Arrma NERO Review – 1/8 6S RC Monster Truck 4WD – TheRcSaylors

The Arrma NERO REVIEW of this Awesome 1/8 Scale 6S RTR RC Monster Truck by Nate and Abby, TheRcSaylors is here! We’ve done a speed test, bashing, driving, and more to bring you our opinions of this very impressive RC Truck. It’s totally RTR and built to bring on all terrains, even being water proof! Let’s take a closer look at the Arrma NERO to see if this Huge RC Monster Truck lives up to it’s name!

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ATELISY 05 says:

Just if you don’t now for example 17t pinion means 17 tooth pinion

Jamison Bunch says:

Do you have any vids on Traxxas rc vehicles? Or specifically the bandit or bandit vxl? I’m looking to buy a beginner rc buggie. I have had an rc truck, before but it was way above my skill level. Plus it was hard to find parts. I should have bought a Traxxas.

Chris Gunter says:

Great video as always. I’m ordering the blue one. I’m new at this though. As far as batteries and charger. What do I need to look for. Thanks and any adapters

Sen Chavez says:

Which one do you guys like the most? Kraton or nero?

Jim Wolfe Jr says:

do you ever plan on doing any rock crawlers? would like to see what challenges you can find and drive over

dbarge761 says:

Just got the non diffbrain version from tower hobbies for 399$!! Does this thing perform good over all with the center diff locked or blast mode?

RCnStuff says:

Check out SMC racing batteries. The SMC’s are great batteries and they are affordable.

Blue Samurai Science says:

You should do a review on the Arrma Fazon

Chad Reigel says:

just more parts to break my friends nero is having diff locking issues and wishes he got the non brain nero lol

PJ Neslo says:

Excellent, excellent review.. You two are awesome. I really enjoy your channel !!

caged lion says:

you have the coolest wife ever take care . like your rc channel

Ichigo Kurisaki says:

i use wd-40 silicone cause it works better than standard

Roy Nelson says:

Abby is so funny man and you know what I remember when you guys got there and beat the crap out of it and I’m with you on the extra hundred dollars look at it like this if they would have raised this one fifty bucks lowered the other 50 bucks they might have sold more of the blue one something like that LOL but this was an awesome review that thing is a beast man Total Knockout

ProximusVX says:

cool truck but ill stick with the xmaxx..

ravenlorans says:

A Little Deceiving for Size comparison. A 8th Scale Buggy is the same size as a 10th Scale Truck.

Alejandro Carrasco says:

you should get wltoys l959

Dylan White says:

Thinking about getting the diff brain version for 589 with a charger and lipos which I don’t have. 2 5000mAh 3s.

Mr reviewer uk says:

is it waterproof or water resistant?

Heiple2007 says:

Darn fine of you guys to share that info . Super nice. Jeff

DailyVibeZZZ says:

Hello I have been watching every video for a while now and I would like to say that you are VERY AMAZING. I am going to put a video on my channel soon. I need some help. Can you help me get some more subscribers. Please reply and thankyou.

Jorge Castillo says:

Keep it up your doing a great job!!

Jihadi Jamal says:

this channel is gonna get into the millions of subs

Mr reviewer uk says:

What s the run time

Rutger MacDonald says:

Can you go dual steering servos on this like the Traxxas E-Revo?

Dylan Hirano says:

And this is popeye XD great review I am new to this Channel and so far I love it

Pholiage says:

Man these are expensive. It’s almost unjustified. I get that they are huge and fast for a 1/8 scale. But for another $100-150 you get a new Hpi Baja or Baja 5t 1/5 scale. Or even a used Losi 5t. I guess this is where electric rc have their downsides. $800 for the car and another $200 for batteries. And if you don’t want to wait for hours you might want to pick up a speed charger. Another $60. I might want to get one of these. But it feels a bit overpriced due to the technology in them.

Alex McMillan says:

great. now i want one of these too:0)

Derek Mckenzie says:

tighten up the servo saver on the steering servo. they have it pre set for 6 volts instead of 7.2.

Ryan Luetzow says:

I am looking for a goof durable about truck for around $100 dollars for my 7 year old that he can jumo and crash and bash. What do you recommend.

D Godfrey says:

so I went to go buy It and it has a warning on the page, ill paste it here.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects (or other reproductive harm). Exposure through skin contact and ingestion may occur.

should I be worried about this?!!!

goodboy2022002 says:

they took that shock design from the Traxxas E Revo……..


what’s the latest thoughts on this, worth getting?

Dylan White says:

Thinking about the danger thing, my ARRMA raider should be doing about 45 on 2s LiPo. Not 3s, 2s. I don’t even want to think about how much that would hurt on 3s

TheAarowsmith says:

Same growing pains as older nitro monster trucks with really big tires. It definitely puts a strain on the steering servo. You will definitely need to upgrade that steering servo. Nate your right they should of put a switch on the body to adjust driving modes. Having it on the remote is nice but having a simple switch on the truck itself probably would of brought the cost down. Very nice RC truck. Reminds me of the Traxxas Revo truck with lay down cantilever shock system. But your truck is definitely on steroids.

caedmon Foore says:

You should try a arrma talion or kraton. based on your bash videos those truck’s will perform vreat

Arun Kumar says:

Super video sir I like mustang very much I think u should buy an mustang car onse

Michael Eroh says:

Man I wish I could afford one one these

Gabriel Latta says:

you should get a gas rc

RiotRalph says:

why dont you guys ever do gas rc’s?

Chris Gunter says:

How long did it run on the batteries u had in it

John Smith says:

seems like everyone says the servo is wreak and fails to center

John Kennedyk says:

Don’t put wd40 on that truck it will eat up all the rubber Parts an cause all the metal to rust . I know it sounds silly so ask some one you trust. keep up the good work . later

rcflyer40plus1 says:

Wow, I was enjoying your smaller RC reviews and then, you are all grown up! Just like that. Where did the time go? Actually, I saw a racing quad vid where I was like “damn, that was impressive.” Hey, love your reviews and you all keep having fun, together.

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