Dual Motor RC Truck – XinLeHong Toys 9125 1/10th 4WD – TheRcSaylors

Buy it Here: https://goo.gl/N2ixNW
This is a first for us. An RC truck with dual motors side by side. We are really intrigued by the XinLeHong 9125 1/10th scale 4WD Brushed RC truck! Lets see how it performs!

Buy it Here: https://goo.gl/N2ixNW
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Sinatra Gretzsky says:

please do a review of the VKAR racing 61101 SCTX10 V2!

bigpimpen045 says:

maybe the high/ low is one motor/ two motor

4 vid's says:

This is cool. I like the sound from the motors, it sounds like real truck.

Hoochi Koochi says:

You can buy duel motor mounts for 1/8th and im sure all other RC scales.

Lee Besing says:

Zoom zoom

mtctookie25 says:


the gaming leaf says:

But Im just asking if you recommend a drone or a car for a person near in the hobby since you are in the hobby

Moses Jh says:

love it thank you..

Jeff Barragan says:

Hello. Just a little info on this model. I purchased one for my son about a month ago and he loves it. It’s pretty fast and has plenty of power for off-road. I’ve already upgraded the shocks to some adjustable, oil-filled, metal ones that made it run much better off road. Also, I’ve installed larger batteries – they can be strapped to the upper side of the inner body with no issues. The only real negative so far is the pinion gears are made of an extremely soft metal alloy which wore out after just a few batteries (And that’s cause they ride on a plastic spur gear!). I applied heat to remove them so that I could install some replacements, and they literally melted when I applied heat to them! Finding replacement gears wasn’t easy either – I had to buy gears made for 2mm shafts and drill them out to 2.3mm. I then used a metal C-clamp to press fit them onto the motor shafts. The truck is running strong again! The only other complaint I have is the small, hard-to-reach (when a larger battery is used), on/off switch. Overall, I think it’s a great little 4 wheel drive RC truck! I’ll check in with any other updates if anyone wants me to.

John Poen says:

Hahaha who’s “PERFECT?” (keep reading to find out) Impressive truck and great review! Abby, you are one of the best truck/buggy drivers I’ve seen! Woohoo – all those transverse upward runs & crazy maneuvering with rolling over, then going again! Wow, just superb! What another gorgeous day in your neck of the woods, too! BTW, I often tell newbie’s that TheRcSaylors, is the “PERFECT” YOUTUBE CHANNEL to help them with getting started, in the hobby! So, I’m really happy you didn’t edit out that last part! Lol Take good care my friends! JP

david lewis says:

I really like you guys !!! You guys have a way of brightening up my day !!!

John Scott says:

Another fun video! Love watching you guys!

Lowrider Smith says:

Anyone can say anything, You’r vids are the cutest. I like You.!!!

Anindya Kundu says:


Richard Masci says:

I am perfectly flawed.

RavenZ27 says:

I was hoping you’d do this one. I’ve seen it around the various channels, but wanted to see you guys do it. Good work, and as always a great video. This will prob be a future purchase for me.
Thanks again!

Michael Chamberlain says:

Try low gear tug-of-war with another truck

Mini Wallop says:

Still loving all your videos. As for perfection, it requires WAY too much energy. I enjoy my flaws! Thanks again for the enjoyable content, perfect or not. 🙂

Christopher T aus W says:

Mini akku, 2 Motoren = low Power

Larry Dommer says:

Perfect is a personality flaw.

Anindya Kundu says:


Junior Ellis says:

yeah the wheels do look like,the one who we shall not name for sure.

Nate Stallbaumer Vlogs says:

Thanks I have a rc boat because if you guys inspired me to get a rc boat

FlatRabbit says:

I have one of these and it’s really good. (looks 1/11th) Two motors enclosed in the chassis make it quiet, they also give it a lot of torque. Being light weight it flips over easy going up hill. Half throttle, good choice. Great review, thanks

random stuff says:

all rc cars have 2 motors one for steering and one for movements

WEeee RV The Johnston's says:

I don’t even run trucks and cars… only quads…i still have to watch. Lol… good job! How’s baby?

Anindya Kundu says:

The cars tyres are much like the summit. Although I do not like summit

Justin Treptow says:

So which would be better for a first RC ground vehicle? 12428, FY-10, Q39, or this? They are all similar prices.

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