Big RC ForkLift / Crane Review SUPER REALISTIC -1/10 Scale Aluminum Alloy HUINA 1577 – TheRcSaylors

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This has got to be the most realistic and scale vehicle we’ve owned to date! An RC Forklift that operates exactly like the real thing, and amazingly under $100! I couldn’t believe the build quality of this machine, and the controls are so realistic! Metal parts throughout, where they need to be, means that this RC should last for years! It can lift a crazy amount of weight for it’s size as well, but be sure to watch the full video to see that in action! What do you guys think of this amazing RC?

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Léo bertomeu says:

Yeees !, Great ! I build a forklift rc 2kg It a homemade forklift still and wood. I use an actuator servo and screw system for lift

Dalton325 says:

When you were stacking things, my ear heard “Cosmo”, but my brain heard “Popeye”. I was like, “Whhhaaaa!!!, how are they gonna get him to stay on that pallet”

mikes hobbie's and random stuff says:

I just got this under the top race name. It should lift up to 26 lbs. Looks exactly the same just different stickers and less accessories.

Kyle Parnell says:

Could I get a drone thank u

nick svaluto says:

This my favorite video because, it’s neat to see a industrial lift truck that you play with as a rc!

John Dy says:

how much i want one

The Fabulous Hudson hornet says:

I love it

Ben Tv Howman says:

Fishing sinkers may make great weights

Rc Insane says:

Great video I love the fork lift

Ton Kalkman says:

It reallly looks nice but it steers very badly, nothing like the real thing

Julumkana says:

Pretty cool. What if you added more counterweight to the back of the forklift. See if it will lift more.

obnoxious racing Tracy&mayson hawker says:

who saw casmo

Ryan Haze says:

my school has cozmo

craigkarenmathew says:

If they had have made the drive buttons progressive it would have been a lot easier to move stuff without the sudden forward or reverse movement

Ben Tv Howman says:

I love the level of detail. I used to drive a forklift to help out my coworkers back in my truck driving days. I love the rear wheel steering wo it would act like to real thing. Only thing missing is the propane tank on the back

Darlene Ogaard says:

You should get a crazy crash cars 3 RC car

ashwini gopi says:

Nice forklift

brennan crossman says:

Fluid ounces are not the same as net weight kids! Your lifting more. I’m not going to do the equation but 8+ lbs per gallon

ハーレー黒澤 says:

Hahaha, this is wonderful and I’m glad I found this channel! Gotta say I’m a tiny bit disappointed you guys didn’t stick an action figure in the forklift to make it look like he was a warehouse laborer. XD

Angus Ditchfield says:

i already have nine hulna products there great

Léo bertomeu says:

what is the music please (start video) ?

Propmaster2 says:

The name of the dog?

William Leighty says:

This is one of my favorite videos, because I thought you it was amazing on how much that could hold. Also because of your reactions.

MrMovieMan941 says:

Mom I’m going to buy rc forklift!
You are 24 years old, you should find a girlfriend!

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