Cheap RC Jeep Wrangler. 1/14 Subotech BG-1521 RC Truck Review

**Apologies about the poor quality in some parts, not sure why recently it’s been an issue! Renders perfect…uploads bad!**

Nice 1/14 Scale Jeep Wrangler from Subotech. Ready to Run.

Buy it here:

What surprises me with this, is that it comes ready to run, with oil filled shocks, full metal bearings, metal driveshafts and fully proportional! Not the fasted of trucks, but good fun and ideal for kids, or to upgrade with a faster motor.

The chassis looks very similar to the 1/18 Axial Yeti Jr! Maybe it’s a Clone?


Fannar Bergsson says:

Really nice Jeep Wrangler for the price! I was surprised to see it had oil shocks on, that and dual rate for steering(since it´s that slow and all lol). Do you think it could be upgraded for more speed by only putting in a slightly larger motor, let´s say a 390, and a more powerful battery. Without changing the electronics I mean?

GLD Gaming says:

I was looking at buying this jeep for my wife but couldn’t find any good videos about it so thanks for the upload and honest review to say the least I’m 2 now one for her and one me.

STEVO D 313 says:

Looks like a gangster jeep, Nice unboxing Phil

Tobi Lang says:

nice Truck

Ian Mangham says:

Hi mate, what truck wheels can I put on my 1/10 hsp/Himoto/redcat buggy style, the front wheels are special to clear the plastic track arm mechanism thing front end ?

Aaron Rideout says:

I really like the looks of this one. Do you know if this body will fit on the BG1522 military jeep? I think merging the two would make a nice looking crawler.

Holly Hill RC says:

The tyres look very similar to Fastrax Kong copies that come from Asia. They should be pretty good : )

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Quite highly specced for a toy truck at that price. Not sure I like the body flex though 😀

model nutty says:

to me, looked and sounded like the pinion and main spur are a bit too tightly meshed.
when you were holding it and had let off the throttle, the wheels stopped awfully quick!
by itself that’s enough to take it from 22 kph down to 18, its a lot of drag.

MrRadRc , says:

Why do you recommend less fast RC cars for kids? I am a kid and quit like to go fast with my Traxxas Rustler. When you say it’s not for people who are serious in the hobby and it’s just more for kids I feel like your implying that kids aren’t serious about the hobby. I don’t know why people think I can’t have fun with fast cars just because of my age.

RC 4 You says:

Good looking truck

Filipe D says:

Just wondering: Do you put cars you review and don’t use on ebay?

RC Basher says:

I just got a wltoys 12428 yesterday and it wont steer but the servo turns

John Roddy says:

Is it not the same chaise as a yeti jr

Ian Mangham says:

She’s got the lot, that roof is the best.

ClarkesMadRc's says:

I need to get oil shocks for my jjrc q39 lol

Brad's Rcs says:

Great video dude.

jjp 735i says:

Nice little video. I’ve already ordered mine and I’m still glad I did. Been beating up my Subotech BG15113 for over a year and it’s still runs strong. Only broke a shock tower so far. It’s updated with brushless motor and oil shocks, all kind of alloy links. Plan up upgrading this little bugger to.

RC With Popeye says:

I am a simple man. I see a video of my friend I like and then I watch the video.

Holker Holker says:

Personally I would prefer a larger truck with more speed power and locked diffs


nice video man! can i use this model as a crawler? Has it a gearbox?


Wow,good jeep RC.

Holker Holker says:

Not too bad but some more speed and it would be great

LazyKing says:

Just make it brushless

Chris Watson says:

Hey bud would you recommend this over that teton looking truck? Great video.

Del350K4 says:

“Renders perfect…uploads bad”…I get that sometimes!
This is a cracking truck for the money – it´s narrowing the toy/hobby-grade gap even further.

Kwon Do Gyun says:

Great run Awesome location

Filipe D says:

Seems great for me (and I’m no kid!) 😀

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