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Check out the Fazon Voltage here –
The Arrma Fazon Voltage is a 2WD 1/10th Scale Electric RTR RC Ground Vehicle, and it looks pretty sharp! It’s also got a little bit more going on though under the hood than your average RC Truck! This new battery system allows you to “upgrade” to as many cells as you would like, up to 6 cells and it comes with two. If you want a longer run time, and maybe notice a slightly better performance, then you’ll want to pick up more of these batteries, or even consider throwing in a 2s LiPo! With so many options, this truck should appeal to quite a few people in the hobby. What do you think of this different battery system? Is it time to convert all of our RCs over to these single packs?

Check this Truck out here –

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Jay Iparraguirre says:

Thank you for the video! Regarding the battery system, I’m not too impressed. Honestly, capping out at 30 minutes run time and having all that weight for the batteries isn’t very good. I only have my Traxxas to compare to but its run time is easily 60 minutes of hard running. I’d be sad if I got this and it had an initial run time of 9 minutes.

BenX Stifer says:

Looking forward to seeing the video on that RC car

Ground Control RC says:

It’s an interesting concept. I’m glad they also gave you the option of using a LIPO as I wouldn’t buy one without that option. The runtime on the Li-ION seems fairly short. I have a brushless Turnigy Tropper II using a 2S 1300mah LIPO and get 25 minutes of hard driving on it. I would guess you would get much more drive time on this one using a 2S LIPO. Thanks for the video and I’m looking forward to seeing some hard driving on this one.

Sandra Qi says:

Looks like a nice indoor car

Bruce Bruton says:

You can get those batteries a lot cheaper and you can get a lot of different mah. I use them in my flashlights and lasers and a few other things. I got 20 10000 mah batteries on eBay for $26! They run for awhile and have a lot of juice but you need a good charger so you don’t have 1 fry on you, could start a fire!

med4life says:

The batteries you have look like 18650 if I’m correct and you can buy those anywhere cheap!

neodym 007 says:

Of course you can get a cheap LiPo charger, for say 6-9$, it will be slow and you do need a 12V source, but you can always use an old computer power supply (plenty of videos here how to perform a small modification on it to get it running without the on switch on the computer box) which you can get for free at the scrapyard at any time, or simply use a car battery if you have a car.

Joshua C. says:

Wow, I got beat to my technical explanation punch this time!
The others are correct.
Those Lithium ion batteries are 18650 type. They are immensely popular, and can be found in high performance flashlights, e-cigarettes, laptops, and many, MANY other devices.
You can buy these things at any electronics parts store worth its salt.
You can also get them at flashlight shops, or (if you can legally enter them) vape shops. All your favorite e-tailers (Gearbest, Banggood, Amazon) sell them too.
You could load 18650-size NiMH loose cells in there as well, as the instruction manual notes. These were popular in older laptops before Li-Ion rendered them obsolete.
This is an extremely awesome concept. I kind of want one.

Andy FPV says:

I just ordered the Arrma TYPHON. Can’t wait

BenX Stifer says:

Wait to see your next video on that RC

Terrance Wilhite says:

I bought this truck through tower hobbies but had to wait 2 months on back order. It was the new battery system and the apparent strength of the suspension that made the decision for me.  As far as 20+ mph out of the box, lets just say I had no real way of measuring the speed and being 70 years old my judgement might be a bit off. It went fast enough for me. My run times were around 5 minutes with two cells. I have more on order (back ordered) again. It handles very nicely but with my split weekend reaction time I had to set the steering trim at near zero. I  like the beginner, intermediate, and expert mode on the tx. Long ago I had a 1/10 truck that I loved but it ate dogbones like candy so never did run it much. This truck will see many trips to the ocean beach to bash over the dunes. Keep up the good work. Love your channel

Isaac Lyons says:

Cool type of batteries, unusual for RC cars.

Ernest Travis says:

A company called Haiboxing has been producing trucks with same battery set up for more than a year. Many different companys have sold that truck under their name. Distianert survivor, HBX survivor, or KT 12 to name a few. All the same truck. I bought one new on ebay lastnite for $40 included shipping. Killer deal.  Let popeye know I said “whats up”.  Keep up the good work, thank you.

billy Johnson says:

good vid guys. neat new idea but don’t think it will stick. too many drawbacks

Aidan33Gaming says:

The jamara whelon has a similar setup

kevin farrell says:

It’s different but I would rather have one lipo rather than 6 of the others to get the same results.

DRONE review man of all drones says:

I like flying more then cars but its cool!!

Young savage 21 says:

My go to when the toy and I was first

jack clair says:

The 18650 battery is the same as they use in the Tesla, the Prius and my electric bicycles, they come in different power levels, the 1500 mAh is on the weak side and 3400 mAh is available, they are supposed to be somewhat safer than the normal RC battery. They are being used in more products every day. it’s good to see them in an RC.

KEEP IT RC By Hobbico says:

Thanks for going over the features of the unique power system! Nice job.

Duck Landes says:

I’m seeing a lot more products use these 18650 batteries, flashlights, vape pens and mods, cordless tools, electric tooth brushes, etc. Lithium-ion batteries are listed as the number one most dangerous product in the world to ship because they can “explode”. To be shipped by air requires a very expensive special UN license. So they are more often shipped by sea.

Steve RC says:

Curious to see how it runs, what the handling is like with the motor moved ahead of the axle.
Thumbs up!

2BRNot2B_RC says:

Not a fan of that style battery. I would swap it out for a lipo battery.

Sean Hartman says:

I am sorta new to the hobby but I really dig the idea of multiple power options.  Keeps you from having to buy a dedicated battery and charger just for this car if you don’t already have/use that specific setup.  Want to use NiMh cells you have lying around or 18650 Li-ion cells from another device?  Have at it-  no need for the fun to stop for recharging……

Bryan BryanT says:

I’m enjoying your Christmas decorations!

Rita Franzoso says:

Le batterie sono lipo?

Andy FPV says:

It’s a ‘tesla’

sweking says:

Why dont they just put that new shell on the vorteks. I hate that they stop doing vorteks. And its had many power options to it like mega,bls and blx. I whas about to buy another one, mega for my kid so we share the same spareparts i run blx. But now im about to sell my both arrma vorteks blx. If the arrma stop doing the model it going to be hard find spareparts to

Dream Effect says:

Ah i have to go at school i can’t look at it 🙁

Tim Lindsey says:

It seems like a pretty cool concept, especially if you already have lipo batteries around the house.thanks for sharing

Elliott Collins says:

I really appreciate you two taking your time to make these videos.

Cameron Sokolik says:

Rip tower hobbies

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