Axial Yeti Review – The RC Rock Racer in Action

What might be one of the most anticipated RC vehicle releases in recent years, the Axial Yeti did not disappoint! Read the full review at This is footage from our review process shot in Southern California. The Yeti shows some great speed, and the durability for the stock vehicle super. We were getting huge air off some 10+ foot tall jumps, and just cruising up the side of the mountains. Make sure to read the rest of the review over at Big Squid RC. Special thanks to Axial Racing for letting us get our hands on it so early! Also thanks to Rotation for the music! Check them out here:


Elijah McDaniel says:

Where is that?

MegaCore777 says:

I would like to see the landing of the car, looks like it crashes most of the time. It’s maybe a good Rockracer but it’s not a basher, my Traxxas Grave Digger would make this jumps.

natas321 says:

It is so cool. I like it.

James Chadwick says:

Looking forward to the reviews

RC Overload says:

Totally Awesome So looking forward to this machined every time I see something new about it!

Chad Hance says:

Did you guys build the mini track back there? Used to use that all the time it was great

paolozzi giovanni says:

ou tu la acheter

Thu Thủy Trần Thị says:

What is it max speed?

Matthew Fant says:

Cool running video, horrible music. Wow it’s god awful! This is by far the coolest entry from axial! I love it!

gary Kohler says:

What kind of battery connector does it come with deans traxxas or what

Kathleen Walton says:

Over priced

Donhoejr jr says:

But did u break it ???

Lufgt Huron says:

great video!  but where is the review?

hms blockhead Killrecon says:

What motor will be best on this car?

andrew richey says:

Swwweeeet !! Love the Yeti.Great Video.

nobadesuuchan says:

I’ve taken shits that sound better than rock music.

DocWolph says:

This may probably finally, finishing what the SCT has started,  kill off the Stadium Truck. But it would probably look sharp with an ST body on it.

*Long live the rock racer!*

Edward Jamison says:

i saw that someone menshoned the twin harmer how fast does that go

Joe says:

does it have 60 screws to take the body off like the exo tera

Enzo Costanza says:

Where is that?

Inpuressa says:

I’ll wait for the kit version.

Ryan Dorman says:

on a more productive note, did it come with a 2 speed trans locked into high gear that just needs servo and 3ch radio or is it a single speed wraith trans?

Tyler Fagg says:

May I ask what battery you guys were runing in the yeti in this video?

kcpwenatchee says:

Just another dumb music video.

Daniel Maxwell says:

Freakin sweet I’m saving up starting at the next exclamation point!

MotoRacer171 says:

None of us have a backyard as nice as that epic bash area with huge dirt jumps. So in reality imagine that car going 30mph across your lawn. Thats what your gonna do with it….sadly

Tuur Laenen says:

great video, awful music

Budget Guy RC says:

nice run looks quick and durable

zac S. says:

Should I buy a 2s or 3s for it?

Cyconxc says:

Cool but still looks a little too low

Brooke Turner says:

Only a douche like Harley would try to crawl a rock “racer”. What a tool,,…

aqua Cook says:

I’m gonna order this online for my birthday

Cam Gadue says:

Axial sure does have the scale looks perfected.

julienjjj says:

annoying music. 

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