Arctic Hobby Land Rider 503 RC Firetruck Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

This thing is hilarious. It not only drives forward and back (with siren and lights) but it also has full functionality of the ladder (extend, rotate, up/down) AND a water pistol attached to the end of the ladder!


Dhananjay Panage says:

Anyone from 2018?

im awake 12345 says:

this is sad its 2018 now

Qin heuang says:

SO .. this is the MOST popular video, on Linus Tech Tips.
A 5 000 000+ sub youtube channel covering the latest tech, very expensive tech ..
And than this is the most viewed video: unpacking a fire truck. NICE

Adam's Tricks says:

2018? lol the intro

Caboose Banana says:

Damn, Linus made 3k accounts to dislike this.

Clayton Deering says:

Linus you smoke?

snake jump says:

Lol 6 years ago

Dare Devil says:

Where is this firetruck now?

Douglas Page says:


KevG8 says:

How the hell did i get here…..

DaddyBeans says:

9,559,950 viewer

Max Ramos says:

But does it have RGB?

Nick van B says:

How does this have 9.6 mil views…

amirmasoud ashrafi says:

This is the Most Viewed Video on the CHANNEL???

Engelton182 says:

why did i watched this


*how the fuck is this Linus’s most viewed video?*

Wai Tsun Yim says:

No RGB Lighting?

Disum Dissanayake says:


DanielDOESgaming says:

Don’t drop it!

xPhoenix V says:

im gonna unbox a police car, hopefully i get 10 mil views

Porter A says:

Fetus Linus

Helmi MuZa says:

Why the video end like that, why Linus why??

Zelorin says:

6 years later still the most watched video.

DaddyChristmas says:

I’m surprised he didn’t drop anything

Sukumar V says:

I love how this is the most popular video on this channel

Patrick Mahoney says:

i had this same fire truck in like 1990. The best fire ladder ever.

Kai says:

why did this video end so abrubtly

Thomas Crook says:


Sahu Hrishabh says:

2018 anybody???

Awayforthewin says:

nice intro

IllumiNaughty AD says:

I think Linus cringes at this intro.

JustBrainless - TechnikEcke says:

Linus wasn´t a father at this time?

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