Dromida 1/18 Brushless 4WD Truck Review: Around Tuit RC

While on vacation in Myrtle Beach we found a new RC track to try out the new Dromida Brushless model trucks. Beach Hobbies was gracious enough to let us have the track all to ourselves while we ripped it up and had lots of fun with these new trucks.

The 1/18 scale 4WD truck from Dromida are very easy to run and would be great for just about everyone wanting to get into the hobby or for the seasoned racer to get out there and have some fun with them.

These new brushless models have some amazing power and can take a good bit of punishment also. Shawn and I put these trucks through their paces and wrecked many times with no damage. With that in mind, I can honestly say these trucks can take some rough handling and still keep right on going.

You can find these new Dromida trucks online at Tower Hobbies at the following links.

The Desert Buggy with 4 LED lights.

The Desert Truck with 6 LED lights.

The BX4.18 with no lights.

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Eric Jordon

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FHRC Brony Radio Control and Cars says:

quick question. do you guys review Traxxas too?

kiiller rc says:

I have a mt 4.18 brushed but I broke my receiver so I said why not just convert it to brushless

Kevys Rc & Music says:


RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

I bought the brushed version of the D.T. but thats fine with me. Its lots of fun and eventually I may add the conversion. I am impressed with the Dromida machines,far from being a toy in quality. I havent owned an RC ground vehicles since my Black foot Ford RC truck. I had plenty of fun with it till sand destroyed the innerds. It really was just a toy compaired to the new stuff out there.

One kilobyte of ram says:

Are the axels plastic?

Discover RC says:

nice trucks-looks like a nice track too-good job!

Detroit Basher RC says:

Nice video

Thomas Troupe says:

does the newest have lipo cutoff indicator

crash some says:

that was some bad driving sorry

TheSpammons says:

I have the MT, SC, BX and a brushless upgrad kit DT.  Plan on stocking up on replacement parts.  dog bones, dog bone springs, axles, tires, bumpers.  I have driven these for hours (maybe days :)) on lawn, concrete, asphalt, dirt, wet asphalt.  A complete RIOT!!!  That’s a good thing.  With a LIPO they do wheelies and will bald the tires eventually.  The foam stuffing has come out of the DT tires while driving during an EXTREME torture test.  Very cool.  If you get the BX buggy I recommend getting the SC 4.18 front bumper and the MT 4.18 rear bumper.  This will protect the shocks.  Also I dumped out the factory shock oil and filled up will 80W.  Stock shocks are very bouncy.  I also locktite the shock caps because they tend to come loose.  I have no upgraded aluminum parts.  DRIVE IT…BREAT IT…FIX IT…repeat.

jmlon99 says:

Will a 250mw fpv transmitter 5.8ghz interfere with my 350qx3 gps or compass?

TheRcSaylors says:

Nice review Eric!  Love the looks of those little trucks  =^)  We’re thinking about getting some for our channel too.  Very nice edits on this video my friend.  We can tell you took some time in getting all your shots and editing them!  More vids like this!

GBLynden's RC says:

Do you have any new videos in the pipeline? We haven’t seen any for a while and of course we enjoy them! 🙂

Earthling1984 says:

Yay!  Awesome review and glad to see a video from you Eric!  Thumbs UP!

RC Addict 2.0 says:

Hey Eric, I hope that all is well. We have not seen any videos from you in a while.

Steve Hallman says:

Great looking trucks. Great review

fabian marrero says:

no able y ponte a correr

iceplanetRC says:

Please upload videos more often. Your videos are awesome man.

wadep9916 says:

Thanks for the video I’m a new subscriber! Hi from California

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