Arrma Fury Mega Truck Review: Around Tuit RC

This weekend was a blast because Candy and I got our hands on the Arrma Fury Mega 1/10th scale RC truck. It is a RTR truck and all that I needed to do was charge the truck battery and add my own 4 AA batteries for the controller and we were in business. This would be a great intro truck for someone or if someone wanted to add another RC truck to the fleet it would worth having. It boasts waterproof technology which we did not try just yet, but still had a great time with it.

You will be able to purchase this truck online from Tower Hobbies at the following link.**&P=ML

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Eric Jordon

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georgesjunglerc says:

Hey Eric!  Great review as always!  Looks like the Arrma is a ton of fun!  Thanks for sharing and happy RCing bud.

Earthling1984 says:

Coolio!  Thumbs UP!

Joe Guinness says:

Nice review not bad speed for brushed

tim sharrock says:

ecx torment has it beat

Jake Ahlin says:

how is the charge and run time

4thGloryMonday says:

that would be perfect for a little kid

Joe Anthony says:

jap. junk..

Jo Campbell says:

ive got a arrma mega

Matthew Sherman says:

I bought the typhon, and got the same controller, ARRMA needs to put a throttle throw adjustment on the transmitter.  I bought a hundred dollar ruckus and it has throttle throw adjustment and it really doesn’t need it, the typhon is super fast and if I let a novice use the car I can’t reduce the full power throttle in the receiver which sucks, cause a novice has a hard time with so much power

alex cooley says:

Joe that would be a short course truck

Anthony Cavalotto says:

It goes 30mph stock

millermonsterair says:

looks pretty similar to my brushed 2wd ECX Torment. however, i have been hearing good things about Arrma

Steve Hallman says:

That is a tough little truck, well built. Great video.

MrGliderfly says:

nice vid my friend,great truck,thanks for sharing.


Very nice car 🙂
Happy new week

HBD ACKEY P. says:

Might buy this.

jay_ford12 says:

just some help if u go to rc planet u can get it right now for $149.97 with free shipping

Vinny Stroka says:

can you run 2s? Also, this or a slash for a 5 year old’s first car?

Brendon I says:

sorry Eric but I watch most of your reviews but I just cant watch this one as it brushed. Would never buy brushed myself. I have a brushless hpi vorza and it does about 80 kph. Its the best rc car ive ever had and would highly recommend one

startazz says:

Yet another top review Eric and i’m sure the car/truck boys will get loads of fun out of this one.

Morty Smith says:

sorry, new to the hobby, how do you adjust the steering trim on this?

Asif Ifas says:

Paid reviews can suck my muck..

mreid08 says:

As I have found out with other products there is no such thing as “water proof”,,, dont care who makes is.

Bobby BASSHEAD says:

ill get my self one when instock

Daniel Nicholson says:


riverstrat says:

Does the steering have an exponential curve , so you can get a little bit to 60 or 70 percent then a lot at the end ?

kevin brooks says:

nice review eric,but i will tell you ,the speeds they quote are quite generous,actuall speeds are about 5-8 mph less than they clame..unless you run downhill always !

Jax Teller RC says:

Looks like a good strong chassis on that thing. Days of brushed motors are long gone… except for crawling or trailing. Brushless systems are even quite cheap, why would any manufacturer use brushed motors and nimh batteries, where are we 1989? Ha ha… does look like a great cheap intro SCT though (-;

benimsayfam1000 says:

Hello sir,
I wanted to find the channel of a man who used to instruct on Magix Movie Edit Pro a few years ago and remember that  he was an aquaintance of yours, because you used to interact wtih him. I just can’t remember his channel name. Could you help me please find his channel. I would be very grateful. Kind regards.

riverstrat says:

Can you remove the center piece and put the steering knob closer to the unit ?

LineTwist says:

I’m liking it Eric and the price too. My birthday is in sept to I know what I want lol. Ty for posting

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