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Looking to get started in a fun new hobby like the world of driving radio control cars? Well, if you have a Hobbytown near your home, we suggest venturing to the location and seeing everything in the world of RC they have to offer. One vehicle any Hobbytown will most likely have on hand is this new Vetta Karoo 1/10 Electric 4WD Desert Truck. This brand and vehicle is exclusive to Hobbytowns and you can get it online too from Amain.com. This is a ready to run truck that is just under $200 and will get you out in your backyard and bashing RC machines in the same day you pick it up. The truck has a neat desert truck look, 4wd driveline, splash-proof electronics system, long travel suspension and is begging to be driven hard on loose dirt surfaces. Want to see if this action ready RC is right for you. Check out our full review of the Vetta Karoo.

Manufacturer: Vetta Racing
Product: Karoo
Part Number: VTAC01002
Price: $199.99
Available From: Hobbytown

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P4K_KRONOS says:

Been watching your videos for a few months now and it’s has finally convinced me to get my first hobby grade rc today. I can’t wait to try out my Traxxas Rustler on my next day off. The only thing I really need is a better battery charger and maybe a good 2s lipo for the car and I’m pretty much set, the rc hobby shop in my town didn’t have any in stock so I gotta go another day.

OneEyE Monster says:

Take that thing apart….it’s still the same damn contraption…Lets see if they installed
METAL bevel and ring gear to the diff….STOP PUSHING GARBAGE and DO a REAL REVIEW.

A-Aron Fpv says:

Nice I really like the scale desert trucks with solid rear axles nice to have cheaper options

dale leeder says:

I have one of these. The first thing i would change is the esc and motor as i ran a 2s lipo and the motor burned out. Changed my to brushless set up. The other thing is mine will run on 3s lipo but the rear cvd is plastic and dont hold up. You can get a steel cvd that will do the job. But apart from that its an amazing truck even better with a brushless set up and holds up very well over jumps ect

Mike Bultema says:

Great video. Very informative. Hobby town and Amain sites didn’t give much information about this vehicle. After watching your video I’m going to take a closer look. Thanks and keep them coming.

Mike Burgess RC says:

I like the chassis style. Not common at all on a 190.00 dollar truck.

Brian Fisher says:

Really don’t know how do a real test

Efrain Grajales says:

Great video .You know how to take care of your subscribers.. I Subscribed to your channel about a week ago and really enjoy watching all your videos. Thank you so much for all your knowledge and all the time you put into your videos. I am learning and would like to get into RC Trucks…Thanks again and God Bless you and your family….

Isaac Lyons says:

In the UK you can buy it in lots of places online.

PhilthyCoRC says:

vrx octane with a trophy truck body..cool

Steve Soper says:

All for more desert style trophy trucks. Wish this one was a little bigger. Think I read 490mm in length. looks a pinch squatty or short to me. Oh well. At least the price point is good…. Oh yeah. Forgot to ask. Is the diff metal gears? Or Plastic. Just checking to see if this thing can handle any sort of brushless upgrade someone might want to do.

Gamma says:

Is this thing better than the redcat trophy truck?

Justin La Rue says:

What happened to the drag slash

Wade Caton says:

Cool drive. The transmitter has the identical controls as the gen7 from redcat. This might be one for my collection. Can you imagine putting a 12 turn motor with a 3s lipo in that thing.

Rrdez 02 says:

Is that like a 25 mph

Tim Parmelee says:

My triplets have been wanting to get into RC so I’ve been checking YT for reviews and after coming across your channel multiple times and enjoying the content I recently subscribed. I’m on a budget buying for 3 maybe a fourth for myself so I’ve been watching for used hobby grade vehicles to come up. I’ve been told by a few different people to stick with Traxxas so I picked a Limited Edition Monster Energy truck (looks like an Escalade body) I believe it’s based of a Traxxas Stampede just a standard brushed xl5 with the 12turn Titan motor. Truck was in great shape seller was cleaning his basement that it’s been in for a few years charged it up to make sure everything worked then listed it for sale fortunately I was the 1st to contact him and I was able to test it buy it then my kids and I ran the 8.4V hump style power cell down in our driveway with no issues, charged the battery to run the next day but the truck will no longer go. Steering works lights on esc light up as they should while pulling trigger, thinking the Titan is dead may try to do the Power-Up Program if they let me with a bad motor. After watching many of your vids and playlists I’ve seen your own kids use Stampedes so I’m guessing I may be on the right track but wanted to see if you or others had suggestions. Thanks for sharing all the content.

jenwed says:

Do more nitro videos

Brody Gingue says:

Cool truck looks like one am getting

STEVO D 313 says:

I had one of these ordered but it’s a in store pick up only for me, so I never ended up getting one, but amain did send me a t shirt for trying to buy it. Great review Greg

Cameron Angel says:

Actually seems like a really nice truck considering it’s only 200 bucks

jacklin694 says:

Looks like a great starter truck,and should be able to upgrade as you go. Or a good place to start a project truck.

Do R/C! says:

They probably used aluminum in the rear because its what they had. I dont see how a 4 link setup would put any more stress on the shocks. Maybe the shock eyes a little but not really.

Fantaman900 says:

my hpi blitz with stock motor, long run up, get a bit of air. I came back with a castle 1410 motor and on the same ramp with no run up it flew! I looked up and oh dear it turned on it’s back and came straight down from over twice my height. never went back.

Do R/C! says:

I wonder what “big bore” even means anymore. Pretty much everything says it has “big bore shocks” which kind of makes the term lose its meaning.

BrianBeamers says:

Looks great. Seems all little slow for a brushed motor and loud.

Axiomatic RC says:

Great review and video. Interesting rig for around $200. A lot of features with a full spare for the price is pretty cool.

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