!

XTS_Eddychtylus says:

If u see this can you link me the tires for it cuz i want the car with belts and wheels that i can change

Travis Rc says:

Hey man thanks for the video would you happen to know the wheel base length I’m working on a project and need a chassis far a 1/6 scale Atv thanks bud

Markus Dmitri says:

Great Vid mate!

STEVO D 313 says:

Tank treads sweet!

Dean Daniels says:

I’m very interested in buying either the fayee fy001 b or the wpl b36, which one would you say is the better of the two.

Brad's Rcs says:

Nice dude

uituituituituituit says:

nice video my dude! Its 2.4 gigahertz, its a radio wave lenght, probably the same as your wifi 😉

suzana marcia Martenechen says:

he is 4×4

Cleon Dyer says:

I put a 370 motor in mine rips another great review love watching

Galaxy boy Trent says:

The snow tracks can be switched out for tires right?

jdpasl says:

Wow that is awesome!

XanF74 French RC Garage says:

yeah, is the cool truck for the price i thinks 🙂

Djengis Köknel says:

looks amazing and very brutal

Justin Duncan says:

Will a wpl upgrade kit fit the fayee I feel they are basically the same just different wheel’s??

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