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The radio control company Hong Nor has been around the RC hobby for a long time. They have built some great ⅛ scale racing buggies and truggies and ready to run versions of those vehicles as well. With some changes in their distribution, they’ve gone a bit quiet here in the US, but are still well known in other areas. We’ve had great success with these RC’s in the past and wanted to see how their latest offerings were. We decided to check out one of their newest releases, the Hong Nor Mega Booster. This is a monster truck based on their popular X1-CRT racing truggy platform. Can a monster truggy deliver lots of exciting action while delivering performance like handling? We’re of course going to try it out in this video. We’ll go over all of the feature of this machine, show you lots of action and give you our overall thoughts.

Hong Nor Mega Booster
Price: Varies Depending On Location
Link: http://bit.ly/2PFUuFj
Link To US Dealer: http://bit.ly/2TvWUog

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Foo wui chung says:

awesome review and video ,please keep it up . hope to see more video of hong nor rc products in future .

John Wagner says:

Very nice truggy. Would have liked to see a wheelie bar though. And I agree that with 4s, how much more power do you really need? How much money??

Gabe Richey says:

Where do you find this truck?… and how much?.. the website is trash..

Jessica Latex says:

Looks like my HSP truggy.. to a point

BigD intoRC says:

This is the 18th video u have put out showing u driving an rc car or boat since part 3 of ur slash build. I knew u were taking advantage of ur new subscribers by putting all this out and not finishing the slash build but for u to make a video saying u haven’t had time to run it then show us over and over that u do have time…I’m done. I was a subscriber before the build started but I don’t like being lied to then assume that we r all dumb enough to believe it. Good luck with ur new found fame but u have lost this subscriber.

FullThrottleRC says:

Pretty cool! Never heard of Hong Nor before but the truck looks fun and seems to have a good bit of power.

Arther Madril says:

I bet parts are hard to find no matter what country.. but I hope I can find those wheels and tires cheaper then… you know what they look like.. lol

JOE CAM says:

Trencher rip offs

RCMotoXJunkie says:

Originally released as a Jammin X2 CRT in 2008.

Calvin Epic says:

looks great and pretty stout. i worry about the exposed e-clips tho

William Ledford says:

Maybe just me but the chasy looks like a xtm mammoth

NitroStar says:

Hope this truck gets more popular and availability gets better! Looks like it may hold up better than arma in stock form. I dunno

RedBeard RC says:

Seems nice. Too bad there’s nowhere that actually has it listed for sale, or even some information about it. Wonder how much it is? The site in your link doesn’t have it either. Seems like a contender, but how can anybody actually buy one if they aren’t available for purchase anywhere?

Jordi Sanchez says:

I see a lot of quality, good bashing times and loads of fun in all that vehicle.
It seems an excellent option to consider. I love it!
Great vid, sir!

Maxx Davidson says:

those jumps are tiny would be nice to see you thrash your rc like kevin talbot

JOE CAM says:

RC Driver Hong Nor?? where the hell would you get parts for that rig ?

STEVO D 313 says:

I really like this rig, this looks like something I’d be interested in getting. Awesome review n running video, I’m not familiar with this brand but now u got my curiosity

Victor Padua says:

Can’t find a price on this anywhere.

Bash Master Flex says:

Well looks like nobody will get one lol website sucks and the U.S. link doesn’t show the car

Adam O'Connor says:

Nice. Good to see something different

Ready Set RC says:

I remember when OFNA was distributing for them. Great products. Thanks for sharing!

Cayden Brown says:


Ralf 2269 I am right there with you brother says:

It’s nice but to rich for my blood like you said not a good first rc

Four wheel Drive says:

Hey wanna race


Always enjoy seeing something new!! Great video!!

I_ sp00k says:


Jaro's R/C Crawling and Trailing says:


War_ Josh _ says:

The chassis looks almost exactly like the force rc 8th scale cars

1dickycat says:

All I keep looking at is the trencher knock offs… Wonder how they match up

rclover828 says:

Good to see a review on this truggy. I have one and think its great for both bashing and racing.

JMO OPS says:

Well well, I got my self a Losi 8ight RTR nitro, thanks to your videos I was very pleased to know that It will hold it self, so that will do for my Christmas this year, I know this video is about a truggy… Good content as always


Awesome bro !! It seem absolutly an Awesome châssis

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