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The Tamiya G6-01 platform is a 6×6 RC vehicle that certainly delivers some unique driving experiences. We’ve reviewed the Tamiya KongHead and King Yellow and they’ve recently added another truck to the G6-01 line-up, but this time with a twist. The new rig carries the G6-01TR tag and the name of the rig is the Dynahead. The Tamiya DynaHead 6X6 is modeled after the vehicles you see in European Truck Trials. If you never seen truck Trials, look it up here on Youtube, you’ll be glad you did. This RC version from Tamiya is a full kit build-up and out on the trails give you an exciting excursion through any off-road elements. Tired of the same old trail trucks? Break-away and see what the G6-01TR has to offer.

Tamiya DynaHead 6X6 G6-01TR
Part Number: 58660
Price: $376

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PhilthyCo RC says:

Always buy bearing kit before building..That’s rule #1!!

the farmer of Belgium says:

thats a beast!!!

aviano72 says:

Cool, first review i’ve seen on this truck. I like that body and i would put Hyrax on this truck.

Tony Crow says:

Better music would be nice great looking truck

Jerry Compton says:

Great video my friend.

Ignus Fast says:

Damn, I love this kit, but not at $400. I wonder what it would cost without the tariffs?

Phoenix RC Crawler says:

Cool looking truck. If I buy another truck my wife will do bad things to me in my sleep…. Might be worth it. Lol

adrian harrison says:

At last! I’ve been waiting for a full review on this one



Andy Richey says:

Wow that scenery outstanding!! Thank you for sharing Love watching your videos I’ve been learning a lot I thank you for this, I am watching from Manchester Michigan, where is this at sure is beautiful there

Mike Upton says:

It looks like a Mars Rover.
Yeah, the rear steer and higher level servos. Also sourcing all the bearings and replace the bushings.

stacy gardner says:

no bearings, and friction shocks, just another toy that costs way too much

Do R/C! says:

I dunno $400 really should get all ball bearings and real shocks imo.

Nicholas Coucoularis says:

For the price you pay for these kits, everything looks so cheap and the design looks very toy grade

LogansPortPilot RP says:

Tamiya= cheap toyish rc……yeah even fake shocks,and best of all,1-no bearings,and 2-400.00 yeah cheaply made, extremely.

Hooptie Rides&Reviews says:

Man i hate to be a downer but that looks like a mess and all the gears in it and the chassis looks like a toy. Those drop hubs are the only thing i saw worth more than $20 . Imo.

André Charland says:

I hope someday Tamiya will realize that we are no longer in the 80s and put ball bearings in each of their kits… Even a cheap RC is equipped with bearings these days!

STEVO D 313 says:

The twins r following in ur footsteps Greg, proud time in a fathers life, one day, this channels gonna be RC TWIN DRIVERS ONLINE

roadhog29389 says:

Could you fit a crawler wheel on it without a spacer, Either a 1.9 or 2.2?


cool vid

Jordi Sanchez says:

That thing is pretty cool but even my recently acquired FTX Kanyon wich costs less than half comes with ball bearings. I’m a big tamiya fan but we must admit that we are no longer in the 80’s. Nice video, sir. Keep them up!

GMC Yukon says:


Tron Fnkn Blow says:

It’d probably look pretty cool with some 1.9 or 2.2 scaler wheels n tires on. I really like that Tamiya puts out kits like this, but I’m not sure who their target audience is; just us folks who’ve always liked their quirky offerings? Is there really that many of us? For the price I really don’t see them drawing in too many new customers considering the lack of bearings, poor shocks, non-scale wheels and tires, etc – especailly when compared to what else is available these days.

Ethan Heard says:

Are you ever going to return to your Mf01x chassis project?

山でら says:

great. Thank you for the quick review. I think that many people want to know whether the reduction hub can be diverted to existing vehicles. Hopefully please tell me what the input side of the reduction hub is. For example … Is it a dogbone & cup or a totally different way?

STEVO D 313 says:

Ive been looking at these since they were mentioned n might build one for my buildoff 8, but not sure if im willing to pay the $300 for it when u get a konghead for $180, but this does have portal axles which is nice to see, we will just have to see how full or empty my piggy bank is then LOL

PhilthyCo RC says:

I think it’s a great kit to build and I like the body

David Bumbeck says:

Thank you! Looks grew on me, It looks fairly planted. I would like to see some cupped tires or RC4WD Mud Slingers mounted, like you mentioned, and throw it in the snow. Love the “Portal” type diffs for clearance and gear reduction. Beautiful paint job! Thank you again, I have the RC4WD Beast 2 and a custom built fulltime 6×6 with 2 motors. This would make a great addition.

Do R/C! says:

How durable are modern tamiyas? That plastic looks brittle.

Madara Uchiha says:

The sad thing is that it also means more parts to break… says:

Pretty cool rig. Looks like it could use a servo, tire and wheel upgrade

rc rc drone says:

Pretty cool

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