BiG DiRTY 2016 – PT 1: TRUCK Review & Interviews 1/5 Scale Offroad Racing Event | RC ADVENTURES

5 DAYS ONLY: BiG DiRTY T-SHiRTS – Our 3rd Annual “BiG DiRTY” Large Scale RC Race Event series has started, and there is no shortage of action. But before we can begin the races, I want to get you up close and personal with a few of the racers as they arrive.. and show you some of their 1/5 scale off-road racing trucks!

The BiG DiRTY, (formerly known as “Dirty in the Bone”), is a big 1/5th scale racing party that the RCSparks Studio has been filming, and hosting for many years. Our goal in filming these events are to entertain and inspire our viewers. These trucks are all custom built, personalized, and tuned to perform.

Please stand by for the race videos, as I have not edited them yet.

For an awesome Design and Printed Wrap for your 1/5th Scale, contact Paul, at

This is the 5th, and Final Race video in this series. If you have missed the previous films – I encourage you to check them out below:

PT 1: TRUCK Review & Interviews 1/5 Scale Offroad Racing Event

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PT 4: TROPHY RACE – 2WD HPi – 1/5 Scale Offroad Racing Event

PT 5: 4WD MAiN EVENT – TROPHY RACE – 1/5 Scale Racing

PT 6: BONUS – 5IVE-B RACE KIT: 1/5 4WD BUGGY – 1st Run

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katrachosmoke L. says:

where can to buy this 4×4 off road fellas is 100%Gas right sombody cam tell me please….

Rc Pro Excel says:

What is the standar cc engine you guys use

Beverly Ferguson says:

do more rasing vidios frum cohen

Zeb's says:

enjoy all of your video’s! Saw my first 5th scale in a local hobby shop couldn’t believe how big it was.

Kojoto 0976 says:

jem speak french?

Taquela FAVORS says:

like d video

Matt Kendall says:

I have a question, I’ve got a buddy in Canada he tried to be part of
your big dirty that you have every year how does someone get invited to
such an event?

EDG says:

why not show sub count?

Lucas Petrucci says:

You are so cool

gp gamer says:

Brasil porra

Julie Manos says:


raging bull says:

alot of guys dont know a zenoah g320 recomends 98 octane minimum iuse 108 race fuel it makes a big difference i never melted a motor down yet

Bradley Kirk says:

hi what website could I purchase one of these trucks of and also is it possible to get a petrol one

GameGod says:

what do u suggest i should add to my stock rustler

Edwin Sanchez says:


KC Lab says:

Hello…i already madeu this question lot of times but here goes again..i have a 1/5 Ferrari challanger 360 and i want to transform it in a 1/5 Buggy or a 1/5 Baja..can u please help me with this transformaction???

M.D Tube says:

Exchange subscriptions

Blake Douglas says:

Just a question I know that the trucks have gas in them so have you ever had a car go up in flames or explode?

BigRed 95 says:

Once i get my full license in about 5 years im gonna have to come out. Gonna be a long drive from Kentucky

Jason Laughlin says:


Joshua Kirk says:

awesome videos man love trucks i just got started in the rc world an would love to have some rc adventure stickers to put on the trucks

Eliceo Upton says:

what kind of truck was that grey one I won’t one

raging bull says:

dam id like to go

Marc Anthony Marquez says:

Hey medic when is the next big dirty and what providence in Canada are you in? M

Gavin Rocha says:

soo amazing!!!

Wikkie White says:

can u do a review on the redcat rampage my v3 with the 32cc

. xbananagame says:

ahah le 1 2 3 au début

michael keane says:

I need some help with my ascender. Bought a light kit from integy and the connector doesn’t fit my receiver. Do I need to run an alternate power supply or can I run it through my reciever ? Thank s

michael keane says:

How do I get some of your decals for my crawlers ? Also I have great footage of my ascender I want to send to you

Spencer Peat says:

I was racing 1/4 scale sprint cars when I was 6… and it was gas powered… Flipped it 2x

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